Google Maps Street View: offers historical browsing on iOS& Android

Google Maps Street View: offers historical browsing oniOS& Android, compact camera, and “Street-View” studio tool

To celebrate the 15thanniversary of its remarkable “Street View” feature, Google has decided to offer us a bucket of exciting features, such as an option to “view historical data” on both Android and ios, a studio tool, and a brand new “Compact-Camera” system. Google’s “Street-View” feature is one of the most appraisable features all over the globe, accepted as one of the most “utility” features as well. So, it is most likely for Google to celebrate the “15thanniversary” with such a big “bang”.Users can consider this new feature, viewing the historical street view, just like “Time Travel”, a chance to take a dip into the old moments gone by. Not only that, this “travel back in time” feature gets the chance to compare the old locations with the present changes. This is a really remarkable feature indeed. 

How to activate the “older street view” feature:


Let’s find out how we can activate the “historical/older street view” feature that enables us to see the “older views” captured in 2014.

This “time travel” feature is now available in the iOS app and “Android”. Upon launching this feature, you find a button with “See more dates” written on it, which opens the “carousel” of older snaps of that particular location. Even if you wish, you can date back to the year 2007 to view the older series of captures. Google has started rolling out this feature, “historical-browsing”, globally from 24th May 2022. 

Google’s Street View Studio: Another surprise:

Another surprising feature Google has introduced is the “Street View” studio. This feature lets us quickly publish “360” degree image sequences in bulk. This tool also offers us to publish a “360” degree video, with a facility to preview before uploading the video. You get the chance to filter by “location”, “filename”, and processing status. Upon completing the task, the browser sends a notification to you. We can easily upload and manage the video and also track down our own street-view content. We can relax and kick back while Google does our work, a really smooth experience indeed.

Google Maps Street View:

Pic credit: 9To5Google

Google Maps Street View:

Pic credit: 9To5Google

To celebrate the birthdate, there are more consumer updates from Google, such as “Pegman” on “” sporting a “Birthday-Hat” and “balloons” while the “Street-View” car is available as a “navigation-icon”. 

Google has introduced a “Street-View” camera that is pretty much small, roughly the size of a house cat, says Google. The “Ultra-Transportable” camera hardly weighs 15 pounds. Google says this tiny camera can be carried anywhere in the world due to its small size and less weight, even can be carried in the farthest corner of the globe to photograph the “Under-Mapped” areas like “Amazon Rain Forest”. Moreover, Google’s new “Camera” is “modular” with a “lidar-laser” scanner, more effective in recording tiny details like “pot-holes” or “lane-markings”.

Being small and portable, it is easy to attach this camera to any vehicle with the help of a roof rack. You can control the camera with your smartphone from a distance. The full implementation will take a couple of months more. Rumours say Google plans to improve the camera feature with cutting-edge technology like “Live View AR Navigation”. 

Google Maps Street View

Pic credit: 9To5Google

Google is hopeful that the portability and flexibility of the new camera will make collections pretty much easier for partners over the globe. Next year, everyone will see the camera in various colours with new iconic street-view cars and trekkers, says Google.

There are more exciting features left to discuss regarding the new updates. In the following article, we will bring a few more features before you. 

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