Razer Blade 15 is the world’s first laptop with a 240Hz OLED display

Razer Blade 15 has dominated the high-end laptop space for years, consistently placing among the best gaming laptops. With Razer’s new Blade 15 laptop, you’ll get the world’s first OLED QHD 240Hz display and next-generation specs, giving the Blade 15 line a minor update.

Razer Blade 15 (2022) is a laptop with a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels that run on Windows 11. A Core i9 processor and 32GB of RAM make it a powerful computer. Razer Blade 15’s SSD can store up to 1TB of data.

The graphics are powered by Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Ti. In addition to HDMI and a multi-card slot, the 2022 refresh reinforces its position for another year, packing some truly impressive specs into a thin, luxury chassis and topping it off with an excellent display. With its $3,999 price tag, our top-of-the-range RTX 3080 Ti review unit is pretty expensive, but if you want to reach 4K, this is the best option available.

The new Intel  CoreTM i9 processor gives you the ultimate gaming and creative performance. The new Intel 12th Gen processors feature a hybrid architecture that offers performance cores with efficiency cores for the ultimate in chat, browsing, streaming, editing, recording, and playing. This integrated Killer® Wi-Fi 6E AX16900 (Gig+) boosts gaming performance with advanced packet-prioritization technology.

Prices range from $2,499.99 for a RTX 3060 / i7-12800H model to $5,399.99 for a model with a RTX 3060 / i7-12800H.

Razer Blade 15 Design

Razer Blade’s classic design is still intact here, with that matte black aesthetic and robust aluminium chassis. Though everything feels solid, there is a noticeable wobble to the hinge, and the display still flexes significantly. It is extremely strong and can be lifted with just a finger without changing the position of the lower half in any way.

 The Razer company has improved upon the ventilation in this new generation, so you’ll find more vents along the bottom of the chassis and larger keys with a smaller gap between them. Additionally, the power button has been relocated to the main deck if you examine the keyboard in more detail. Slimline designs are increasingly using this, and I had no trouble adapting to it since I’m used to a similar layout in other settings.

 Razer Blade 15 avoids the fancy lighting and additional gimmicks of other machines favouring a much more subtle design. The simple black design supports an incredibly powerful machine underneath, and with a 2kg weight and solid build quality, there is a quiet power to its sophisticated architecture.

Razer Blade 15 (2022)
Pic Credit : razer.com

Razer Blade 15 (2022) specifications

It features a Quad-HD (2,560×1,440 pixels) OLED display with a peak brightness of 400 nits, a 240Hz refresh rate, and a 1ms response time, which runs on Windows 11 Home edition. There is 100 percent DCI-P3 colour gamut coverage on display. It offered users the choice between a 4K OLED display and a 240Hz LCD display when it debuted in 2019.

It is powered by a 12th generation Intel Core i9-12900H processor, Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Ti graphics card, as well as up to 32GB of LPDDR5 memory. It comes with a 1TB solid-state drive for storing content. According to the company, the laptop offers Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Thunderbolt 4, USB Type-C, USB Type-A, an HDMI port, and an SD card reader.

 Razer Blade 15’s features set falls short here, however. In this laptop, we have the beast that rules all proprietary cables. A strangely heavy cable attached to the Blade 15’s charger, a bulky two-pin device. A quick charge isn’t possible on the go, and using someone else’s USB-C cable also isn’t an option.

Let’s look at all the specifications in a table.


Resolution 2560×1440 pixels,

With Refresh Rate 240Hz


Operating system

Windows 11


Intel Core i9 12900H






Dedicated Graphics, Graphics Processor-Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Ti,

Ports and slots

HDMI Port available, Multi-Card Slot-SD Card Reader


Web Camera available, with Touchpad, Internal Mic, Speakers


Wi-Fi standards supported

Web Camera


 Razer Blade 15 (2022) other features.

  • Boost performance with artificial intelligence

NVIDIA DLSS optimizes games for maximum performance with no degradation in image quality. For even better visuals, crank up the settings and the resolution.

Razer Blade 15 (2022)
Pic credit : razer.com
  • Offering more immersive experiences

In the world of graphics, Ray Tracing is the holy grail. Using RT Cores, it produces the most life-like and immersive graphics for gamer and creator alike – and runs fast.

  • Power and performance optimized

NVIDIA Max-Q optimizes laptops to deliver high performance in thin form factors using AI.

  • High-Efficiency Vapor Chamber Cooling

By evaporating and condensing an internal fluid, the Razer Blade 15 efficiently disperses heat, allowing it to achieve its thin profile.

The system maximizes the nanoparticle thermal blockers and server-grade components to maximize the thermal threshold and squeeze every bit of performance out of the laptop. It also has more fins and fans, as well as a larger liquid capacity. With its bespoke heat pipe system, it can withstand temperature build-ups resulting from heavy loads.

  • Razer Blade 15 is Powered by Razer Chroma RGB

You can customize the RGB Razer gaming keyboard with over 16.8 million colors and a suite of effects. Get the most out of your gaming experience by experiencing dynamic lighting effects across over 150 Chroma-integrated titles like Fortnite, Apex Legends, Warframe, and more.

Price and availability of Razer Blade 15 (2022)

In the US, the Razer Blade 15 (2022) is priced at $3,499.99. Prices and availability in other markets have yet to be announced, but the laptop will be available in Q4 2022.

Razer announced the Razer Blade 15 with Nvidia GeForce RTX-series graphics at CES 2019 for $2,299, while the base model was priced at $1,599 with a GeForce GTX 1060 GPU.


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