Do you know how to disappear from the internet this way?

The process of disappearing from the web is not easy, but we’ll show you how. It is impossible to reduce your digital footprint completely, but there are ways you can minimize it, which would decrease the possibility of your personal data being exposed.

 There is a good chance that your personal information is available to the public if you read this. The public includes everyone. It would be best if you never underestimate the importance of getting your Internet privacy ducks in a row and “deleting” yourself from the web. Would you like to know how deleting yourself from the Internet would prevent companies from obtaining your information? The answer is no.

 It is important to note that removing your information from the Internet, as I’ve mentioned below, might affect your ability to contact employers in the future.

Let’s see how to remove our data from the Internet.

1. Unsubscribe from sites that collect data about you.

Several companies collect information about you. The companies collect data from everything you do online and then sell that information to third parties, mostly so they can advertise to you more specifically and sell you stuff.

To remove your name from these sites, you could search for yourself on each and then contact each site separately. However, the opting-out process varies from one website to another and sometimes includes sending faxes and physically filling out paperwork. 

You will also largely be removed from Google search results if you remove yourself from these data broker sites, making it very difficult for people to find you. If you wish to do the process yourself, DeleteMe offers DIY guides on removing yourself from each individual data broker.

2.Log out of any shopping account, social media account, or website account.

Consider the networks on which you have social media profiles. Have you ever used Tumblr, Myspace, Reddit account or other sites besides the big one’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

The best way to get rid of these accounts is to go into your account settings and find the option either to deactivate, remove or close your account. Depending on your account, the settings may be found under Privacy or Security or something similar.

The easiest way to delete a particular online account is to search the Internet for “How to delete,” and then type in the account name that you wish to delete. The instructions for deleting this account can be found there.

It is advised to change the information in any undeletable accounts to something other than your actual information. Make it totally fictitious or totally random.

3. Delete personal information from your website.

Using a legal removal request with Google is possible in the event that someone has posted personal information like your Social Security number or bank account number. Still, the website’s webmaster where it was posted is not removing it.

 If you are in a vulnerable position, removing them from your system may take a long time, and there is no guarantee they will be successful. Still, it’s your only option if they cannot do so themselves.  

 4. Delete your personal information directly from websites.

Check with your phone company or cell provider to make sure your name isn’t listed online and have them remove it if it is.

Old forum posts and embarrassing blogs that you wrote back in your younger days can be removed by directly contacting the webmaster of those sites. Whenever you need to get in touch with a specific individual, look in the Contacts and About Us sections, or visit and search for the domain name. The contact information for a specific individual can be found there as well.

The operators of private websites are not required to remove your posted comments. When contacting these sites, be polite and explain why the post should be deleted. It is hoped they will remove the post.

5. Remove your email accounts.

In order to delete or close your account, you will need to sign in to your account. There is a time limit on how long some accounts will stay active if reactivated. The previous steps require an email address, so make sure this is the last one you enter.

6. Remove outdated search results.

Take the case of a webpage that contains information about you that you want to get rid of. Let’s say you delete all the pages where your name is mentioned. If you still see your name after deleting the page, this means the old version of the page is cached on Google’s servers.

You can use this tool to clear the cache. You should submit the URL to Google, hoping that it will update its servers and delete the cached search result, so you are no longer associated with it. Even though Google cannot guarantee it will remove cached data, it is worth trying to exorcise as much of your online presence from the Internet as possible.

Be patient as you go through this process, and don’t expect it to be completed in one day. Deleted information will also remain on the web indefinitely, so accept that there are some things you can’t get rid of.

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