Brightwheel App,Login,Pricing: All that you want to know!

Brightwheel App, Brightwheel Login, Brightwheel Pricing

 Early childhood education is the most important thing. Parents want to be with their “little man and lady” after they check in the school, but they have to work. They love to always check their kids online to know how their kid’s day is going in school. Parents prefer to have daily reports online, interact with the teachers, and pay the bills online. So, we need to have an online system for all these. Well, the solution is “Brightwheel App”.



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Brightwheel, in my opinion, is pretty much easy to use and reliable software in early childhood education. Certainly, it’s a secure platform for making transactions like school fees, training fees, and any kind of bill payments. I think Brightwheel contains the maximum features of any “SaaS” platform, few of the features are highlighted below to have a preliminary idea of this platform.

  • Daily activities & Report
  • Check-In and Attendance system
  • Parent-Teacher interactions system
  • Guardian Management System
  • Online automated Bill Payment System
  • Learning &Assessments
  • Enrollment Management System
  • Sharing videos and Photos online

And there are many more features that make “Brightwheel” is one of the best software in early childhood education. Also, “Brightwheel” has easy to use ios & Android apps for parent-teacher online interaction and managing various meetings. Better say, all the key features that I have mentioned above are supported by its App, the Brightwheel App. The App is safe and secure to pay online and pretty much fast. So, go for the brightwheel app for android. Also, you can try the brightwheel app for ios. Both get the same features. The choice is yours. Discussing all the features is out of the scope of this article. But, a few important features, mainly for the parents, are discussed here in the form of questions and answers.

Let’s answer a few of the questions below one by one.

  • How do parents use brightwheel?
  • How do parents check in on brightwheel?
  • Can parents send pictures in brightwheel?
  • Who can see messages on brightwheel?
  • How do I check in/out my kids on brightwheel?
  • Do you have to pay for brightwheel?
  • How much does brightwheel cost per month?

So let’s start the discussion.

How do parents use brightwheel?


Among all users, parents are given the most control over the brightwheel student account.

Parents have the following accesses.

  • Parents can check their kids in or out and create an account.
  • Parents can message and receive the message.
  • Parents can view their kid’s profiles and access all the daily updates
  • Parents get the billing and payment information and pay the bills
  • Parents have the “editing permission”.

The following video will give you an overview of using the brightwheel app as a parent contact type.



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 How do parents check in on brightwheel?


If you are also searching the internet with keywords like “brightwheel sign in”, “brightwheel sign up”, “brightwheel app login”, “brightwheel parent login”, or brightwheel parent sign up”, the following paragraphs are exactly what you are looking for.

Depending upon the relationship with the students, brightwheel users have different permission levels known as “contact type”. As of now, there are four contact types, Parent, Family, Approved Pickup, and Emergency Contact. After receiving the invitation, every contact type can open their accounts in the brightwheelapp, but “Emergency Contact”.

School owners add contacts to each of their “students” through “SMS”, Email, or manually with a “10-digit code” for parent-contact type only.

The parent-contacts type normally gets the maximum control. After receiving the “Mail”, or SMS or Parent Code, you are ready to open the account. But do not forget to use the same “phone number” or email to create the account.

It’s easy to create your account through “An SMS” or Email invitation. Open your email or SMS, you will find a message with the following “Subject”.

(Action-Required) (School-Name) has invited you to their “brightwheel -community”.

Read the message and you will find a button with the label “Connect to STUDENT NAME”. Just click on it. You will be prompted to enter the password. Now you just need to hit the “create account” to get the process done.

If you do not get any message, you can follow the steps given below to open an account manually.

  • Click on the
  • Click on the “Parent” option button
  • Now fill up the “Sign Up” form
  • Click the “Create Your Account” button
  • A verification code will be sent to your number with the following subject line

“brightwheel verification code: XXXXXX”

  • You need to put the verification code and hit “confirm” to finish the process

Sign up with the 10-digit Parent Code:

Here, the parent will receive a unique 10-digit parent code, which may be via SMS or Email. Now, go to the “My Children” section in the “brightwheel” app and click “Add a child”.

“Brightwheel App”. 

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Let’s watch the following video for more details and guidance.



Video credits: Brightwheel (Brightwheel: Parent Sign-up)

Can parents send pictures in brightwheel?


Yes, if you are a parent contact, you can. Parent contact can upload and edit photos of various activities and milestones through the brightwheel app. Photos are visible to others parent contacts, school administrators, and staff who have permission to see the photos. Parent contacts easily upload and edit photos from mobile apps or the web.

A note to remember that if any parent contact finds this feature is not activated in his/her account, he/she should contact an administrator to solve the problem.

Watch the following video for more details.


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Steps to add/edit photos in the brightwheel app in ios:

  • First login your account
  • Open the student Profile
  • Look for the “Add photo” icon and click to proceed.

Note: if you find the “Add activities” icon instead, then click on it. The result would be the same

  • Snap your photos
  • Add notes if you like. Click “Add Activity” and relax, the job is done!!!

Steps to add/edit photos in the brightwheel app on Android:

  • First login your account
  • Open the student Profile
  • Look for the “Purple arrow”, you will find it on “bottom right”. Now just click on it.
  • Tap on the “Use Photo”
  • Snap your photo and add notes if you want
  • Click “Add Activity” and relax, the job is done!!!

Parent contact can edit/update the photos if they want. Brightwheel App on both ios and android lets you have this facility. Just follow the steps given below, it is easy.

  • Log in to your account on the brightwheel app
  • Open the “student profile”.
  • Find the specific photo that you want to edit or delete.
  • A pop-up window appears
  • Tap on “Edit Activity” or delete.
  • If you edit, then you can update the photo or note associated.
  • Click “Add Activity” and relax, the job is done!!!

Who can see messages on brightwheel?


Well, it depends upon the contact type as you have already been set up by the school administrator or provider. Let’s check the following list.

Parent Contact:  get full access. Parent contact can view, edit or delete any of the messages by other contacts and stuff related to his/her student profile.

Family Contact: Only one can send a message. But do not have the authorization to view messages.

Approved Pickups & Emergency Contacts: do not have any access to the messages.

Now, if you are a parent contact, you will have two message threads, one assigned for you and all the staff allocated to your kid’s classroom, and the other for you and admins only.

Messaging via Brightwheel App

  • Login to your brightwheel account on your app, maybe ios or android whatever you chose
  • Find the student profile and click on the message icon under the “student profile”
  • If you are using the “Android” you will find the “message” icon on the top right corner.
  • Choose the thread you wish to use, “Admins only” or “Stuffs & Admins”
  • Select the message type from the available five types, Late Drop Off, Late Pick Up, and Early Pick-Up, Absent or general.
  • For the admins’ option, all messages are by default general.
  • Write the message and tap on “send”

Watch the following video for more details.

Video credits: Brightwheel

How do I check-in/out my kids on brightwheel?


Yes, parents can check in/out of their kids even from a personal smartphone. Parent contact uses “quick scan” to check their kids in/out from school kiosk device or “QR” code. It is easy, fast, reliable, and secure, free of sign-in on tablet or paper, and no more waiting in a long queue. Just follow the steps given below.

  • Log in to your brightwheel app
  • Need to select any one of the options, check-in or out
  • Use your smartphone to scan the QR image on the printout or school image.
  • Now enter the brightwheel check-in code, a unique 4-digit code, when you are prompted to get the check-in/out done.

How can I get the check-in code on brightwheel?

You get your brightwheel check-in code upon the “brightwheel-account” creation. Follow the steps given below to find your check-in code.

  • Log in to your brightwheel App
  • Find the three horizontal lines and click on it.
  • Click on “Edit Profile”
  • Scroll down to find your brightwheel check-in code.

Do you have to pay for brightwheel?


Well, brightwheel has two plans, free and premium. “Brightwheel Free Plan” covers the limited features given below.

  • Attendance features (All)
  • Daily reports features
  • Photos uploading, sharing, and editing
  • Supports Teacher & Parent apps
  • Invoicing and Bill pay features
  • Stuff member interaction (only 1)
  • Not more than 20 students (limited)
  • Online help centre interaction

How much does brightwheel cost per month?


Brightwheel’s App pricing starts at $125 per month for only 50 children. You can also upgrade your plan later. We have discussed the free version previously. The premium plan starts at $125 and covers more features. The premium plan covers the following features in more details

  • Check-in/out, reminders, schedule
  • Room ratios
  • Videos, Calendars, Messaging (all features)
  • Learning Plans, Lessons & Lesson Plans
  • Unlimited Stuff and Student (depends on monthly fee)

You will get many more features and free upgrading facility with the premium plan

Few more words about Brightwheel:

It’s a fantastic software that makes parents’ work easy. They can easily communicate with the staff and teachers. They easily get the daily activities report and check their kids online how they are doing in school. They can discuss with the teachers online about the lessons and pay the bills online.

So, I think Brightwheel is one of the most efficient child care management software that is worth your money for a try.



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