Best 23 Crypto Insurance Companies in USA & UK

Insurance for cryptocurrency, Best 23Crypto Insurance Companies in USAand UK: compare and choose

Is there any insurance for cryptocurrency?

I bet, this is the first question that brings you here. I can predict the next question that you will be searching for if the answer to the first question is “yes”. It will be somewhat like the following question.

Which are the best cryptocurrency insurance companies in the USA?

Well, I assure you that you will get the answers here in a very simpler form.

Also, do not forget to watch the video at the last of the article for tips on how to choose the right crypto insurance company.

Is there any insurance for cryptocurrency?

Before, getting into the main flow of the article, insurance for cryptocurrency, I would like to share a few words about“Cryptocurrency”. It will be just an entry point to the main flow, not a detailed history of “cryptocurrency” known to everyone.

Well, we all know the cryptocurrency market has been booming day by day since it was introduced as an alternative to “regular” currencies. The booming of the cryptocurrency industry has been attracting new companies every day, making the cryptocurrency market a future goldmine. So, investors are now thinking of “insurance” coverage for the protection of business. This is quite logical thinking, but equally tough to implement in reality.

For some reason, cryptocurrency is unregulated in nature, as is the whole cryptocurrency industry itself. Moreover, cryptocurrency valuation fluctuates often.

Of its unregulated and highly fluctuated nature, Insurance companies find it difficult to provide insurance for cryptocurrency.

Because insurance coverage gets decided on risk calculations which are done based on historical data. But, historical data is barely available in “Crypto industries”, hence many insurance companies still hesitate to provide insurance for cryptocurrency.

However, a few insurers and brokers have come forward to invest in this “Crypto Industry’.

Which are the best cryptocurrency insurance companies in the USA?

cryptocurrency insurance

First, let me explain what is “Crypto” & “DeFi” insurance.

Cryptocurrencies and all sorts of digital assetslike Ethereum, NFTs, Bitcoin, and many more are being covered by Crypto and DeFiinsurance.

Now, a crypto insurance company provides its insurance policies on all sorts of cryptocurrencies stored in “Wallet” orexchanges through a traditional insurance policy model.

Now, DeFi, decentralized finance, insurance mainly insures “DeFi” holdings that are on the “Block Chain”, mainly used for “Yield-farming”, “liquidity-pools”, lending, stalking, and many more.

Now, the below list includes the names of a few Crypto Insurance Companies” operatingin the USA.


 Is one of the reliable “Crypto Insurance Company” in custody and security solutions in the USA, and also offers services outside the USA. It started its “web3-service”, NFT, and institutional grade DeFi in 2022.These days, BitGo, Offers its service to nearly 150 institutional clients in 50 countries, including Dubai. We can say BitGo supports nearly 600 plus digital assets and acquires 20% of all non-chain “Bitcoin” transactions (by value).


This Company also comes in the top “Crypto Insurance Company” list. It supports more than 60 + blockchain networks like Cosmos, Cardano, Polkadot, Ethereum, Solana, EVMOS, Polygon, Osmosis, Helium, Kusama, Avalanche, and many more. It provides its APIs, validator nodes, and RPC Nodes. It also operates in the USA, Dubai, and other countries over the globe.


One of the best “Crypto Insurance Companies” provides service mainly to DeFiusers. The company plays a pioneering role in decentralized finance. It operates in the USA but offers its service in many countries in the Middle East like Dubai.

Harpie Blockchain Solutions:

Is another most reasonable “Crypto Insurance Company”. Anyone can rely on this company to protect their crypto token and NFTs (across every wallet). Mainly operates in the USA.


protects your DeFi assets against hackers. You have to pay per second if you buy its service. It is considered one of the best “Crypto Insurance Company” operating in the USA. If you are from Dubai, even you can buy its service online. It is a decentralized brokerage.e

Nexus Mutual:

Is popular to secure risk and potential bugs in smart contract code. Use its service to get coverage for the events like Parity multi-sig wallet issues, and DAO-hacks. This Crypto Insurance Company is mainly run by its members.

Tidal Finance:

Well, it’s a kind of marketplace (decentralized insurance marketplace) to connect potential buyers and sellers to get rid of “smart contract risk”.

Bridge Mutual

If you are a Crypto Trader, you can depend upon this insurance platform to protect yourcrypto assets and earn your profit by exchanging coverage liquidity. This is much more efficient than a traditional insurance company and works online, one of the best Crypto Insurance companies to depend on.

Shield Finance

If you are looking for a “multi-chain” DeFi insurance aggregator, you can choose “Shield Finance”, one of the best Crypto Insurance Company in the USA. This company protects you against severe market crashes, mainly from the “black swan events” like “self-offs”, rug pulls, and hacks). You can buy a custom insurance package as per your need.

Opium Finance:

This company protects you from SAFT risks & off-chain risks, price volatility, impermanent loss, credit-default events, stablecoin custodian insolvency, and smart contract exploits. This is one of the bestCrypto Insurance Company in the decentralized platform in the USA. Here you will be your banker and hedge “fund manager”. Here you will get many cutting-edge financial tools to use.

Squirrel Finance:

If you are interested in “Yield Firming” on BSC, you must try packages of “Squirrel finance” for instant and automatic compensation. It is one of the best CryptoInsurance Company on a decentralized insurance platform in the USA. Squirrel offers you extra protection that others cannot.


If your area of interest is “DeFi” and “NFTs”,tell your broker to go for “Evertas” insurance for “comprehensive” coverage. In any case like tech E&O, BC/BI, theft/loss, property coverage for miners/stakers, D&O, or other perils, Evertas insurance is the best Crypto insurance company for you.

Bright Union:

Established in 2021, it provides you with transparent and easy coverage on multiple decentralized platforms. Bright Union is one of the best Crypto Insurance Company in the USA to provide Web 3.0 in the “Crypto Insurance Market”. It’s on the cloud now, so, available even in the “Middle East” market like Dubai.


If you are a “Crypto” trader in DeFi space and wish to build insurance products, “Etherisc” is the ideal “Crypto Insurance Company” for you. Etherisc provides you with automatic and instant payouts. This is pretty much perfect for “Small Business Owners” and “Low-Income” individuals.

PolkaInsure Finance

If you are a crypto trader or holder looking for insurance on “The Polkadot blockchain”, PolkaInsure Finance is the ideal “Crypto Insurance Company” for you. It is a decentralized “P2P” insurance on the DeFispace. Anyone who is a member can request insurance and the payout is automatic and instant if anything wrong happens.


This is best suitable for those Crypto traders who are looking for insurance coverage in DeFi space. The software is very easy to handle and available on iPhone, iPad, Cloud, and Android. It is one of the fast-growing Crypto Insurance companies in the USA to rely on.

Insured Finance:

If you are a Crypto-Holders or Investor looking to secure your digital assets on a decentralized P2P insurance marketplace, you can rely on “Insured Finance”. It is one of the fast-growing “Crypto Insurance Company” in the USA. It provides coverage on easy conditions on a wide range of “Crypto” assets. Moreover, its payout is automatic and instant.

Aon Digital Asset Insurance

Well, if you are such a person who is looking for a “Risk-Strategy” and “Transfer Solution”, Aon Digital Asset Insurance is the ideal “Crypto Insurance Company” for you. It provides a solution for DeFi space. Software is available in Cloud, so you can access it from seating anywhere on the globe.

Unslashed Finance:

It also provides insurance coverage in the “DeFi” space. It offers insurance coverage on a wide range of products, protocols, and markets. One of the most popular Crypto Insurance Company in the UK of its easy and transparent policy and flexibility.


It offers “Crypto holders” a strong “Crypto Safety Standard” platform and protects from fraud and theft. Quick recovery for crypto assets and strong scalable safety protocols makes “Coincover” one of the best “Crypto Insurance Company” in the UK.


Works on DeFi space and fully licensed insurer. This company summons its capital from “liquidity providers” through a liquidity pool ruled by “smart contracts”. Its service is quick and safe and ensures risk-free investment.

Risk Harbor

If you are looking for a “Web3” marketplace, here you will get that. Risk Harbor protects you from network vulnerabilities, and “smart-contract” risk and secures your investment. Payout is automatic and instant. Safe and quick service makes it one of the most reliable Crypto Insurance Company in the USA.

Neptune Mutual

This company protects your DeFi assets against exploits and hacks through its decentralized parametric insurance protocol. It is one of the popular Crypto Insurance Company in the USA. This is quite profitable for both individual crypto traders and big firms.

So, the above list will give you a list of reliable Crypto Insurance Companies operating in the USA, UK, and Dubai. Now, you have to choose one name from the list. It’s a hard task indeed. But here are a few tips given below to help you.

First research the reputation of the crypto insurance company carefully
You also compare the cost among the insurer
Also, carefully weigh the risks involved
Check the all terms and conditions
Carefully compare the packages offered

Please, look into the following video for more tips to choose right crypto insurance for you.

Video credits : “Insurance EVo

We will update the list soon with few more names. So, do not forget to get back and check the new additions.


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