Tesla Supercharger Map: How to find near me? : Part 3

Tesla Supercharger: All that we need to know: Tesla Supercharger Map: How to find “Tesla” superchargers near me: Part 3

In our previous two articles, we have discussed what a tesla supercharger is and the cost associated with charging. Also, we have discussed free supercharging issues and offers. If you missed the discussion please find the links to previous articles in the “conclusion” section.

The third part of the article will answer the following questions.

  • How do you locate a Tesla Supercharger near you? Can we find“Tesla-Supercharger” through the “Tesla-App”?
  • How do I use the “Supercharger finder” from the Tesla website?


How do we find Tesla Supercharger in need?

How do we find Tesla Supercharger in need?

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Your Tesla can be charged at home or at any charging station nearby. But, you have to locate the “Tesla” Supercharger near you first. Specially, you must know how to find a tesla “supercharger” near you when you are on a long drive. It is very important to know how to locate superchargers. Well, Tesla has already expanded its network around the world with almost 35 thousand superchargers. Only in the US, Tesla has installed nearly 1200 supercharger stations, containing a total of 9000 + individual high-speed charging points (superchargers). Additionally, Tesla has arranged all these superchargers along every major highway along the interstate. So, if you are travelling with your beloved “Tesla” on a long drive, do not worry about how to fill her up.

You will find many “Maps” online to locate superchargers, hosted by third parties. They are pretty much fine to help you. Also. Tesla itself has hosted an online map or locator that is always kept updated by tesla. 

Just follow the following methods to locate the nearest roadside “Supercharger”.

The best way to locate the nearest superchargers is using your Tesla’s “On-board” Navigation System. Every Tesla got a preinstalled “Supercharger Locator” Map. This is the most convenient to use as it is always updated.

Step -1>start your Tesla. Your “Navigation-Screen” will be on automatically. If it is on, and displayed, proceed to the second step.

Tesla’s “On-board" Navigation System:Tesla Supercharger

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Step-2> Find the “Supercharger” icon first. Look for the button with a sign of “Lightning Bolt” and press it to switch on the system. If your “Tesla” is a “Right-Hand-Drive”, the button is on the “Bottom-left”. Otherwise, it is located at the “Bottom-right”, if your “Tesla” is a “Left-Hand-Drive”.  

Tesla’s “On-board" Navigation System :Tesla Supercharger

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Step -3>the software will track your Tesla’s current location and then search all the nearby “superchargers”. The display screen will show you a map with all the superchargers located nearby you. The supercharger location will be pointed by a red icon along with its maximum charging speed on the map. 

Tesla’s “On-board" Navigation System :Tesla Supercharger

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Step-4>Now if you look into the list you will find “Lightning bolt” signs. If you click on the “single lightning bolt” sign you will get the names of all the slower “Destination” chargers located nearby. Clicking on the “double and triple” lightning bolt signs will get you the name of the “superchargers” with fast charging near you. 

Step-5>Now, click on the charger’s location where you want to go. The map will show you the route direction to drive on towards that particular charger.

Tesla’s “On-board" Navigation System :

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So, this is quite an easy method to follow. Don’t you agree? All you need will appear on the screen with route directions. Tesla has also arranged an automatic “suggestion” method for you, incorporated with an “on-board” navigation system. Suppose, you are on a long drive, The “Onboard” system will let you know when you need to stop charging. The system will inform you before you run out of charge completely. But, this system plays safely. You find still your “Tesla” gets sufficient charge left, when the system starts informing you to recharge the battery.

 Can we find “Tesla-Supercharger” through the “Tesla-App”?

Tesla’s “On-board" Navigation System

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Yes, this is an alternative way to locate superchargers or “slower” destination chargers near you. Tesla has an App for you to do so. Follow the steps 

Step-1>install the Tesla App and open it after installation.

Step-2>Please, select your current location 

Step-3> The App will list down all the superchargers near you.

Step-4> Just select a supercharger to know all the details like charging speed and the number of charging bays available.

How do I use the “Supercharger finder” from the Tesla website?

This is another way to locate the superchargers near you. Tesla’s official website got a “Supercharger Map” online. You better click on this link, and you will land on following the page.

Now you just need to type your location and get the list of Tesla superchargers near you.


The first part of the article was about the fundamental idea of the “Tesla Supercharger” along with the “Cost” of charging. The precise questions that we have answered in “Part-1” are as follows.

  • What Tesla Supercharger is?
  • What does a Tesla Supercharger do?
  • Are all “Non-Tesla” cars eligible to use “Tesla Superchargers”?

In the first part, along With the detailed fundamental, functional, and technical ideas behind the “Tesla Supercharge”, the most important part that we focused on was “Costing to charge your Tesla”. If you look into the discussion, please, click on the link to land on the “First Part” of the article.

In the second part, the following questions have been answered. 

  • Are “Tesla Superchargers” free?
  • How do we use Tesla Supercharger?

You better check the “Second Part” of the article for the detailed discussion, if you wish so.

We think you all find this discussion quite helpful and informative. We are always ready to answer any questions regarding Tesla Superchargers. So, comment if you have any. 

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