Apple’s MacBook Pro 2022, Specs, Price, and Release Date 

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We are all expecting an entry-level “MacBook Pro”, a bit cheaper”, due for launch in 2022, maybe at the beginning of the second quarter. Though Apple officials keep their lips sealed, rumors are flooding the internet expecting a MacBook Pro with the latest “M2” chip, expected to replace the 13 inches “MacBook Pro M1” with a price tag of $1299. Experienced “Apple analysts” over the globe are pretty much agreed that the upcoming MacBook Pro 2022 with M2 Chip can become Apple’s trump card.

MacBook Pro 2022: The Release Date and Price Tag

We have observed that nothing has been mentioned about “MacBook Pro 2022” in the recent “Peek-performance Apple event”. Though, 9to5Mac is pretty much confident that Apple will release an entry-level MacBook Pro in 2022 with its latest “M2” chip at an affordable price. 

The most rumored and searched query on the internet is what will be the price of the upcoming MacBook Pro 2022. Well, we assume on the basis of the rumored data that the upcoming MacBook Pro 2022 will be an “Entry-Level” model, and many experienced “Apple analysts” also think so. We think that Apple may set the price a little higher than $1000, maybe $1399 or$1499.On the basis of rumored data, we assume Apple is thinking to replace its current $1299 priced (starting price) 13 inches “MacBook” with an old “M1” chip with the upcoming “MacBook Pro” with an “M2” chip. So, the $1399 price tag will be an ideal starting “price-tag” for the upcoming “MacBook Pro 2022” with the “M2” Chip. Moreover, it’s a matter of fact Apple once priced its 16 inches MacBook Pro 2021 nearly $100 more than its previous model. So, we think it’s very likely for Apple to set a price tag of $1399 or $1299 for the MacBook Pro 2022. 

Though, the above discussion is just a hypothesis as we got nothing solid proof. We have to wait still for Apple’sannouncement with our fingers crossed.

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MacBook Pro 2022: News we got so far: as of April 2022.

  • Apple has decided to use its latest “M2” chip in MacBook Pro 2022
  • Mark Gurman says that the new “M2” chip is going through the final testing phase, But Apple may take a bit long to use it in the “MacBook”
  • Another recent report is confirming that Apple has already tested the new “M2” chip with its latest nine “Mac” models, even with its upcoming MacBook Pro 2022.
  • MacBook Pro 2022 may appear two or three months later due to some supply-chain issues, says a few leakers.

MacBook Pro 2022: Look and Feel 

Apple's MacBook Pro 2022

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To be honest, we have not gathered much data about the look and feel, because all rumors and leaks that have been spotted so far are about the “internal” specs. What new hardwires Apple may offer with its new MacBook Pro 2022 have been the prime subjects of discussion. Everyone is curious whether Apple is introducing its new silicon, the all-new “M2” chip, in MacBook Pro 2022 or not. 

What we have gathered so far is indicating there may not be any changes in “Look and Feel”.

Bloomberg’s Mr. Mark Gurman also says that Apple won’t offer a “Mini-LED” display with its new MacBook Pro 2022. Also, MacBook Pro 2022 will skip the “ProMotion” technology with a variable refresh rate of up to “120Hz”. Apple will introduce a cheaper “IPS LCD” Retina display in MacBook Pro 2022, like what we have seen on “MacBook Airs”.

So, we can assume Apple is reducing costs for its new MacBook Pro 2022. 

Relevantly, we say another most popular subject of discussion is the “Display Size”. Everyone is trying to figure out whether it will be a 14 inches New M2 MacBook Pro or a “redesigned” old 13 inches MacBook Pro. 

As we said earlier, Mr. Gurman is not expecting any changes in “Look and Feel”, only internal changes of processor like introducing “M2”, Apple’s new silicon. 

But, another famous “Twitter” leaker Mr. DylanDKT is pretty much sure that the current “13 inches M1 MacBook-Pro” gets a replacement with a new “14 Inches M2 MacBook Pro” in the second quarter of 2022.

Frankly speaking, we are not quite sure whether Apple will just upgrade the current “13inches M1-MacBook Pro” with its new silicon (M2 Chip) or if Apple will simply remove that old Mac from the linage. Yes, we can say there is a possibility that Apple may replace its current “13 inches M1 MacBook Pro” with a brand new “M2 MacBook Air”.

MacBook Pro 2022: specs, CPU, color, and a few more rumors

Let’s start with the “Design” rumors. “Twitter” leaker Mr. Dylan has claimed Apple will retain the same design as the 14 inches “MacBook Pro” regarding its new entry-level “M2 MacBook Pro” in 2022. It means the upcoming “MacBook Pro 2022” will feature a 13 inches “display”, a “Notch” and no “Touch Bar”. All ports may be the same as the old 14 inches “MacBook Pro”.

Relevantly, in February 2022,Mark Gurman has claimed in his newsletter Apple probably skip “Touch Bar” on its new “MacBook Pro 2022”.

Though, another trusted source, the “MacRumors” is pretty much sure the new “MacBook Pro 2022” will retain the same design as well as the “Touch Bar”.

The new MacBook Pro 2022 could come in bi-colour options, blue and Green, said Apple analyst Mr. Jon Prosser. Though, I must say “Green” and “Blue” color options are not considered “corporate colors”. 

Also, we got rumors Apple is planning to make its upcoming MacBook Pro 2022 “slimmer” and a bit “lighter”. There may be little “slimmer” bezels, ultimately having a “slick” look. If Apple goes for a “thinner” design, we can expect there will be a “Notch” to house the “Webcam”, like the old 14-inches and 16-inches MacBook Pro.

Regarding the “Processing unit”, everyone is expecting Apple will introduce its new silicon, M2 Chip, in the new model. Though I must say M2 certainly makes the device faster and more powerful, but not as fast and powerful as M1 Pro & Max regarding the performance. 

Apple’s new M2 MacBook Pro 2022 may come with “20” or “40” computing cores. Better say the new MacBook Pro is expected to have and a 10-core-SoC with eight “performance-cores” & two “efficiency-cores”.

Apple is rumored to increase the “GPU” cores. Apple may go for even “64” or “128” GPU processing cores while the current M1-SoC is having only eight graphics cores. This will be a huge “upgrade”. Though we got just rumors. so, we better wait and search for solid proof.

Another thing that Apple may plan to upgrade is the RAM support. The current M1 model cannot support more than 16GB of RAM, being one serious limitation of M1 model. Everyone is expecting the M2 model can have 32GB RAM or even more than that. If Apple plans for 32GB RAM support for its upcoming M2 MacBook Pro, one thing might cause a problem that is excessive “Power-Consumption”. Apple must tackle this problem. 

We have tried to draw a practical model that Apple may think of for its new MacBook Pro 2022 on the basis of current rumors. We hope to get more leaks soon regarding this upcoming MacBook pro. Do not forget to revisit our website for more updates.

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