How to Track Mobile Phone by IMEI /Best IMEI Tracker !!

Can IMEI be traced?

Shortly, yes. International Mobile Equipment Identity, or IMEI, is a unique number that is written on the battery compartment of every mobile phone or can be accessed by typing *#06# on the dial pad. It functions similarly to a fingerprint in that it identifies each handset produced by a certain electronics and communications business. It’s their technique of recognizing everyone as having the same model and brand. It is typically used by manufacturers to determine which is which. Then it is utilized by a large number of satellite phones that are not connected to any network. The IMEI is now used to trace down misplaced mobile phones.

Many individuals want to know how to trace IMEI in order to find lost phones. It is not easy to track an IMEI. To begin, this should be reported to the authorities, which will create an IMEI tracking letter to be issued to the network provider. Once this is completed, the network provider will disable the device, rendering it inoperable until it is unlocked. Even if the network SIM card is changed, the phone will not operate.

Authorities or manufacturers may have a gadget that can trace any phone having an IMEI. This gadget is linked to the manufacturer’s database, which has information on every single handset that they have produced. The phone may be followed via triangulation as long as it is linked to a network. Triangulation works by sending a signal to a satellite, which then transmits it to the device. The precise location of the handset will be determined via a global positioning and receiving satellite, or GPRS. The only method to prevent a satellite from following the phone is to remove the network SIM for good or to change the IMEI number, which is difficult because only the manufacturer has an IMEI changer.

There are alternative ways to track IMEI numbers. Most of these techniques for tracking IMEI may be performed by you because Android software apps drive them. Avast mobile security is the first programme on how to track IMEI. How to trace IMEI with this programme may be quite useful since it can accomplish two things at once. This programme functions as an antiviral system as well as a mobile tracker based on the IMEI number.

The Avast online portal may be used to access the mobile tracker. The thief cannot see this IMEI mobile tracker and it can unlock the phone till it is discovered. Another software tool for tracking the phone is the mobile chase-location tracker. This app, if activated, will transmit text messages to another phone. The messages will include the coordinates of the phone as determined by a GPS tracker. 

The “Thief Tracker” is one of the most popular tools for tracking IMEI. This not only demonstrates how to track IMEI, but it also captures a photo with the front camera if an erroneous pattern or password is input. The photographs are subsequently sent to another mobile phone of your choice. The Smart Look programme also explains how to follow an IMEI and is linked to Google Maps in order to send emails with the position and face of the thief.

The GPS is set to continuous tracking mode to aid in the pursuit of the thief. The ability to track IMEI is not the sole function of these programmes. They also wipe the memory clean, making it impossible for the thief to access the files. It is simple to trace an IMEI using the phone’s UI. Simply enter *#o6# on the dial pad. It’s also possible to find it in the battery compartment or the SIM compartment. It is also possible to track the IMEI using the phone settings. You only need to look at the general information in the settings. After that, you must copy and protect the digits. You may also enter it into software that instructs you on how to track IMEI.

How can I track my IMEI location?

There is a unique identifying number for every mobile phone, including feature phones and smartphones. This is known as an IMEI number, and it is used by network operators to identify the phone on the network. The IMEI number of a lost phone can be used to track it, even if the SIM card has been replaced.

Step 1: The first step is to report the lost or stolen phone to the police and retain a copy of the report.

Step 2: Contact your service provider to obtain a replica SIM card; when you request the blocking of the IMEI number, you will be sent an OTP to this number. This will not allow you to trace your misplaced phone, but will effectively render it worthless to the person who discovers it with bad intent.

Step 3: Go to this page to block the IMEI and attach the necessary paperwork. You will need a copy of the police report, identification, the purchase invoice, and other information. Your one-time password will be sent to the phone number you entered; it must be the same one that was associated with the phone before it went missing.

Step 4: You will be granted a request ID, with which you may monitor the status of the request or unblock the IMEI if necessary in the future.

When you register a complaint about a lost or stolen mobile phone, the network operator will blacklist the device’s IMEI number in a central database, and other operators will likewise prohibit the device, so it won’t operate on any network even if the SIM card is removed or changed. This new Department of Telecom project has a lot of potentials and will hopefully assist a lot of users.

While it is technically impossible to trace the missing phone straight from your phone, the network operator can place the phone on an alert list. When the phone is linked to a network, it may be recognized in this manner. You can do this by following the FIR process and adding your phone IMEI to the blacklist using the method described above. This will ensure that the law enforcement authorities and network operators are on the lookout for your mobile phone, and when they identify the mobile phone on their network, the law enforcement authorities are notified so that they can take appropriate action.

Which is the best IMEI tracker?

There are various applications that allow you to monitor your misplaced phone and quickly and effortlessly delete the data. Here are the top IMEI tracker and software that may assist you in tracking your phone —

Wheres my Droid

You may use the app to increase the loudness of your phone’s ringer and make it ring. If you’re not close enough to your phone to hear the ringtone, the app can also obtain GPS information and provide a link to Google Maps. You may track your phone from anywhere using a text messaged attention word or our online Commander.

You can protect your mobile data in the event that it is stolen. You have the option of wiping and locking your stolen phone. While you try to track down the whereabouts of your misplaced phone, you may render it inoperable by locking it. If you don’t think you’ll be able to find your phone, you may use the wipe tool to remove your personal information.

Lost Android Phone

Remotely control your smartphone using or SMS. You can remotely lock or delete the data on a misplaced phone. Track the phone’s location using GPS or network plus and set off an alarm with a flashing screen. It also displays the smartphone’s battery condition, IMEI, and other information. Another intriguing feature of the software is getting an email whenever a new SIM card is added.

Security & antivirus

You can secure your data from harmful Wi-Fi assaults by using this programme. You can also trace your phone if it is lost or stolen. You may use the map to find the position of your device and set it to sound an alert – even if it is on mute.

Lookout Premium also contains all of the capabilities of Lookout Basic, but with an additional layer of protection to secure your device, personal information, and privacy. It also allows you to receive alerts/emails with a photo and location anytime unusual behaviour is detected, which might indicate that it has been stolen.

We all know what it’s like to misplace a phone.

We understand if you misplace your phone in your apartment, forget it on the train during your nightly commute, or have it stolen from your back pocket at a performance. Hopefully, these simple methods for tracking a missing Android phone and iPhone will be useful to you or someone you know!

There are several methods for preventing phone loss. When strolling in a densely populated place or travelling, ensure sure it’s safely stowed in your bag. We also recommend altering your lock screen if you’re going on a trip. Take a snapshot of a note with emergency contact information in case your phone is stolen. Then take a snapshot of your phone’s lock screen. That way, if your phone is found, someone may (hopefully) contact you before you have a chance to look for it.

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