Tesla humanoid robot -Tesla Optimus -release & and price

Tesla humanoid robot called Tesla Optimus: All we know about tesla bot 

An end to the gossip and rumours, when people have seen two of the tesla bots have been on the stage walking by themselves at the company’s AI day, on the 30th of September, 2022. Last year, at the same event, Elon Mask presented an actor on the stage in a “robot’s” suit before everyone with a humorous attitude. Though it provoked “rumours” all over the globe. After, one year, Elon Musk gave the message to the world that he was serious right from the beginning by unveiling two of the tesla bots, code name “Optimus”. One of the tesla humanoid bots stepped on the stage by itself and waved to the audience to prove what tesla can do within a year. The tesla robot has not connected with any outside “power source” or stabilizer kind of things and appears to be driven by powerful “battery” cells.

Also, tesla bots do not appear to be “handsome” than its competitor, certainly “Atlas” from the “Boston-Dynamics” and less performer than “Atlas”. But, still, we cannot deny the weight of the name attached to the “tesla”, Elon Musk.

Elon Musk’s comment on the stage performance of the “Tesla Optimus”

 Elon Musk has said that his bots can perform a lot more things than stage performance. But he did not want them to fall on their face before everyone, he added humorously. Quite obviously, he knew people would compare the “Optimums” with the “Atlas” of “Boston-Dynamics” and he is ready to take up the challenge.

How much will a Tesla Bot cost?

This is one of the frequently asked questions after the most significant presentation of Elon Musk’s on Tesla AI day, the unveiling of the Tesla Optimus, the upcoming Tesla Humanoid Robot. Elon Musk has said “Tesla Bots” will be considered a “fundamental transformation for the human civilization”. He has also added Tesla robot will be available for under $20000 within three to five years. This is certainly a reasonable cost. This means the cost of a tesla robot will be nearly 20,008 EURO in the European Union.

Tesla Bots in Dubai: will they be available in Dubai?

Also, we guess, Elon Musk will not miss the Dubai market, one of the richest markets in the globe. Tesla Humanoid Robot will certainly launch in Dubai. The cost of a tesla bot will be 73,450.00 AED (Emirati Dirhams). Of course, the calculation is made based on the current “dollar” to “AED” conversation rate. So, it may vary later on accordingly.

Tesla bot release date: when we can expect it?

Another frequently asked question is the expected “Tesla bot release date”. When Tesla bot will be available in the market? How soon tesla will be ready to go on the market? Well, what we have guessed, based on Elon Musk’s comment on AI Day, is “tesla bots” will be available in the market soon.

Elon has announced at the company’s AI day “event” that Tesla’s goal is to make a useful “humanoid” robot as soon as possible.

He is also hopeful that the production for the first version of the “Optimus” will commence in 2023. So, it may take two to three years to reach the market, an educated guess based on Elon Musk’s confirmed tones. So, we can say 2027 is the launching year. But, also do remember Tesla’s history of pushing back the launch date in the past.

Also, we are hopeful that it will launch in Europe, Japan, and Singapore like the USA.

Also, we guess Elon Musk won’t miss the “Dubai” market to launch “Tesla Bots”.

“Tesla Bots” and a few words about its features:

What we have come to know about Tesla’s “humanoid” robot, code name Tesla Optimus, so far is listed below.

  • Tesla AI chip is used in Optimus’s brain
  • Optimus’s hands get 11 “degrees” of freedom
  • 28 structural actuators make its “Muscles”
  • Cutting-edge cameras make its eyes
  • Optimus is powered by 3kWh battery pack (52V)
  • Optimus consumes 500 watts while walking
  • It consumes 100 watts while sitting
  • Optimus can walk at 8 kilometres per hour
  • It weighs 73 kg
  • Optimus can carry 20 pounds (9 kg) with every hand
  • Metal is used in the body. But plastic, as much as possible, has also been used to save the weights

What does the Tesla Bot do?

At the AI day Event, the CEO of Tesla presented two of the tesla bots. One of them can walk, grip with its finger, pick up “boxes”, can hold a watering jar, and turn on the waist. The walking “Tesla” bot is built with “cylindrical” devices containing a motor with sensors and gears, and off-the-shelf mechanical actuators.

Tesla has also reported that it aims to make the “Optimus” capable of performing nearly 12 complex movements.  As per the tesla report, in the future, Tesla bots will perform the following movements.

  • Will turn on while walking
  • Will be able to take side-stepping
  • Will be able to squat walk and squatting
  • Can take a faster forward pace
  • can squeeze an object
  • Will be able to lift an object from ground level to eye level
  • Will go upstairs
  • Will walk on a slope
  • Can use a drill
  • Can operate “screwdriver”
  • Can push and pull objects
  • Can slide objects on any side

Tesla is aiming high. Though, we must say the “prototypes” shown on the AI day Event cannot perform all these movements at present.

The future of “Tesla Bots”: Elon Musk’s vision:

Obviously, we can assume “Tesla Bots” will play the most significant role in Tesla’s business shortly, perhaps than the “Tesla Cars” that earn most of “Tesla’s revenue today.

So, Tesla is aiming to bring its dream project “Optimus” into the market as soon as possible, maybe within three years from today. It is certainly a challenge even to a company like Tesla.

Elon has emphasized at AI Day that their primary goal is to launch a fully functional robot in the market as soon as possible.

Also. Elon Musk is very much aware of his nearest competitor “Boston Dynamics” and their robotics project. He even has remarked that he is quite aware that robots are available in the market and can perform much better than “Optimus” today. But he also added that “Optimus” will not be far behind.

The vision behind the “Tesla Bots” is different as the project aims to produce millions of robots, said Elon Musk. Thus Elon wants to start the “fundamental transformation of civilization as we know it today by producing millions of fully functional robots to assist workers in every field.

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