“Best list of PS5” (PlayStation 5) games in 2022:

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The technically advanced PS5 with its “dual-sense” controller offers real-time feelings to the players, like a “cinematic” experience. That is why it has become a new challenging platform for the “Game” makers and publishers to try advanced graphics and sound quality in their new titles. Few new games and remakes of old titles are available now to try.

We must say “PS5” is a completely new advanced “console”. Certainly, there will be more games will be published exclusively for PS5 only. But, thanks to SONY for implementing the “backward” compatibility in the PS5 for old PS4 titles.

We have handpicked five games for PS5 fans. I hope these games won’t disappoint the game lovers.

1. Demon’s Souls: one of the best PS5 games 2022:

PS5” (PlayStation 5) games in 2022:

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If you like a game that offers you a real challenge, we name the “Demon’s Souls” for you, a game that offers real-time feeling. This game may remind us of the “Brutal”, one of the “iconic-RPG” in 2009, in a different style and story. It was one of the all-time preferred and favourite titles on PS3 now returned in enhanced visual style and graphics mode. It’s now known as “PS5-Demon’s soul, a joint production from “SIE japan studio” and “Bluepoint Games”.

Gamers will find many modified features like new armour, rings, and weapons. New items like “Grains” are for temporary healing from bleeding and poison.

Players try to rescue “Boletaria”, an imaginative world from the evil “the Old One”. The evil has consumed nearly the “Boletaria”, with the power of its evil-mind and powerful poisonous fog. The Player’s task is to put the “Old One” to sleep and restore peace in “Boletaria”.

The modified and enhanced “Demon’s Souls” twists the “old flavor” with the new features to thrill the “first-time” Player and surprise the “old” fans as well.

2. Ratchet (&) Clank: The Rift Apart: one of the best PS5 games 2022:

Ratchet & Clank is undoubtedly one of the best PS5 games with an attractive story, quick load time, and impressive graphics. The game is a fine example of “PS5’s” abilities. The game’s attractive features are its quick load time and subtle “Dual-Sense” haptic-technology feedback. Not only advanced technology, thrilling gameplay, artistic graphics, and unique story attract the game-lovers. The main USP of the game is certainly aesthetic graphics and brilliant transitions between the gorgeous cut-scenes and “in-game graphics” as well. The game really makes you feel you are watching an animated movie. The “Rift Apart” is PS5 exclusive, not a remake or PS4 game.

 “Sony Interactive Entertainment” has published this title. “Insomniac Games” is the developer. It’s a single-player game. For those who are looking for a brand new title for PS5 in 2022, it is a must-buy title for them.

3. The “Elden Ring”: one of the best PS5 games 2022:

 In short, it can be considered an “Open-World” descendant of the “Dark-Souls” series. This is an “RPG/action” game where the Player will create a “character and role” to set off into a vast unknown world to explore. The Player makes his/her way by fighting off a variety of enemies and scary bosses. Players can ride on a horse to explore the far corners of the “dark-fantasy” lands. Along the way, players get the chance to find new items and various equipment.

Players need to focus deeply to survive as most of the enemies got the power to kill in a few strokes, while bosses need one or two. Players will find “healing options” on their way, but it’s very hard to find. The audio and visual effects of the games are powerful and mind-blowing.

The Elden Ring is really an “attractive open-world” game that demands robust character and role building.No doubt, we can add it to the list of the best PS5 games in 2022.

Though, Dark-Souls fans may find the exploration sometimes aimless.

4. Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla: one of the best PS5 games 2022:

 Assassin’s Creed offers this latest entry of its “Twelfth” major instalment called “The Viking invasion on Britain”. In this open-world adventure game, the Player will find the old familiar flavour of the past “Assassin’s Creed” game. The central character of the game is a Viking raider named “Eivor” who finds himself stuck in a combat between the “Brotherhood of Assassins” and the “Templar Order”. The game consists of different missions and activities. Players can select their arms from a wide selection of weapons.

The list of weapons includes flails, swords, and various unique pieces of arms. Here, Eivor will be spying over each area with the help of “Raven Synin” and a new animal buddy. As the game advances, Eivor gets the chance to learn new “skills and techniques” through his journey.

Players will find many activities to complete in the mission, like “Viking Rap Battles, ” which consists of flying, conquering battles, naval combat, and settlements.

Though the title is a bit expensive, its overall experience in PS5 is pretty much attractive. The Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla is an automatic choice in the list of PS5 games in 2022.

5. The Godfall: one of the best PS5 games 2022:

 The Godfall is classified as a “console” exclusive game and an “action RPG”. We pick this game as one of the best PS5 games in 2022. Believe us, and players will not get disappointed.

Here, you will be a member of “Knights-Order” that guards the five realms of a fantasy world, spirit, Water, Air, and Fire, from the coming apocalypse. Players can choose one from five “different” armour sets on the basis of different “Valorplates”. Players can choose any weapons from a wide variety of long-sword, dual-blades, two-handed war-hammer, two-handed great-sword, and many more. Players even have the further opportunity of customization based on “valorplates”. It’s a game that offers you “cinematic” action with a twist of “looter & slasher” perceptions.

Here, you will be after your enemy to slash them for better “loot”. Here in the “Godfall”, advanced graphics blend with real-life sound quality to take the game to such a height that it is pretty much an undeniable fact.

Here you will get both co-op mode with “drop-in/drop-out” and “single-player” as well. We find “Godfall” is a worthy candidate to add up to our list of the “best PS5 games come in 2022”.

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