Apple’s iMovie new version featuring Storyboards and Magic Movie.

Apple releases a new version of iMovie featuring Storyboards and Magic Movie.

iMovie lets you create cinema-quality videos and let your imagination run wild. You can edit videos on the fly or explore iMovie on your Mac. Using the new Magic Movie and Storyboards on iPhone or iPad, you can craft your masterpiece from scratch or ask for help.

Apple introduced iMovie today, a new video editing app that makes editing videos on iPhones and iPads easier than ever. By using pre-made templates for videos shared on social media, with colleagues, or with classmates – such as DIY videos, cooking tutorials, product reviews, science experiments, and more – Storyboards help aspiring video storytellers learn how to edit. It is easy to use Storyboards, with flexible shot lists and step-by-step instructions on which clips to capture. Magic Movie allows users to create polished videos even faster by automatically adding transitions, effects, and music to the clips and photos they select. You can add titles, filters, transitions, colour palettes, and music to customize your video’s final look in both new features.

Bob Borchers, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing, said, “iMovie has empowered millions of people around the world to create and share their stories through video,”. “This latest version of iMovie, featuring Storyboards and Magic Movie, simplifies video creation even further, and we think it will continue to inspire the next wave of video creators to dive in and get started.”

Improve your video storytelling skills with storyboards

By creating storyboards, beginners can quickly learn how to edit and improve their storytelling skills. As an alternative to starting with a blank timeline, users can choose from 20 different storyboards featuring popular video types, including cooking tutorials, Q&As, product reviews, and news reports. Each storyboard contains a shot list that organizes clips into a narrative. An illustrative thumbnail is also provided for each placeholder, along with a tip that suggests how to make that clip more interesting. Adding, reordering, and deleting shots can be done in a storyboard.

Creators can experiment with different video styles using the video style options, including titles and transitions, fonts, filters, and colour palettes. Users can customize music tracks by trimming, splitting, speeding up, and increasing the volume of each clip, and tracks dynamically adjust according to the length of a project.

You can share completed Storyboard videos through Messages, Mail, and social media platforms from within iMovie.

Magic Movie allows you to create videos instantly.

With Magic Movie, you can create beautiful videos with titles, transitions, and music in just a few taps. A Magic Movie can be made by selecting an album or any group of photos or images from your library, and Magic Movie will identify the best parts of the footage. Users can easily customize their Magic Movie by rearranging or deleting clips in the simplified shot list or by editing the project further, users can easily customize their Magic Movie. You can add styles to change the look and feel of the video. Magic Movies can also be shared via Messages, Email, and social media, just like Storyboard videos.

Create the best trailer of the year.

You have hundreds of videos to choose from. And one big dream is to become a filmmaker. With iMovie trailers, you can quickly create fun, Hollywood-style movie trailers with any footage you have. You can choose templates in almost any genre, select your studio logo, and type in your movie title and credits. Then, you can upload images and videos to your storyboard. No matter what device you use (iPhone, iPad, or Mac), you’ll have an instant blockbuster.

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Appear anywhere with green-screen effects.

You’ll be able to travel wherever you want – without leaving your home. The green-screen effects in iMovie for iOS and macOS allow you to place yourself or your characters in exotic locales with a simple tap or click. By adjusting the masking controls and strength, the effect can be fine-tuned for maximum credibility.

High-fidelity filters are available.

Select from 13 creative video filters for a cinematic effect. Transform your film into a nostalgic silent-era look, a vintage western feel, or a fun comic book theme. It’s easy to apply filters to individual clips or your entire movie on your iPhone or iPad and adjust the intensity.

iMovie Everywhere from an iPhone to an iPad to a Mac.

You can use iMovie for iOS and iMovie for macOS together. Using your iPhone, you can begin cutting a project. Afterwards, you can wirelessly transfer the file to your iPad using AirDrop or iCloud Drive. You can also transfer a project from your iPad to your Mac to add finishing touches, such as colour correction, green-screen effects, and animated maps. You’re done!

iMovie on iPad Pro provides powerful performance.

iPad Pro’s performance with iMovie is outstanding. iPad Pro makes using iMovie a real pleasure. Work with multiple 4K videos. Easily create effects such as green screen, picture-in-picture, or split-screen that can be instantly played back. When editing, use the Magic Keyboard for iPad with trackpad support for extra speed and precision. As iPad Pro and iPad Air (4th generation or later) have USB-C ports, you can connect an external display to show off your latest edit in 4K while you are working.

Soundtracks made simple

Take your iOS video to the next level with over 100 smart soundtracks that intelligently adjust to your movie length. In addition to adding built-in sound effects, you can also record your own voice-over so that the sound of your videos matches the visual quality.

Sharing with friends, family, and loyal fans is easy with iMovie. Share the movie via Mail or Messages for an instant reaction from your loved ones, or save the video and upload it to popular social media sites like Instagram or YouTube in stunning 4K. With Magic Movie and Storyboards, sharing content has never been easier – or faster. You create your masterpiece, then take the credit for it.


The new Storyboards and Magic Movie features of iMovie 3.0 are now available to anyone running iOS 15.2 or later on an iPhone or iPad.


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