Tesla Supercharger: All that we need to know: Part 1

Tesla Supercharger

We may have heard of the “Tesla Supercharger” but might not have detailed knowledge about the term. Here, we are trying to cover up the following questions that everyone searching on Google.


  • What actually Tesla Superchargeris?
  • What does a Tesla Supercharger do?
  • Is Tesla Supercharger free?
  • What is the cost to use Tesla Supercharger?
  • How do we use Tesla Supercharger?
  • How do we find a Tesla Supercharger in need?
  • Tesla Supercharger near me 


If you are searching for the above questions, you are at the right place to look. Let’s try to find the answers.


What actually Tesla Supercharger is?


This technology, Tesla Supercharger, provides us with a 480-volt “DC-Fast-Charging” facility designed for electric cars and vehicles. World famous “Tesla Inc.”, an American vehicle manufacturer, has owned this technology. But, here we must say “Tesla” has designed and implemented this technology exclusively for cars manufactured by “Tesla Inc.” itself. This technology works only with cars like “Tesla-Model–S”, “Tesla-Model-X”, “Tesla-Model-Y”, and “Tesla-Model-3”. Also, this technology will support all the upcoming models of “Tesla” like “Tesla-Cyber truck” and “Tesla-hatchback”, as per the “Tesla” declaration. But, “Tesla-2008-Roadster” and other models may not get support from this technology. 


Tesla first implemented this system on September 24, 2012. Initially, there were only six “supercharger stations”. But today, Tesla is managing 36,165 “superchargers” in 3.971 stations globally, as of June 2022 report. Tesla usually maintains 9 superchargers per station. As of the August 2022 official report, Tesla manages 1612 stations in the USA, 842 stations all over Europe, and 1139 stations in the Asia Pacific region. 


Categorically, Tesla provides three types of superchargers which are as follows.


V1–Tesla Superchargers: can supply a maximum of 72 KW

V1–Tesla Superchargers: Can supply a maximum of 150 KW.

V3–Tesla Superchargers: Can supply a maximum of 250 KW. These are the most modern and powerful superchargers that “Tesla” provides. The rumours say “Tesla” is planning to upgrade it to give a maximum of 324 KW in the future. 

Relevantly, we can say there is no difference between the three types of “Superchargers” except for the maximum “charging-speed”. Also, you won’t get a maximum speed of 250 KW from the V1 and V2 Superchargers. 

“Tesla supercharger” map and guideline help us to find the “supercharger” and information about the speed available at that moment. 


What does a Tesla Supercharger do?

Tesla Supercharger

Pic credit: designnews.com



How do the “Tesla-Superchargers” work? 


Both are the same questions and a bit technical, too.But we will try to hint at the technique associated in short. 


Tesla Superchargers are known as “DC quick chargers”. These chargers supply DC, Direct Current, directly to the Electrician’s vehicle’s battery. In all AC chargers, usually used with electronic devices at home, the circuit uses AC/DC converter to convert AC to DC and then supply DC to the battery. But at home, we have limited charging rates like nearly 10-20KW.


Tesla has implemented the same theory in its “Superchargers”. Tesla has built a massive AC/DC converter capable of delivering more than 200KW and installed the converter in the “Stationary” superchargers. Thus ‘Superchargers” take the “AC” current from the “Grid” to produce DC (Direct Current) through an “AC/DC” converter or rectifier.


So, Supercharger is like a small AC charger we have at home but works at a larger massive scale. This is how the “Tesla Superchargers” work technically. Of course, a detailed discussion is out of the scope of this article as it requires technical knowledge. 


After buying a new Tesla car, Tesla provides an account for everything. All you need to do is register a “credit card”, and you are ready to use the “Tesla Supercharger”. When an owner plugs in the car, the Supercharger recognizes the car automatically and authorizes the charging procedure. 

What is the cost to use Tesla Supercharger?

Tesla Supercharger

Image credit: goes to Tom’s Guide.


Well, rates vary from place to place. So, the cost depends upon where we are charging and the electricity rate in that place. 

Now, if a person purchased a “Model S” or “Model X” before April 2017, supercharging is free for him/her.

Now, if anyone buys a “Model S” or “Model X” after April 2017, the cost becomes nearly “$0.25” per KW for him/her.

If an owner wants to charge at home, his/her overall charging cost will depend upon the local cost of electricity. We can say the cost is roughly $0.135 per KWH as per the average electricity rate in the US.


You can easily determine the cost if you charge at home easily by the following formula.


“Battery-Capacity measured in kilowatt (KW) scale” X “per kWh electricity rate”


Let’s make it easy with the following example 

Say battery capacity is “80KW”.

And the electricity rate is “$0.135 per kWh.”

The cost of the charging = 80 X 0.135=$10.8 roughly

So, you have to pay $10.8 roughly to fill up an empty battery at home.

It is not necessary to carry cash or a credit card with you to “charge” your tesla car. Your car is linked to a particular “Tesla-Account”, and the “supercharging-fees” gets billed to your “Tesla-Account” automatically.

Supercharging costs may even vary with what time of day you are charging. 

If a supercharger charges you by the minute, charges are calculated based on the “Tier System”. “Four” tiers are available based on “fast” charging capability. The faster charging you choose, the more expensive it is.

Tier-1 offers speeds under “60KW”, while Tier-2 offers speeds between “60KW” to “100KW”. Tier-3 is for “100KW” to “180KW”, while the most costly “Tier-4” offers above “180KW” speed.


Is a “Non-Tesla” eligible to use “Tesla Superchargers”?


Sorry to say, it is negative except in Norway.


Tesla Superchargers are only open to “Tesla cars” as of today. But, Elon musk, the Tesla CEO, has announced that the situation will change, and “Non-Tesla” cars will be able to use the “superchargers” soon.


Thanks to the “Norway” government who made “Tesla” move from its rigid decision. Norway’s government had told “Tesla” to open their “Supercharger Stations” for every electric vehicle if “Tesla” wanted to have certain government aid. ElonMusk, the Tesla CEO, agreed and opened their “Supercharger Network” for other EVs from 2021. 


Tesla has announced that non-tesla cars will not charge more, but the pricing may vary from location to location. Tesla also announced that non-tesla cars with standard “CCS-Plugs”, the same plug that tesla cars use in Europe, will get this facility.


In the first part of the article, we have tried to give an idea about what a “Tesla Supercharger” is, its cost, and how it works.

In the next part of the article, we will answer the following question in detail. 


  • Is Tesla Supercharger free?
  • How do we use Tesla Supercharger?
  • How do we find a Tesla Supercharger in need?
  • Tesla Supercharger near me, Tesla Supercharger network

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