ios 16: Apple ios 16 features and release date 

Apple has announced its new updated version of ios, ios 16, on June 6 2022. Apple has announced the beta version of “ios 16” and made it available on the same day of the announcement, June 6 2022. Like last year, we can expect a series of developer and public beta series one after another before the final version launches. Apple’s ios 16 offers major updates and redesigned features such as “Lock-Screen Customization with the help of widgets”, “Edit & Delete messages, “Modified Focus Modes”, and “iCloud-shared Photo-Library”, and many more. Apple’s ios 16 has also made major overhauling in the area of existing apps such as “Mail”, “Wallet”, “Home”, and many more.

The following video reveals a few of the top features.

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Let’s try to have ideas about what ios 16 brings before us.

“Lock screen” feature of ios 16:

 Users will find this feature completely redesigned than the last version. Apple has come up with “animation” and a new “roll-up” style for the notification, “Live –Activities”, and widgets to customize the “Lock-Screen”. 

Now, ios 16 offers its users to create “multiple” different “Lock-Screens” which are linked to “Focus-Mode”. You get the option to switch between the “multiple” Lock-Screens, need to hold down and swipe. You also get the chance to set “multilayered” effects for “wallpaper”. You also can change the “look” of the “Date & Time” with the help of available varied “Color-Options” and “type-styles”. Apple gives us a brand new gallery technique that shows “ideas” to make “wallpapers” for “animated” views of the earth, live weather conditions, “Solar-Systems”, and the moon. Like Apple Watch complications, Apple introduces “widgets” for lock screens to display information about the weather, upcoming calendar events, battery levels, time zones, alarms, and many more. If you are a developer, you can produce your very own widgets with the help of “Widget-kit-app”. 

Roll-up notification for ios 16:

Another redesigned feature that Apple has introduced in ios 16 is “rolling up” notifications from the bottom of the “Display Screen”. Now, you do not need to unlock the screen to look into the notifications. You get the options to show the “notifications” on the screen as “stacked list view”, “count view” or “expanded list view”.

ios 16: Apple ios

Pic credit: MacRumors

 Live activities fracture of ios 16

Do you want to keep track of the daily news, games, sports, food delivery, workout, ride-share, and many more? Well, ios 16 offers a new “Live Activities” feature for you. You do not have even to unlock your screen for the tracking report. At the bottom of your lock screen, you will find “Live Activities” in the form of a card”. 

ios 16: Apple ios

Pic credit: MacRumors

Improved Focus Modes of ios 16

Well, everyone knows this is an old feature offered in ios 15 last year. Apple has redesigned this feature and implemented it this year in ios 16, watchOS 9, and iPadOS 16. This feature works with a “Customizable Lock Screen”. Each “Focus-Mode” is linked with a customized “Lock screen”. So users may swipe between “Lock-Screen” and activate easily corresponding “Focus-Screen”. 

When users set up a “Focus Mode”, they receive suggestions from ios 16 regarding “Lock screen & Home Screen” configuration, wallpaper, and widgets. Also. Ios 16 allows users to link an “Apple-Watch-Face” directly with any specific “Focus-Mode”. 

Focus filters are another utility addition in “Focus Modes”. You can use “Focus filter” to create groups even within the Apps. Suppose you want to display a group of relevant content within Apps like Calendar, Mail, and Message. “Focus filter” will allow doing so. You can display a set of relevant messages in “Message-App”, a set of relevant email accounts in the “Mail” app, and a set of “Tabs” in “Safari”. Apple offers a new “Focus-filter” API to allow the developer to customize the functionality. 

ios 16: Apple ios

Pic credit: MacRumors

Messaging and Collaboration:

With iOS 16, you can edit or recall even a message that has been recently sent. But, once you send it, you only get 15 minutes to edit or recall the message. The ios 16 also allows you to recover a deleted message. But you get 30 days to do so. The ios 16 offers users a redesigned Voice-Messaging on a separate “Message-App”. 

To work on a shared project, ios 16 offers us “collaboration invitations”. “Collaboration invitations” add everyone in a thread and attach automatically to the shared project or document. Apple makes the feature compatible even with the third-party apps as well as keynotes, files, numbers, notes, safari, and pages. ios 16 offers a “SharePlay” feature to the message, allowing to enjoy synced movies and songs while chatting. 

Apple makes all these possible through “Message-Collaboration-API” and “Shared with You” API. 



ios 16: Apple ios

     Pic credit: MacRumors

Face Time feature in ios 16

You can use this feature to make “hand-off” calls from your iPhone, from iPhone to iPad or Mac, and vice versa. Live captioning in “Face Time” let us view the automatically “transcribed” dialogues during the “Face Time” calls. ios 16 offers us “SharePlay app discovery” to find out the shareable apps. During a “Face Time” call, we can tap the “share” button to share keynote, numbers, pages, reminders, and shareable third-party apps.

iOS 16


Pic credit: MacRumors

Freeform: Another new feature of ios 16

Do you like brainstorming? Are you looking for an app for “aggregating assets” or “diagraming a new project”? 

Apple ios 16 offers “Freeform” for you. You will get a canvas to write and draw and move the text and diagram as needed. You can also embed video, audio, pictures, PDFs, and web links with inline previews. 

Freeform also offers “real” time collaboration. You can see the contents of online participants, even the additions and edits of the content they make. “Freeform” directly gives the option of “FaceTime” call invocation. Freeform lets us view the collaborator’s message contribution during the chat, thanks to the incorporated “Message Collaboration API”. 

Mail feature update in ios 16

We can schedule our “emails” well ahead of time. We can also cancel the delivery of a particular mail to the recipient’s inbox, but we have just 10 seconds to cancel the mail. The mail system is smarter now as it can detect automatically if you have forgotten to upload the attachment with the mail body. If we do not receive a response to an important mail, there is an automatic “Follow Up” system to remind us to follow up on a particular mail. Now, ios 16 has redefined the searching system attached with the “Mail App”. Now, searching in “mailbox” is more accurate and relevant. 

ios 16: Apple ios

Portrait mode & Cinematic modes

Apple has introduced “foreground” blur to make the “Portrait” mode more robust and realistic, thanks to the depth of field technology. In iPhone 13, we have got this “depth-of-field” effect more accurate. Even we have found that the “depth of field technology” works fine with the high-end video recording in iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 pro. 

Photos App in ios 16

Apple has implemented the “duplicate photo detection” techniques more accurately in ios 16 to clean up the memories by deleting the “duplicate photos”.

The photo app gets the “hidden” and “freshly” deleted albums locked by default. You can unlock the albums with the help of “Face ID” or “Touch ID”. 

Video playing mode also offers new techniques. You can pause the video and again start it from the beginning while the music track continues to play. 

Apple ios 16 has introduced “iCloud Shared Photos”. In this shared library, a maximum of six families can share their “photos” with the ability of “Add”, “Edit”, and “Delete” operations. 

ios 16: Apple ios

Pic credit: MacRumors

Apple Pay Order Tracking:

Through “Apple Pay Order Tracking”, you will receive “Order Tracking” reports directly in your “Wallet App”, as well as detailed receipts. This is valid for only Apple-Pay-purchases with all the participating “merchants”. 

ios 16: Apple ios

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Uses of Digital Keys and IDS in ios 16

Suppose you are using an App that requires your “identity” for age verification. You do not need to upload the information to the App directly. Instead, you will share your “Home”, “Car”, and “Office” keys to “Wallet App” through messaging app. “Wallet”, in turn, will pass the required data, only that much of what is necessary, to the “Third Party App” very securely. The ios 16 will guard your privacy with its updated technology. 

ios 16: Apple ios

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“Apple Pay later” feature in ios 16

Another cool feature of ios 16 allows you to divide an “Apple Pay Purchase” payment amount into four equal “part payments” to pay within six weeks. Even you do not have to pay any fees or interests. “Apple Pay Later” is now incorporated with the “Wallet” App. Anyone can use “Apple Pay Later” if and only if Apple Pay is accepted and valid. You need to go for the “Apple Pay Later” selection when you “Check Out” at the time of payment. But, you can have this facility only in the US.

ios 16: Apple ios

Pic credit: MacRumors

“Health App” redesigned in ios 16

Now, ios 16 will be your assistance in preparing your “medication schedule and interactive charts”. The ios 16 will track your medication schedule and let you have the reminder. 

Do you want to know about your medicine? You just need to point your iPhone camera at the medicine label. The intelligent “Health App” will tell you the use of the “medicine” and the potential side effects. Also, the AI-driven “Health” App will let you know the names of other medications that interact critically with this particular medicine. But, you will have this functionality only in the U.S. 

You can also share your health data with your physician through the “Health” App. 

Reminders: adds cool features in ios 16

Apple has refined the “Reminders App” in the ios 16, with pined lists and “Date & Time” based grouping to make the presentation easier to view. Apple has divided every day into three groups, “Morning”, “Afternoon”, and “Tonight”. 

You can now add “rich” notes with “underline” and “bullets”. Also, if you need, you can make text in the reminder “Bold”. You can also create your template, another cool addition. 

News App in ios 16

Apple has given you the “My Sports” section in ios 16. Now, you can get in touch with your “favorite leagues and teams more easily, with quick access scores and top stories about your “favourite leagues and teams. You can also enjoy the “highlights” and “differed live” in the “News” App.

Devices supported by ios 16

The ios 16 has cut off many old devices from support. However, many of dropped devices were compatible with ios 13, ios 14, and ios 16. Here is the list of devices supported by ios 16.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

Apple iPhone 11

Apple iPhone XS Max

Apple iPhone SE (2022)

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

Apple iPhone 13 Pro

Apple iPhone 13

Apple iPhone 13 mini

Apple iPhone XS

Apple iPhone XR

Apple iPhone X

Apple iPhone 8 Plus

Apple iPhone 8

Apple iPhone 13 mini

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

Apple iPhone 12 Pro

Apple iPhone 12

Apple iPhone 12 mini

Apple iPhone SE (2020)

The ios 16: release saga: 

We are all aware of Apple’s “WWDC Keynote” on June 6, 2022, about the big operating system updates. Like last year, we think Apple may target coming September to lunch the ios 16. Apple has also announced the availability of the developer beta of ios 16″ for testing purposes.

Let’s note down the “release” details that we expect.

  • Apple officials announced ios 16 on June 6 2022
  • the first developer beta version (known as ios 16 beta version 1) also been given to developers on the same day, June 6 2022
  • Apple has promised to launch the first “ios 16 public beta” in July 2022

This article has covered a few features of the ios 16. We will update the article with a few more features very soon. So, please stay tuned with us.

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