Android 12 : The most rumoured features 2022

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Android 12

Google has released Android 12 on Google Pixel 6 linage. After years of hard work, Google offered us Android 12, a stable release with a few fundamental redesigns along with lots of new features. We are expecting minimum bugs as it is a full release. Users can download and install the Android 12 directly or check the updates in their smartphone’s settings. The smartphone’s compatibility decides which updates are available and which are not; compatibility does matter. 

In this article, we are trying to portray the major fundamental design updates along with a few important new small features. 

Before diving into a more detailed discussion, readers may find the following video a bit interesting. 

Android 12 Feature: Automatic colour extraction: one of the fundamental redesign

Android 12

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This is considered to be one of the fundamental “redesigns”. Let’s describe it. Say you have set a wallpaper of your choice. Android 12 now gets the colours extracted from the wallpaper and uses the colours all over the OS. All over the OS means “settings”, “Quick Settings”, “Apps”, “contacts app”, widgets and calculator. 

Now, this is an automatic feature, so users can change the setting and override the extraction of colour to set the colour of their own choice. 

Android 12 Feature: The Widget-Emphasis: one of the fundamental redesign

Android 12 updates got much impact on “widgets” compared to earlier versions of AndroidAndroid. In Android 12, there are new APIs for widgets to improve performance, support the “automatic color extraction” feature on widgets, and implement smooth “viewing and scrolling”.

Android 12 enables you to personalize the “widgets” area more than any earlier versions of AndroidAndroid, thanks to its “color extraction” feature. The new APIs will surely help and encourage the developers to improve the “functionality” as well as the “look and view” of the widgets. After the implementation of “resizable” widgets in “Android Honeycomb”, this is another “important” emphasis that Google has implemented in Android 12.

Android 12 Feature: The Quick settings emphasise: one of the fundamental redesigns

Android 12

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The “quick settings” has also undergone many changes, mainly the size and looks. There are larger rectangular buttons with rounded corners, no smaller toggles you find now. Users can tap these larger toggles to turn them on or off like earlier toggles. More new buttons have been introduced, such as “smart-home” stuff, camera, Google Pay, microphone, and alerts.

Though many buttons work in the same way, a few operates differently. For example, the internet button, which contains both Wi-Fi data and Mobile information, opens a “prompt” dialogue. 

All these larger “buttons” can contain more information than earlier smaller “tiles” and are easily readable for their comparatively “large” size. But all these “Plus” sides come with the cost of space. 

Android 12 Feature: The settings Emphasis: one of the fundamental redesign

The Settings menu has also experienced “redesign” with minor “addition” like quick settings. Now, the “settings” menu has larger “headers”, got a close resemblance with Samsung’s “One-UI”, which claims “huge” space as well. 

The minor addition is the inclusion of the “Safety & Emergency” to the main “Settings” menu page. It lets you easily reach the “Emergency-Contact” without further digging into the “Settings” menu. 

Apart from all these major “redesign” fundamental changes, there are many “small” changes in Android 12. These changes may be small, technically labelled as “cosmetic” changes”, but you cannot ignore them.

Android 12 New Feature: Scrolling Screenshot – a utility feature

Android 12

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A long-awaited feature that goggle has officially added in Android 12 3rd beta. It’s a pretty much simple “feature”, but truly a utility feature. Now, users do not need to depend upon those third-part “Scrolling-Screenshot” Apps to take a “long” screenshot. 

Users need to trigger the “screenshot” like what we usually did in the previous version of “Android”. Next, press the “Capture More” tiles to extend the capture process as needed. After that, just save the “screenshot” by tapping the “save” button.

Android 12 New Feature: “App search.”

It’s a feature that we have seen in the “windows” platform. Google has borrowed this idea from there, a long waited utility feature. Now users can search inside any “App” and get the search results like “windows”. It’s just like you are searching for something in your “note” without activating the “App”. Google has finally incorporated this helpful feature in Android 12. The feature is also functioning when you are offline. Now, life has become easy, and you can search even for your previously saved music, thanks to Google. 

Android 12 New Feature: “Auto Rotate”

Android 12

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Previously, Accelerometer took control of this useful feature. The Accelerometer first detects whether the phone is flipped on its side or not, and if it’s flipped on, the display does the same. Now, Google has given users control over the “Auto Rotate” by introducing “face-detection”. With the new implementation, the “Face Detection” mechanism searches for the user’s face with the help of the front camera and rotates the screen only if it finds the phone is flipped on. 

Android 12 New Feature: “One-Handed” mode of operation.

Android 12

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 “One-Handed” operating mode is another new introduction in the Android 12. Users can activate this feature by going to Settings -System – Gestures – One-handed mode. After activating the mode, the user finds the top half of their smartphone is blank. This feature resembles “IOS-14’s Reachability”, where the user finds somewhat the same experience. 

Android 12 is a huge update, and really tough to offer a compressive overview in a single article. The following article will discuss the “security and privacy” options along with a few more small new changes. 


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