Google’s“Pixel Fold”: Foldable Smartphone: Early Rumors, Specs and Release Speculation.

Google’s“Pixel Fold”: Foldable Smartphone

The rumor has been surfacing about a “Foldable Smartphone” by Google, which may be called “Google Pixel Fold” or “Google Pixel Notepad”, for the last couple of years. In the year 2019, a developer working at “Google” leaked that “Tech Giant” was working on a “Prototype” regarding “foldable phone”, said famous “CNET”.In late 2020, Ace leakers like “9to5Google” claimed to have spotted Google’s few “Patents” and leaked “Internal documents” indicating a “Foldable Phone” launching at the last quarter of 2021, same supported by Korean site “The Elec”, that has been the “clue” raising the “rumor” of “Google Pixel Fold” or “Google Pixel Notepad”. This “Claim” got support from “Ross Young” and “Jon Prosser”, CEO of “Display Supply Chain Consultants” and an “Ace” Tech-analysts”, by “Tweet”. Following is that they have tweeted.

Google has been delayed the “release” till now due to unknown reasons.

Google Pixel Fold

Has Google dropped the “Foldable Phone” project?

Google Pixel Fold



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The considerable delay may have raised the question of “Google’s Intention” on the “Foldable Phone”. Many smartphone lovers have already left the hope of “Google’s Pixel Fold”. But, I would like to get your attention to a news published by leaker Alex Alderson on 11/16/2021. Where “Alex” has claimed that Google’s own “Camera-Application” has indicated that it has already swapped development towards a “foldable” handset with a codename “Pipit”, due to arrive in mid of 2022.

I also would like to refer to a report published by “9to5Google” at the almost same time. “9to5Google” has “discovered” that the “’isPixel2022Foldable” term is indicating to the codename “Pipit”, rather than the codename “Passport”.

More recently, “9to5Google” has reported spotting the codename “Pipit” in a “GeekBench-listing”, “camera-app” code and part of “Android-12L” beta code. “9to5Google,” says that “Pipit” is the “codename” of the “same” foldable handset. So, there is still hope.

Let’s listen to what “Ross Young” is speculating. Ross very recently has tweeted that “Google” is all set to issue a “Green-Signal” on the “Panel-Production” of the “Pixel Fold” in the “third” quarter of this year, 2022. According to “Ross”, it may take a bit long.

Google Pixel Fold

So, I think “Google” might have delayed the “project” of its first “foldable” handset for unknown reasons, now the “Tech Giant” has decided to carry the project forward.


What will “Google Pixel Fold” be looked like?

Google Pixel Fold



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We do not have any official announcement from “Google” regarding the “Display” and “Design” of its first “Foldable Phone”. Though we can have an idea from a few “leaks” published by ace leakers and websites.

In May 2019, “9to5Google” has spotted a “patent” filed by “Google” revealing a “clamshell” design handset like Samsung’s “Galaxy-z Flip”.

In April 2020, another patent filed by “Google” has shown “Google” has switched off from “clamshell” style to “Book –Like” design, pretty much similar to Samsung’s “Galaxy Z Fold”. The design in “Patent” mainly focused on the mechanism of the “hinge” of the “Foldable” handset. It has indicated Google’s choice of “Book-Like” design. Though, it is not the final design, a proposed design for the patent. The final design may take a considerable amount of changes. We will update the “design” as soon as we get the “information”.


Let’s look into the “summary” details for the core features that we can expect from Google’s first foldable handset.


Product Name : Google Pixel Fold (as everyone expects the name to be)
Dimension Details: Google Pixel Fold is expected to measure 163.9 x 75.8 x 8.9 mm.
Weight : Pixel 7 Pro may weigh around 206g to 209g
Screen Size : Maybe 7.5 inches to 7.7 inches.
Screen Refresh Rate : 120 Hz like Google’s other high-end “Pixel” series.
Body : Corning Gorilla glass protection in both front and back with “Aluminum” frame body.
Resolution: 1768 x 3120 pixels with 412 PPI pixel density (as expected).
Display –Type : It has an AMOLED display panel. It has a “touchscreen”, Multi-Touch.
Screen to body ratio: Expected to have an “82.89%” “Screen to body” ratio. Also, it is assumed “Pixel Fold” will have a 20:9 aspect ratio.
Body Color : Expected to come in three different colors “black”, “green” and “Red”.
Chipset : Second generation Tensor chip “Tensor – 2” (Octacore )
Camera: Front Snapper: Single front selfie camera with 12MP resolution.
Camera: Rear Snappers: Expected to have three rear-lenses. The main primary lens with 50MP resolution and f/1.9 aperture is an ultra-wide lens with 12MPresolution. It is expected to be a “telephoto” lens having a 48MP resolution.
Button(s) And Port(s) : USB Type –C (3.1); Power button sets; Volume Controller buttons.
Video recording feature: May have 30/60 fps at the rate of 4k resolution.
Battery : Expected to run on a 4800mAh “Lithium-Polymer” battery.
SIM : Dual SIM
Fast-Charging Feature: Yes, expected to have 44W fast charging.
Wireless Charging : Rumors to have 23W wireless charging.
5G supporting Yes, it supports “5G” technology.
Wi-Fi: Provided  Wi-Fi 802.11, b/g/n + Mobile Hotspot
Bluetooth: Yes, Bluetooth version  5.0
Internal Storage: 128GB/256GB/512GB
Loudspeakers: Yes, expected to have dual speakers.
Under-display fingerprint sensor: Yes, provided.


How much will the “Pixel Fold cost?

This question is surfacing on the internet. So many speculations are there already. But, I think it is too early to speculate on this issue. Google would like to compete with Samsung with its upcoming “pixel fold”, no doubt in it. So, the “Price” will be around somewhat like “Galaxy Z Flip 3” or “Galaxy Fold”. But, this is Google who gets the guts to make its debut “Foldable” handset even cheaper.

Till we do not have any official announcement regarding “Pixel Fold”. We are constantly watching and analyzing the “rumors” and “leaks”. We will update our article at the first chance as the information comes in.

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