Apple’s iPhone 14 5G lineup: Recent rumors, specs, possible release date, and price

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Apple’s iPhone 14 5G

Rumors are doing the rounds that iPhone 14 line up, maybe named as iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max, are not far way off, can be expected after fall this year.

Expert strongly believes that Apple is determined to bring “radical” advancements in both “look & fill” and technical fields in its upcoming iPhone 14 lineup. Experts are ready to wager on a few “radical” changes like the Return of “touch-ID”, the latest A-16 Bionic chip, a hole-punch front camera (notch-less design), and a 48 MP resolution main wide-angle sensor at the rear.

Just watch the video for quick information. We have discussed all the information one by one later. Please keep on reading after watching the video for more surprising information. 

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iPhone 14 supports 5G technology and WiFi 6E:

In iPhone 14, Apple will use the “Snapdragon x65” modem, considered to be the first 10 gigabit 5G “modem” that the world has ever seen. Apple has also ordered “RF” chips (5G radio frequency chip) from “TSMC”. These “RF” chips, manufactured on a 6-nanometer process, will help in “Lower-Power” consumption, which means “better battery life” while using “5G”. 

Do you know what Mr Ming-Chi-Kuo, Mr, Jeff-Pu, and Mr. Jon Prosser say about Apple’s iPhone 14?

Apple's iPhone 14 5G

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Let’s listen to the experts.

iPhone 14 leaks: updates till April 5, 2022

  • This time, there will be no “mini” model like its predecessor, the “iPhone 13 lineup”. It is believed that iPhone 14 Plus (iPhone 14 Max) is the substitute for the “iPhone 14 Mini”.
  • It is expected that “iPhone 14” won’t have “Touch-Id” or “Under-Display-Face-Id”, said analyst Mr. Ming-Chi-Kuo. According to him, the “Pro” version of the “iPhone 14” lineup may get the “Touch-Id” and “Under-Display-Face-Id”.
  • The analyst Mr. Jeff-Pu has claimed that the “design” and “features” of the “iPhone 14” have apparently been finalized. The “iPhone 14” has entered into the “EVT” (Engineering Validation Test” phase, said Mr. Jeff-Pu. It indicates that all the “iPhone 14” models are undergoing the “Trial-Production”. Definitely, the “Design” has been fixed, otherwise “Trial-Production” won’t be initiated.
  • The “iPhone 14 Pro” and “iPhone 14 Pro Max” will feature a comparatively “bigger” camera module to house the “48 MP” lens than the other two variants, said the famous “Apple” analyst Mr. Ming-Chi-Kuo.
  • Also, a recent “clue” has revealed that “iPhone 14” may have an “A-15” Bionic chip rather than the latest “A-16” Bionic chip. Though, many experts have not agreed with this “Possibility”. 
  • Three will be 6.1 inches screen for the two iPhone 14 “Base-Models” and 6.7 inches “large” screen for both iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.
  • Experts think there will be no “5.4” inches “Mini-model like “iPhone 13” series, maybe of poor sales report in case of “iPhone 13 Mini”. “iPhone 14 Max” is very likely to replace the “Mini” model, said the leaker “Jon Prosser”. 
  • The faster chip can produce much “heat”. iPhone 14 may feature a “vapor chamber thermal system” to cool down the system.

Now let’s break into more details. This topic will feed you about “iPhone 14 release date”,” iPhone 14 Specs”, “iPhone 14 Price”, and other questions that everyone is looking for.

Apple iPhone 14 release date in 2022: CNET’s famous “Labor Day” hypothesis 

When is iPhone 14 coming out in the market? 

Has Apple given any exact “Release Date for iPhone 14”?

Everyone like you is looking for the answer. 

We think it will be available in the market on the second week of “September” 2022, an educated guess, of course. Given “Apple’s past launching event” schedule, we expect to have the “lunching event” take place in September 2022. Already we have got “confirmed” news that “iPhone 14” is going through the “Engineering Validation Tests” phase, said the Apple analyst Mr. Jeff-Pu. This event strongly indicated that Apple has already finalized “iPhone 14 design” and “features”. 

We can refer to CNET “s famous “Labor Day” hypothesis to forecast the “iPhone 14 release date”. According to the CNET, Apple announces its “iPhone” after the “Labor Day” holiday. The first Monday in September is called “Labor Day” and it’s a holiday. CNET has closely watched Apple’s launching schedule for 2012 to 2017. It has been found if the “Labor Day” holiday fell on September 3 or earlier, Apple declared its new “iPhone” the following Tuesday. If the Labor Day landed on the 5th or later, Apple declared the new iPhone the following Wednesday. Also, Apple released its new iPhone in the market a week and a half after the announcement, as per the 2012 to 2017 routine. So, this year, if Apple follows its “Labor Day” schedule, the announcement of “iPhone 14” will take place on September 7, and the release date will fall on September 16.     

So, let’s cross our fingers and hope for the best.

Apple iPhone 14 Price: 

It is really tough to speculate about the “iPhone 14 Price” early. Apple has not given any hints regarding the price. What we have seen is that there was no high price change between “iPhone 12” and “iPhone 13 lineup”. So, we can expect Apple won’t make any “radical” changes in the “price”, hoping to have more or less the same “price” structure. Though “analyst” Mr. Ming-Chi-Kuo is expecting to have “big 6.7 inches” (the iPhone 14 Pro Max”) at a record low price, even with under $900 price tag. This can be only a “radical” change in price range, says Mr. Ming-Chi-Kuo. Relevantly, we all know the “iPhone 13 pro max” starts from $1099. But, we cannot say any last word till we do not get more “reliable” hints about the “iPhone 14 Price”. 

The “leaks” about iPhone 14 design: will it be notch-less?

iPhone 14 may have “flat edges” with “mute-button” and “rounded-corner buttons for volume control”, says “Jon Prosser”. Jon also has said the design of the iPhone 14 may remind us of both “iPhone 12” and “iPhone 4”, a crossed “look and feel”. Also, it is expected that iPhone 14 may have a “Titanium” frame with a “glass” finished back. “Titanium” frame is undoubtedly an “added” advantage for “iPhone 14” than its predecessor, a much stronger and tougher outfit. The trio-rear cameras may sit flush with the back, Jon says. Apple may apply this design-feature first time on iPhone. But, iPhone 14 Pro models may not have this “feature” for their “big” 48Mp resolution lens, guessed “Apple-Analyst” Mr. Ming-Chi-Kuo. It is expected that “iPhone 14 Pro” models may have a “notch-less” feature to hold the “Face-Id” sensors, a “pill-shaped” cutout together with a single “circular” camera cutout side by side. But, do not expect this feature in the base iPhone 14 model.

Apple's iPhone 14 5G


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The iPhone 14 Pro & iPhone 14 Pro Max: Leaker Max Weinbach’s opinion

It is widely expected that “iPhone 14 Pro” models may have a “notch-less” feature to hold the “Face-Id” sensors, a “pill-shaped” cutout together with a single “circular” camera cutout side by side. Let’s listen to “leaker” Max Weinbach, who is an Apple analyst with a solid proven track record. Max Weinbach has posted a “schematics”, the most unique and widely debated schematics, for the “iPhone 14 Pro” and “iPhone 14 Pro Max”.Here we can see two proposed diagrams for iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, both having larger “camera” and “pill-shaped” cutouts. Both iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are 0.2 mm thick. As per the diagram, both handsets have the same height and width. At least, we can say both iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will have the largest screen and smallest bezel. 

Rumors about the display: iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models:

Both the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus (iPhone 14 Max) will have 6.1 inches screen. But, the “Pro” models, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, will have 6.7 inches screen. So, goodbye to “5.4” inches mini, an obvious decision as the previous “mini” series did not get famous. 

The Elec says that iPhone 14 will have a 60Hz refresh rate, but iPhone 14 Max (iPhone 14 Plus) will have a stunning 120Hz refresh rate with an LTPS display. Though different rumors claim that both iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max (iPhone 14 Plus) will have a 90Hz refresh rate. 

Both the pro models, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, will have a 120Hz refresh rate.

The Camera technology for iPhone 14 series:

Regarding the iPhone 14 range, leakers have argued a lot and presented their opinions. Till now, many leakers are supporting the Apple analyst “Ming-Chi Kuo” Apple will introduce a 48 MP large primary sensor for the iPhone 14 Pro models. “Ming-Chi Kuo,” says iPhone 14 base model may stick to the old 12Mp resolution sensor. 

A Taiwanese research firm named “The Trend Force” supports a 48MP resolution primary sensor. So, the Megapixel does matter for Apple. 

Also, iPhone 14 pro models, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone Pro Max may have “advanced” telephoto lenses, like 10x optical zoom. Few “leakers” are also bet for the “periscope-zoom” lens for the “Pro” models along with the “secondary” telephoto lens. But, The “Ming-Chi Kuo” says iPhone 14 series will hardly get a “periscope-zoom” lens.

iPhone 14 RAM & Storage: few more things:

The Apple analyst “Ming Chi-Kuo” is expecting the iPhone 14 to launch with 6GB of RAM, an advancement over than iPhone 13 series with 4GB RAM. But, the 6GB RAM option will be available for the “Pro” models, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The base iPhone 14 model will have LPDDR 4X RAM like its predecessor iPhone 13. but, the “Pro” models will use much faster LPDDR 5 RAM.

The storage will be the same as iPhone 13, starting from 128GB, and can be extended up to 1 TB.

Though analyst “Jeff Pu” expects iPhone 14 base model may have 64GB storage and iPhone 14 Pro models may start from 256GB.

Also, analyst Emma Mohr-McClune claims Apple may introduce an “e-SIM” only model for the benefit of the “Business-user” and “Overseas-Traveler”.

So, we have gathered a few interesting rumors and leaks for the upcoming iPhone series. Though, the official release is still a far way off. We will update the article with more updates soon. So, keep coming back for more updates. 


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