Complete Details : How to use Google drive on Mac

Google Drive and Apple Mac: guidelines to use Google drive on Mac

 We all know what Google drive is. It is an “Online-Storage” space to store data, pics, movies, and files, a Cloud-based service offered by Google. We now have 15 GB of “free” storage space. Apple has its own “iCloud Storage Service” for Mac users, though maximum mac users go for Google Drive integration on MAC. The reason is pretty much simple, the extra amount of space. Apple’s “iCloud Storage Device” allows only 5 GB of free space. At the same time, Google gives 15 GB of free space. 

The aim and scope of the article are to define the following points 

    • How do we download the “Google Drive app on Mac” successfully?
    • Step By Step guideline on installing “Google Drive app on Mac”, a made easy.
    • How does a user handle “Google Driveon Mac” after installation?

We can all use “Google Drive” to edit and create documents online. But, if we can trust “Google drive” for “Backup & Sync”, we can have a much more secure and convenient system, the App for Mac. 

We need to have a “Google Drive Account” before using the “Google Drive on Mac, “for the first requisition.

Creating Google Drive Account for free:

Do you have an account on “YouTube”, “Gmail”, or “Google Play”? If you have, you already got a “Google Drive Account”.

All you need is to log in to “Google Drive” or App with your existing ID & Password.

Say you do not have an account on any “Google Service”. Just do the following steps to open an account for free.

Step 1> Open or Drive.

Step 2> you will find a blue button with the text “Go to Google Drive”.

Step 3> Click the button. 

Step 4> Next, you need to find the “Create Account” button.

Step 5> Click on it.

Step 6> Follow the instructions step by step to create your new “Google Drive” Account.

Google drive on Mac


Step-1:Guide to Google Drive Download on Mac

Now, we have a “Google Drive” account. So, let’s start downloading “Google Drive on Mac”, which is not much tough.

Step1> Type the “URL” on the “Address bar” of your browser.

Step2> Click on the “Download Drive for Desktop” button.

Google drive on Mac

Step3> look for the “GoogleDrive.dmg” file in your “Downloads” folder and click on it. It will open.

Step4> Now, you just need to follow the instruction to install the “Google Drive App”. Now, you have to open the “GoogleDrive.pkg” to proceed with the installation process. The App will prompt you with the required space that it needs for installation.

Google drive on Mac

Finally, the system will prompt you to sign in to “Google Drive” with your existing credential. 

After signing in, the App will automatically get synced with the account. Now, it is ready.

Google Drive: Backup and Sync

Step-1> find the “Google Drive” download page through your browser.

Step-2> Now, for a personal drive account, you need to click on the “Download” button located under “Backup and Sync”.

Google drive on Mac

Step-3> Now, just click on “Agree & Download” to start the downloading process.

Step-4>after finishing the “Download”, you need to find the file named “InstallBackupAndSync.dmg”. Just double-click the installer.

Step 5>from the install window, you need to click and drag the “Backup & Sync” icon to your Mac’s Application Folder. 

Google drive on Mac


First Time when you start Google Drive:

It’s not hard to access Google Drive on Mac. But, you need to set it up when you access it for the first time. You need to follow the few simple steps given below.

Step 1> you need to launch the “Backup and Sync from Google” service (or “Google Drive Service”). It’s located at “/Application”.

Google drive

Step-2> you will be prompted a “Warning” telling you that it is an “App” downloaded from the internet. Just click on “Open”.

Google drive on Mac

Step-3>after that, you just need to click on the “Get Started” button to proceed further with the process.

Google drive on Mac

Step 4> at the next step. Now, you have to sign in to your existing “Google Account”, if you have any. You have already got one. So, put the credentials and sign in.

Google drive on Mac


Step 5>you will be prompted to choose your “folders” for a continuous backup process to “Google Drive”. You need to select “Got It”.

Step 6> you need to checkmark next to the files that you want to back up and sync. After that, click on the next button. These preferences can be modified later also.

Google drive on Mac

Step 7>Now Click on “Got It” to start syncing process.

How to use google drive in Mac


Now click on the “Start” button to add a “Google Drive” folder to the “Mac Home-Folder”. 

Google drive on Mac


Now you have come to the end of the “Installation” process. You will find the installer has added a “Menu Bar Item” and created the “Google Drive Folder” under Mac’s “Home Directory”.

How will we use “Google Drive on Mac”? Few words on it.

You have successfully installed “Google Drive on Mac”. Now, it is very easy to use. Mac will treat it as just another folder like others. You can copy files to it and delete them from it, just like a normal operation with other folders on your Mac. You can also make a subfolder under your Google Drive Folder to arrange it as you like. The files, pictures, and movies that you place under your Google Drive Folder on your Mac get copied to “Google’s Cloud Storage”, accessible by any supported device at any time. 

You need to make one thing clear Google provides you with 15 Gb of free space, which is also shared by your Gmail attachments and emails. If you think the space provided is not enough for you. You can always purchase more space as per your requirement.

Relevantly, we all know that Google has well integrated its “Drive” with other services like “a word processor”, “Google-Sheets”, “Google-Docs”, “Google-Slides”, and a cloud-based “Presentation App” and an online “Spreadsheet-App”. Google also offers a “Backup & Sync” option for backing up our hard drive’s files, pictures, and movies. 

Why do we need Google Drive Menu Bar Item on Mac?

Google Drive Menu Bar item offers us the following advantages. 

  • It offers the user quick access to the Google Drive Folder located on their MacThe Menu Bar Item contains a link to open Google Drive on the browser.
  • Indicates whether the “Sync Process” is done or not.
  • It lists all the recently added or edited files.

Moreover, the Google Drive Menu Bar item offers access to the additional settings, which is considered the most helpful.

1> Open a drop-down menu by clicking on the Menu Bar.

2> Find the “Vertical Ellipsis” at the top right corner and click on it. It opens a menu containing options like “to quit the Google Drive App”, “Feedback for Google”, “Access to help”, and “Google Drive Performance”.

3> Please, click on the “Preferences” menu item.  

Google drive on Mac

4> A window named “Google Drive Preferences” opens. It has a “Three-Tab” interface.

My Mac à lets you choose the folders under your Google Drive Folder to be synced automatically to Google Cloud storage. The default option lets everything under the “Google Drive Folder” be synced to the Cloud.

Google Drive-àlet you disconnect the “Google Drive Folder”. After disconnection, all the files under your “Google Drive Folder” on Mac remain as it was before the disconnection. But, “Google Drive Folder” is no longer synced with the Cloud. You can also sync back with the Cloud by signing back. 

Settings à you can use it to configure your network settings. You find it helpful and handy when your connection is slow. You can also configure your “Google Drive Folder” to get launched when you log in. 

Google drive on Mac


So, now you have got all the tips to configure “Google Drive on Mac”. You will get plenty of additional storage now. Also, “Syncing to the cloud” let you access your files from all the supported devices like iPhone, iPad, and devices using “Android” platforms. 


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