Blockchain technology 2020 – Everything you want to know !!

Blockchain technology

What is blockchain technology? The concept behind blockchain technology is that data is recorded in a way that prevents it from being changed, hacked, or cheated. Blockchains comprise digital ledgers of transactions that are duplicated and distributed over a network of connected computers. Blockchains contain a chain of transactions, and all participants’ ledgers are updated … Read more

AI -The pandemic in the future job market: the rise of “Artificial Intelligence”:2021

Artificial Intelligence

AI-ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE EFFECT ON JOB MARKET. We are living in a very desperate time, with the corona-virus pandemic just not yet over, having another pandemic situation to brew up the socio-economic situation. The covid-19 pandemic has almost stopped the wheel of human civilization and put the economy on its knee, causing an apocalyptic situation as … Read more

Artificial Intelligence healthcare-The future of Health-Care industry, a new horizon ushered by AI

Healthcare Industry -Artificial Intelligence-AI

Artificial Intelligence Healthcare   The cognitive approach of the human mind has been shaping the civilization towards betterment and perfection, making life comfortable and easier regarding every aspect. The reasoning ability of the human mind has even enabled the machines to imitate the process of the human mind, rational and logical thinking to solve the … Read more

Artificial Intelligence/AI-Complete Information

Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence?   Artificial Intelligence you may be hearing the word a lot nowadays and will be wondering what exactly is Artificial Intelligence? So, in this article, you can find complete information about Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence definition In simple words, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the ability of the machine or computer to … Read more