Apple ios 16 vs Android 13: In detail comparison

Apple ios 16 vs Android 13: in detail comparison between ios 16 features & Android 13 features

This is a choice between two titans, Apple ios 16 vs Android 13. Both operating systems are undoubtedly the best and have their advantages. In this article, we are trying to present a comparative analysis of the ios 16 features and Android 13 features.

The operating system, ios 16 and Android 13 offer new features and changes that will make our smartphones smarter and more helpful in our daily lives. Now, drawing a line between two operating systems is difficult and announcing the winner is difficult. There have been few features in Android for a long time appearing in ios now. In ios, there are also a few features that are functioning better than Android, with few features even yet to implement in Android. However, we will try our best to give you an idea of where ios stand out from Android and where it wins.

The Comparison between Android 13 and ios 16

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We all know Android 12 has been a major overhaul with its “Material You” features. We covered all those features regarding Android 12 in our previous article. Like its predecessor, Android 12, Android 13 has stressed more on functionality. Now we see “Third-Party” app icons supporting new “design-language”. Google has also improvised its messaging “App”, an indirect impact of Apple’s new “messaging app”. In Android 13, Google has offered a few new changes to its messaging app. Now, Google’s messaging app supports videos and photos. Android 13 lets you send a message over Wi-Fi. No need to have a “mobile” internet connection. For the RCS, typing indicators are available now. Group conversations are now end-to-end encrypted. Just like ios 16, your permission is needed to send you any notification. Android 13 offers a new security app to guard your privacy settings and security more closely than ever.

We can say Google has adopted many things from Apple’s Message App. But Apple has yet to get on board the “RCS” express.

Meanwhile, ios 16 has changed its “lock screen” looks and added a new feature. Apple has introduced a few new tricks in its ios 16’s messaging app. you can edit or delete a message until 15 minutes. Users can even retract a deleted message for up to 30 days. Now, you can implement your “personal look” and edit or undo a message. There is a brand new “wallpaper” gallery for you with lots of wallpapers. Sharing videos and photos is much easier now. Apple has finally understood the importance of the “contactless” payment mode and introduced a “contactless” payment feature in ios 16. Now, you can use “SharePlay” on the messaging app, another new change introduced in ios 16.

Privacy and security: who is winning? Is it ios 16 or Android 13?

Apple has been a step forward regarding the “privacy and security” issues. Since ios 14, Apple has offered its users a feature called “App Tracking Transparency”. This has been proved a very useful feature. Users can use this feature to take back an App’s “Tracking Capabilities”. This feature is still available in ios 16 in a more refined way. Apple also introduced a new “safety check” feature in ios 16. Users can protect their valuable data from hackers by simply revoking their access to data.

Meanwhile, Google has not implemented any feature like the “App Tracking Transparency”. But, Android has “Privacy Indicators” now. In Android 13, Google lets its users have more control over data sharing. In Android 13, you can give permission even to a specific photo or a file, rather than allowing the app to access the entire library or folder.

So, Google is trying its best to catch up with Apple regarding the “Privacy and Security” issues.

Google copies Apple wallet in its Android 13

Apple has been running its own “Wallet” app for the last five years. It has been very popular for its useful features since its birth.

Android had “Google Pay”. But this app failed to win popularity as it lacked features like the ios “wallet App”. So, Google finally has come up with an app named “Google Wallet” in Android 13. We are hopeful about this app now as it copies many features from ios’ wallet app.

So, we can say Android is filling up the gaps that it has been lacking.

Customization issues:

Apple’s ios have never been flexible in customization issues. Even a couple of years back, users were only allowed to change the wallpaper. At the same time, Android has been far more customizable. To catch up with the Android. Apple introduced the “widgets”, which have been very popular. However, Android had introduced “widgets” years before. But, Apple ios made the widget function better. In Android 12, Google has given its best to improve the widget section.

In ios 16, Apple has also changed a lot of its “lock screen” look. Now you can customize its look and add the widget. Without unlocking the iPhone, users can do a lot more things. Android also got the “At a glance” feature to take on Apple’s “lock Screen” customization.

In conclusion, we can say it is hard to say who wins, at last, Apple’s ios 16 or Google’s Android 13. After all, personal preference wins always if there is no budget restriction. Some may like the ios for its simplicity. Some may like Android 13 for its “Material You”.

Few words relevant to the topic: ios 16 release date and Android 13 release date:

We have all come to know from Apple’s “WWDC Keynote” on June 6, 2022, regarding the big operating system updates and the launch of ios 16, which is due to come soon.

Like last time, we expect Apple to launch the final version in the coming fall, meaning September 2022. The beta version of “ios 16″, the developer beta of ios 16”, was available on June 6 2022, on the same day. Like every time, we will have a series of developer and public beta series one by one before the final version launches.

Let’s list down the “release” details that we expect.

ios 16 was unveiled on June 6 2022
the first developer beta version (ios 16 beta version 1) also been released on the same day, June 6 2022
Apple has announced first “ios 16 public beta” will be launched in July 2022

Google has offered us a very stable and popular version of Android, Android 12. Now, the next big update of Android has already been announced, the upcoming Android 13. We have already seen four of its “beta release” and two developer version.

“Tiramisu” is the codename of Android 13; we all know this from the Android 13 beta release. We all expect Google is planning to launch the stable version sometime in August 2022, an educated guess from the schedule at the announcement of the Android 13 beta release.


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