MacBook Air 2022 vs MacBook pro-2022: Which one you should buy ?

Why you should buy MacBook air 2022 instead of MacBook pro -2022

MacBook Air 2022 vs MacBook pro-2022.Apple has revealed two of its latest models, MacBook Air 2022 and MacBook Pro 2022, at WWDC 2022. Both models are packed with the best hardware compared to other competitor companies. We know Apple has used its latest “M2” chip in both models. Though we have not yet tested the chip ourselves, no doubt “M2” is impressive as per the recent leaked “Benchmark-Reports”. 

Now the Apple lovers are a bit confused regarding which model to choose, MacBook Air 2022 or MacBook Pro 2022. From the pricing point, MacBook Air 2022 costs us $1,199, whereas MacBook Pro 2022 starts at $1,299, 100 dollars extra for the “Pro” mark.

At a glance, we can say MacBook Air 2022 offers us an updated design, a bigger display, a more efficient webcam, and the latest “MagSafe” charging. Whereas the MacBook Pro 2022 got a comparatively old design that reminds us of the old MacBook Pro outlook hanging around since 2016.

Now, let us look into the matter more closely and find a few strong points for choosing “MacBook Air 2022” over the MacBook Pro 2022.


Apple MacBook-Air 2022

Apple MacBook Pro 2022 (13-inch Display)

Display Details 13.6 inches with 2560 x 1664 resolution 13.3 inches with 2560 x 1600 resolution
Price Tag [email protected]$1199 [email protected]$1299
Apple Silicon M2 chip M2 Chip
RAM 24 GB , 16 GB, and 8 GB 24 GB , 16 GB, and 8 GB
GPU details “8” Core “10” GPU
Camera Details 1080(p) 720 (p)
Battery-Life details 18 hours long video/ 15 hours long web browsing 20 hours long video/ 17 hours long web browsing
Dimension Details 11.97 inch x 8.46 inch x 0.44 inch 11.97 inch x 8.36 inch x 0.6 inch


The above table offers a comparison between the hardware details of the two laptops. Though, we would like to discuss a few features in more detail to make a choice easier.

Video credit: “Max Tech”

MagSafe Charging facility:

Apple has offered “MagSafe” charging for MacBook Air 2022. But, MacBook Pro 2022 still depends upon old USB-C charging. 

Now we all know “MagSafe” helps the “Power-Cable” to snap into the right position easily. Hence we get a perfect aligning position. Also, you can detach the cable with a quick “pull”. What does it signify? It indicates protection against the sudden “jerks”. The cable gets loosed quickly from the port against any sudden pull.

With the “MagSafe” charging ability, MacBook Air lets us have a “Thunderbolt/USB-C” port free to use. This indicates we have two free ports to use. 

Now, compared to MacBook Pro 2022, MacBook Air 2022 gets one more port available. Certainly, this is a strong point to consider “Mac Air” over MacBook Pro 2022.

The Design features: MacBook Air 2022 wins over MacBook Pro 2022

If the portability is concerned, we say MacBook Air 2022 is a step ahead of MacBook Pro 2022. MacBook Air 2022 is lighter and thinner than MacBook Pro 2022, though having a larger display with thinner bezels. MacBook Air 2022 weighs 2.7 pounds, while “Pro” weighs 3 pounds. 

The “MacBook Air” has a measurement of 11.97 x 8.46 x 0.44 inches, while “MacBook Pro” measures 11.97 x 8.36 x 0.6 (inches).

Display Feature: “Air” wins over “Pro.”

“Air” offers a bigger display of 13.6 inches with 2560 x 1664 resolution. At the same time, MacBook Pro has 13.3 inches display screen with 2560 x 1600 resolution. 

Brightness: “MacBook Air” wins over “MacBook Pro.”

Whenever the brightness is concerned, MacBook Air 2022 offers 500nits. But, MacBook Pro 2022 offers 474.6 nits of “Standard-Brightness” and 490 nits of HDR-Brightness. No Doubt, “MacBook Air 2022” stays a step ahead of “MacBook Pro”.


From the above discussion, anyone, including me, will vote for “MacBook Air 2022” by dismissing the MacBook Pro. But, I must say there are a few areas where “MacBook pro-2022” is a step ahead of “Mac Air”. 

Considering the performance and Battery life, I say “Mac Pro” is pro regarding these two features. Though both laptops use “M2″ silicon, the MacBook Pro has 10 core GPU. Also, MacBook Pro 2022” offers an “Active Cooling “system, whereas “Mac Air 2022” sports a fan-less design. So, obviously, “Mac Pro” offers better performance. Not only that, “Pro” comes with a 58.2 “Watt-Hour” battery and offers a longer battery life than the 52.6 “Watt-Hour” battery of “Mac Air 2022”. 

So, unless you do not attach with Video or music editing work or something high-end processing job, you do not need “MacBook Pro 2022”. If you need a laptop for web-surfing, daily casual office jobs, and watching YouTube videos, you better choose “MacBook Air 2022” for its sleek “bezel-less” design, brighter display, and colourful models.

Yes, Apple offers colour options like “Space-Grey”, “Midnight”, “Silver”, and “Star-Light” for “MacBook Air 2022”. Whereas “Pro” supports only two colours, “Space-Grey” and “Silver”. 

I have chosen “MacBook Air 2022”. What is your choice? Please comment and let us know about your choice and reasons for that. 

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