Amazon Prime Free Games & “In-Game” items of your choice

How to get your Amazon Prime Free Games and “In-Game” items of your choice

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If you are reading this article, it means that you are a passionate gamer and looking for Amazon Prime Free Games”. Yes, you are at the right place. Amazon Prime Gaming offers you a single free channel subscription with exclusive free-games every month and many “In-Game” contents.

In this article, I am covering mainly the following questions.

Does Amazon Prime give free games?
How do I claim my Amazon Prime Free Games?

For those who are newcomers, I would like to brief them that Amazon Prime Gaming is a premium service that comes with “Amazon Prime” and “Prime Video” membership only. So, if you do not have the “Prime Membership”, Please, register yourself for only $14.99 with tax. Now, Amazon offers a 30-day free trial; after that, you can subscribe if you like.

Have a look at the following video to get a quick idea.

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Let’s get back to the flow.

Does Amazon Prime give free games?

The answer is yes. If you have the prime membership, you will get the following staff.

Each month, you will get to free access “In-Game-Loot”, exclusive new games, booster-pack, and skins
You also get one free “Twitch” channel subscription to use on affiliate or partner channels
You get one exclusive members-only “Prime-Chat” badge with custom “chat-color” options.

You need to link your account with the “Twitch” account for more free monthly offers.

Now the question comes about what a “Twitch” account is.

Well, “Twitch” offers a “live-streaming service that mainly focuses on “video game live streaming”. Twitch Interactive, a subsidiary of Amazon, runs this service.

In brief, now Amazon is in partnership with “Twitch” and offers a lot of exclusive free “PC” games every month with occasional attractive “In-Games” items like skins, booster-packs, and loot boxes. “Twitch” offers an ad-free experience to “Prime” membership holders.

So, if you have already got an Amazon Prime “subscription”, just land on the “Prime-Gaming-Website to claim your Amazon Prime Free Games and many “In-Games” contents. If you wish to bag the “Twitch” perks, link your “Amazon prime” account with the “Twitch” account. Though the choice is yours, it’s not mandatory. One tip for gamers is that they need to link their “Amazon Prime” account with “Epic Games Store” and GOG for some “Free Games”, playable only on these platforms.

So, you may skip linking your “Amazon Prime” account with the “Twitch” account, but simultaneously say goodbye to “Twitch” In-Games Perks and free bonus games every month.

So we have cleared the primary concept of “Prime Gaming” and its relationship with “Twitch”.

“Amazon Prime Gaming” is supported in many countries around the globe. Check the names of the “Countries” support “Amazon Prime” games. If you are from one of these countries, you can certainly enjoy “Amazon Prime Free Games”.

So, get to the next level.

How do I claim my Amazon Prime Free Games?

So, it’s pretty much clear now that “Amazon Prime Free Games” are accessible through an “Amazon prime Account”. Do not worry, just follow the below steps to sign in and claim your “Amazon Prime Free Games” with “Twitch” perks means “In-Games” content and skins. So, my advice you should not miss the free “Twitch” perks. Open an account on “Twitch” and link it with your “Amazon Prime Account”.

Let’s go!! Open your browser or click this link “Prime Gaming” to start the sign-in process.

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Now, after clicking the “sign-in” you will land on the following screen.

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The instruction is pretty much clear. Put your mail id or phone number. Next, key in the password. Now, tap on “Sign-In”.

The page will refresh and you will find the following screen.

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Here, you will be given chance to link your “Twitch” account with “Amazon Prime”. Do not miss the chance. Link both accounts to get free Twitch Perks every month.

So, click on the “Link Accounts” and the page will refresh to land you on the following page.

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So, click on the “Link Accounts” to confirm your free “Twitch” perks every month along with “Amazon Prime Free Games”.

You are just one step behind your goal. After the click, you will land on the following page.

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Now, click to confirm your monthly free “Twitch” perks means In-games” content, Skins, and loots.

You have successfully linked both “accounts”. Come back to the main “Prime Gaming” page. Now, it’s time to find your loot. You will find your loots are divided into the following three sections which regularly update.

Section: In-Game Loot: This section contains “Player-Packs”, “Cosmetic Skins”, “Boosters”, “Weapons” and so on.

Section: Starter Packs: offers you “In-Game” credits, many new skins, and exclusive weapons. You can use all these when you start a new game.

Section: Games with prime: you will find free PC games, updated every month. These are all yours to try. So, claim and try your “Amazon Prime Free Games”.

How to claim your In-game contents   and Starter Packs

So, you have already signed up for “Amazon prime” and linked up the “Amazon prime Account” with the “Twitch” account. Now, you need to know how to claim exclusive “Starter Packs” and many”In-Game” contents.

Just open your browser and type the address of the “Prime Gaming Page, or just click here.

Now, all you need to click on the “Claim” button or icon of the particular “Title” that you wish to claim. Just follow the below screen

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On the next page, you will find a list of compatible platforms. If your system supports the platform, no problem just go ahead.

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Now, you need to link your “Amazon Prime Account” to the platform that hosts the particular “Title” that you wish to claim. Sometimes, you will be sent a “Code” to redeem the process later manually.

Now, watch the following steps to get an idea. You will be prompted to link your “Amazon Prime Gaming” account to the Ubisoft account as the particular title, Rainbow Six Siege, is from Ubisoft.

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Next, just click on the “button”

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Now log in to your “Amazon Prime Gaming” account again.

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Next, just click the “confirm linking” to get the process done.

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Next, you will be prompted to complete the claim. Just look at the following screen.

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Now, you have got an idea from the above discussion on how to link your “Amazon Prime Gaming Accounts” with a third-party platform.

But, sometimes, you do not need to link your “Prime Gaming Account” to another “Third-party Service”. You will be given a “code” if the “Game” or “Title item” is given away with “Code”. All you need to do is tap on the “Claim Code” button to get the process done.

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Now, copy your code and redeem it later

A few words about the “Amazon Prime Free Games” monthly update:

Each month, you will find “free” games in your account. The collection of games gets updated every month. So, claim the game that you wish to play. Once, the list gets updated, your choice will be gone. Next month a fresh list will appear.

Once, you claim a game, the “Title” will be added to your library forever. It will be available until you delete your “Amazon Prime” account.

The List of “Amazon Prime Free Games” available on December 22

Well, Amazon prime has declared that its prime subscribers will get 10 exclusive games free of cost. Please check the list below.

The “Real Bout Fatal Fury
The “SNK 40thAnniversary Collection
The King of Fighters (2003)
The Dishonored 2
The Last-Blade
The “Twinkle Star Sprites
The Last-Blade 2
The “Metal Slug
The “Metal Slug part-3
The “Metal Slug (X)

So guys get back to our website to check the exclusive New Year (2023) list that will be declared within a couple of days. In our next update on “Amazon Prime Free Games,” there will be more tips for gamers.

So, do not forget to check our website in the next week.

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