Tesla Supercharger : Tesla Supercharger Network: Part 2

Tesla Supercharger: All that we need to know: Tesla Supercharger Network: 


The first article, article 1, discussed the following questions regarding the “Tesla Supercharger”.

  • What Tesla Superchargers?

  • What does a Tesla Supercharger do?

  • Is a “Non-Tesla” car eligible to use Tesla Superchargers?

Answers to these questions give us a fundamental idea of the Tesla Supercharger and its functional and working methods. In addition, we got an idea of how much it costs to charge the car. If you miss the discussion, please click on the link to get to the “First Part” of the article.

In the second part, we will try to find the answer to the following questions.

  • Are “Tesla Superchargers” free?

  • How do we use Tesla Supercharger?

  • How do we find a Tesla Supercharger in need?

  • Tesla Supercharger near me 

But, first, we would like to have a few words explaining what it means by “Tesla Supercharger Network” is. So, let’s discuss.

Tesla Supercharger Network 

Just follow the attached video to learn details about supercharging at home and the cost of supercharging at home. This video gives you a sense of the electric bill and the actual cost of charging the Tesla at home. Even you can make your home supercharging station a part of the network.

Video credit: Shelby Church

As of today, “Tesla Supercharger Network” is the chain of more than 35,000 superchargers all over the globe for really fast “DC” battery charging points (or “station”, if you like this term more) for their “Electric Cars”. Only “Tesla” has owned all the “proprietorship” of this “chain of superchargers or “Network”. Also, Tesla has been operating this “Superchargers Network” for his cars. 

In the year 2012, precisely in September, Tesla started this network with only six “Supercharger Stations”. That year, Tesla launched its “Model S Sedan”, the first sedan series to use this network.

Since September 2012, Tesla has been expanding the network at a very fast pace, with listed more than 35000 charging points as of today. Asia, Europe, North America, and also the “Artic Circle” have been a part of this “robust” network of “Tesla Superchargers”.

Very recently, Tesla has decided to increase another “1000” supercharger stations only in North America alone in 2021.

 Elon Musk has announced to allow “Non-Tesla” electric vehicles to use the “Tesla Supercharger” stall. We should thank the “Norway” government for this “welcome” news on behalf of “Tesla”. Back in 2021, the “Norway” government pressured Tesla to open its network to “Non-Tesla” EVs; otherwise “Tesla” would lose the government’s aid. Tesla agreed and announced its decision to allow “Non-Tesla” cars.

 Tesla also said they would allow “Non-Tesla” cars to use their network globally, not only in Norway. But, they also stated the implementation would need time. 

Are “Tesla Superchargers” free?

It is very hard to answer in simple “Yes” and “no”. But we can say that this “Supercharging” concept was free at the beginning. But, later, things changed. But in general, we can say if you bought a car in 2016 and before, charging is free. Also, few inventory cars that Tesla marketed in June 2019 still receive free “supercharging”. 

Some car-owners received a free supercharging facility as long as they would own their car if and only if they had their car from 2017-owner-referral. Tesla had sold a few cars with a “yearly” free “Supercharging-credit” of 400 “KWh”. Now, you can have 1000 miles free “supercharging” offer every year if you buy the car from an “Owner-Referral-link”.

Now make things straighter. You can have a free supercharging or “yearly free Supercharging” offer, but it all depends upon when and where you have bought “what type of car”. Let’s look into the following list.

  • Someone does not get a “free supercharging charging” offer at all.
  • Someone has been offered “1000” miles of the free supercharging facility. 
  • Someone has been offered an unlimited “free” supercharging facility as long as they own that Tesla model “car”. This means this car gets a free lifelong “supercharging facility”.
  • In a few cases, Tesla has offered few car owners a truly lifelong unlimited “free supercharging” facility, no matter if these owners sell their first “Tesla” model and buy a new “Tesla” model. Those who bought the “original” Model S still get this facility. No matter if they have already sold the old “Model S” and bought any new “Tesla” model.

Depending upon the “Option Code”, we can say what type of car gets a free “supercharging” facility and what does not.

OPTION CODE: SCO1:  Tesla has offered an unlimited free supercharging facility with the model. Also, this offer can be transferred to the next owner. Though, few models got this stunning offer, limited only to those models registered before 1st April 2017.

OPTION CODE: SCO5: In this case, the car gets the “unlimited” supercharging offer but cannot be transferred to the next owner.


in this case, the car has a free unlimited supercharging facility, but this offer is time-bound. It is clear whether it’s a transferrable offer to the next owner or not.

Relevantly, Tesla has offered a free unlimited supercharging offer at the end of 2020 for 12 months.

Another question emerges about how to check if my Tesla is eligible for free supercharging and whether the Tesla I bought gets a “free supercharging” offer or not.

Well, we first want to look into the following list of a few “policies” and “updated news” of “Tesla”.

  • The original “roadster model” of Tesla does not have a free supercharging offer, mind it.
  • Tesla Model S (all the versions of it) except its “Model S 40” does have a free supercharging offer to some extent.
  • After 2017, Tesla stopped offering 100% transferrable unlimited free supercharging offers. 
  • The performance Tesla Model-3 manufactured in 2018-19 got the free supercharging offer, but it’s not transferrable to the second owner.

Let this make a bit easier with the following table containing the model numbers that may have a free supercharging or promotional offer.

Tesla Model Y Manufactured in 2020-21 Normally does not have any free offers. But if you bought it in late December 2020, it may qualify for the free offer.
Tesla Model 3 Manufactured in 2018-19 Only the first original owners get the free offer.


Tesla Model X  Manufactured in 2016-20 The owner should contact Tesla
Tesla Model S Manufactured in 2012-20 All the models except Model S-40 get free supercharging. But the owner better contacts Tesla to confirm.

It is easy to use “Supercharger” at home or on any “Supercharger Stations”.

Tesla Supercharger - Tesla Supercharger Network

Photo credits: https://evannex.com/

There are mainly four types of chargers that we find now.

Category-1: chargers designed to provide very fast charging, more than 250kw, are called “superchargers”.

Category-2: These chargers are called “destination” chargers, normally installed at hotels, Food joints or cafeterias, and Business places. You can have free charging or low-cost charging here. 

Category-3: These are often called “Public” chargers. Charging costs normally are billed to a credit card account.

Category-4: This is called “Home-Charging”. You change your Tesla at home. Costs are included in your electric bill.

Wherever you charge, the method is simple. You need to plug it into the charging device. 

Tesla Supercharger - Tesla Supercharger Network

Photo credits: https://evannex.com/

So, if you want to charge your Tesla at home, call your electrician to make a charging point with a 240V-50A circuit. It’s easy to install. Your electrical will take the connection from your “electrical service box”, the grey box with the circuit breakers, to where you want to install your charging point. You will tell the mechanic to wire a NEMA-14-50 outlet at the charging point. The rest is very easy, and your Tesla UMC can be plugged directly into the installed NEMA-14-50 outlet.

So, we have not finished here, guys. We will discuss the rest of the following questions in the following article (Article 3).

  • How do we find a Tesla Supercharger in need?

  • Tesla Supercharger near me 

So, Please stay tuned with us and do not forget to ask if you have any questions.


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