Apple’s macOS13: Rumors/Features/ Release Date

Everyone is waiting with their finger crossed for Apple’s upcoming macOS, version 13. It can be a significant update after 2021’s macOS 12, widely known as macOS 12 Monterey. We are pretty much sure about the version number of the upcoming macOS, and it is sure to be 13, an educated guess as the current version is 12. Apart from the version number, we are in the dark about the features that Apple might think to implement.

But, no doubt, the upcoming version is sure to be a most important major update as Apple is now using its silicon chip (M1), finishing the two years transition period to shift from “Intel” chips to its silicon. Now the world is very much eager to see what new features and updates come to the upcoming macOS 13. Also, a big question is there about the compatibility.

We guess that Apple will officially announce and discuss the upcoming macOS 13 at the coming WWDC due to be held in JUNE 2022. Still, we are in the dark, but we have past data and current rumors &leaks to predict. This article will discuss the possible features based on the available data, all the current rumors, and leaks.

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What will be the name of the macOS 13?

Apple's macOS13

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Everyone assumes that Apple has chosen the word “Mammoth” to name the upcoming macOS 13. Apple applied to the authority for a “trademark extension” to secure the name “Mammoth” in the “Computer operating-system” category in the last year, 2021. The name was finally approved in November 2021. The trademark was owned by a company known as shell corporation Yosemite Research LLC. The story begins here. Previously we have seen “Yosemite Research LLC” collect a “trademark” for Apple to pass later on to Apple. For example, the name “Yosemite” was transferred to Apple for the macOS 10.10. No doubt, the same saga is continuing even for this year, a guess by 9To5Mac”, a reputed “Apple” analyst website.

“9To5Mac” predicted last year that Apple got a plan to use “Monterey” as a name for the macOS 12. The prediction turned out to be a hundred per cent right later on. So, we all bate on the “9To5Mac” speculation. 

By the way, everyone is guessing “Mammoth” is the famous “Mammoth” lake located near a “ski-resort” town in the lap of SierraMountains in California.

Apple's macOS13

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macOS 13 “Mammoth”: the compatibility and all the supported devices 

It is an important question, and everyone is searching for a suitable answer. For the last two years, Apple has been busy shifting from “Intel” made chips to its own “silicon”. Apple is right now having “M1”, “M1Pro”, and “M1 Max” at its disposal, the widely rumored “M2” is also on the test run. Also, we have seen “MacBook” running successfully with the “M1” lineage. 

No doubt, Apple’s upcoming “macOS 13 Mammoth” will support all the “M1” lineage silicon also the forthcoming “M2”. What would happen to all the devices with “Intel” chips? Will Apple continue support? Will Apple make all the “Intel chips” based devices to cope with the “macOS 13 Mammoth?” 

This is the million-dollar question. We guess Apple will try to adjust a few “Intel Chip” based devices with “macOS 13 Mammoth”, but limited features may be available on those devices. It is pretty much certain few old “Intel Chip” based devices will be dropped. Experts guess all the “Intel-based” macs before 2015 may be dropped, though few of them support “macOS 12“. It is the most likely solution everyone thinks that Apple may plan.

Here is a list of all old “Intel chip” based macs run on “macOS 12 Monterey. 

  1. Apple iMac was released in autumn 2015 or later
  2. Apple iMac Pro (all the marketed models)
  3. Apple Mac Pro from 2013 or later
  4. Mac Studio (all marketed models)
  5. Apple MacBook from 2016 or later
  6. Apple MacBook Air from 2015 or later
  7. Apple MacBook Pro from 2015 or later
  8. Apple Mac mini was released in autumn 2014 or later

What features may Apple introduce in macOS13?

Apple's macOS13

Two or three years before, everyone was vocal once about the missing features on macOS compared to what we have got on “iPads” and “iOS”. Last year, macOS 12 Monterey has introduced many features. We can not expect many more features this time on macOS 13 as most of the part of aligning macOS features with those of “iOS” and “ipadOS” has been completed already.

Let’s discuss all the possible features Apple could introduce on “macOS 13 Mammoth”. We do have any specific clues or official announcements from Apple itself. We have rumours and leaks from experienced leakers with a proven track record. We can speculate about the features that macOS-13 “Mammoth” could bring us, an educated guess based on the rumours and leaks sorted carefully. 

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macOS 13 Mammoth: App library sort of feature:

A possible feature could be “App Library”. We think an “App Library” sort of feature, instead of “Launchpad”, could be useful, with all the programs sorted like iPad and iPhone. 

macOS 13 Mammoth feature: Improved control-centre option

We all have praised the “control-center” feature in the “Big Sur”. Now a feature something like “control-center” could be useful in Apple’s upcoming “macOS 13 Mammoth”. Especially, a feature where the items that we do not use can be removed will be useful. I also even think “control-center” third-party apps could be helpful to organize the “Menu-Bar” efficiently. 

macOS 13 Mammoth feature: “Time-Machine” backups in the iCloud.

We have been waiting a long time for a feature that let us create “Time-Machine” backups directly up in the “iCloud”. 

This feature, cloud backup, would be pretty much helpful and appreciated. Say, if you get your “Mac” destroyed accidentally, there is no need to get tensed as every single data and file can be restored easily from “cloud-backup”. 

It could have been useful if a “Mac” could be restored from the “cloud” like an iPad and iPhone. We think Apple should provide this feature in its upcoming “macOS 13”.

macOS 13 Mammoth feature: unlocking feature 

All-new “Macs” have “fingerprint-Scanner” installed. We can use our “Apple-Watch” to automatically unlock the new “Mac” model. Apple should enable the “iPhone” to perform the same task. Apple should introduce this feature in its upcoming “macOS 13 Mammooth”.

While an “Android” phone can be used to unlock the “chrome-book”, it’s high time for Apple to introduce the same for its iPhone.

macOS 13 Mammoth Feature: A “Time Clock” feature:

Mac has got a “Clock” feature. But, this “clock” is missing many helpful features, such as “stop-watches”, “multiple -alarms”, timers, and many more, compared to the “clock” app in “iPadOS” and “iOS”. We think Apple should introduce an optimized “Clock” App in its upcoming “macOS Mammoth.” 

macOS 13 Mammoth Feature: A “Health” App feature:

Apple’s “Health” App is a handy and wonderful app to monitor the “fitness” and “activity” levels. Apple has introduced this “Health” App on the iPhone, but does not offer an option to check or view the data on the Mac”.

Apple should allow us to have a “Health” App on the “macOS” At least, and we think Apple should let us view or check the “health-data” on the “macOS”. 

Let’s hope “macOS 13 Mammoth” will fulfil our long-awaited expectations. But we all have to wait till the forthcoming WWDC event in June 2022 for the actual scenario. 

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