DELL XPS 13 9310: New sensation in Laptop Market in 2022

DELL XPS 13 9310

I pick “Dell XPS 13 9310” as one of the best 10 laptops available in 2022, a midrange laptop ready to serve everyone, from game-lovers to businesspersons, from students to “Movie-watchers”. In XPS 13 9310, “Dell” has offered “11th-generation” latest “Intel” processor (Intel® Core™ “i5-1135G7”) with 8 MB cache that supports up to 42 GHz as per “Dell” claims, pretty much fast to handle complex computing.

Dell has armed its blue boy, “Dell XPS 13 9310”, with 512 GB SSD (M.2 PCIe NVME), LPDDR4x Memory (8GB “3733” MHz), “Intel Iris Xe” graphics card with “shared” graphics-memory and 13.4 inches display with 1920 x 1200 resolution. The laptop is available in a “Machine-Aluminum” color right now, other color variants may come later.

Let’s have a quick look into the main features formatted in the following table. But, do not stop reading, continue to the last word for detail regarding “Processor”, “Display”, “Power-Consumption”, “color management”, and many more.


Model Name : Dell XPS 13 9310
Width:Height:Depth 29.5cm:19.8cm:1.48cm
Weight : 1.27 kg
Screen Size: 34 cm (13.4 inches)
Operating System Windows 10 Home English
Processor Details: “Dell XPS 13 9310”  offers super “11th generation” “Intel” processor (Intel® Core™ “i5-1135G7”) with 8 MB cache (supports up to 42 GHz as per dell claims)
Memory: Super LPDDR4x Memory (8GB “3733” MHz)
Storage: 512 GB SSD (M.2 PCIe NVME)
Graphics: “Intel Iris Xe” graphics card along with “shared” graphics-memory
RAM details Comes with 8 GB
Display Type and Details: 13.4 inches display with 1920 x 1200 resolution, Non-Touch screen, Anti-Glare protection, FHD+ complaints, and 500 NIT Display.
Power Supply: Comes with 45  watt AC Adapter
MS-Office Version: Installed “Microsoft Office Home version along with Student 2019”.
Wireless Connectivity Provided : Latest “Wi-Fi”, 6 AX1650 (2×2)
Bluetooth: 5.1
Keyboard: A stunning backlit Keyboard with the latest “Finger Print” Reader.
Battery Type: The latest integrated “4 Cell Battery”. Charge lasts 52 hours after a full cycle of charging.


DELL XPS 13 9310

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Latest Powerful Processor:

If you are a “Dell” lover and want to update your system, I strongly recommend the “Dell XPS 13 9310” for you. From powerful processors to “next-generation” Graphics, “Dell XPS 13 9310” gets everything that you need. You can watch a movie with “super-fine quality”, you can play heavy graphics-enabled “latest” games, and you can well handle your daily “Business” tasks while listening to music and many more. Because, “11thgeneration” “Intel” processor (Intel® Core™ i5-1135G7) that runs the laptop is one of the best of the “11th generation” processors, technically specified as a “quad-core” Soc. This “i5-1135G7” consists of four “Willow-Cove processor cores” with a 2.4 GHz clock speed. The processor supports “3.8 GHz All-Core-Boost-Frequency”. Not only that, the processor is manufactured to support “Thread-Doubling” hyper-threading technology that allows running “eight” concurrent processing threads.

If we look into the “Design”, it’s a well-balanced example of “master craftsmanship” with “super aluminum “body”, even the “black” colored “Palm Rest” is made of “carbon fiber” to provide “strength” with “light-weight”.

Stunning Look and Design:

Dell gives “Corning Gorilla Glass 6” to protect its blue boy’s face, the “13.4” inches “four-sided” infinity-edge screen. Dell offers a 16:10 “Aspect” ratio, “6.8%” larger than typical previous generation models. The “screen to Body” ratio is measured as “91.5%”. The “touchpad” offered is also 17% larger than usual with “backlit” keyboard”, a bit different than the previous “models” regarding “size”. Dell has introduced a “twin coil press-fit” hinge, first time, for a maximum “Scree-to-Body” ratio implementation.


Powerful Webcam:

Few users’ things that “Dell’ has a flaw in implementing “Webcam” in its previous models, some say it’s a “negligence” on behalf of “Dell”. In “XPS 13 9310”, Dell has silenced everyone with the latest“4-element lens” small webcam (just 2.25 mm) to shoot sharp video even in the “dim-light”. Dell has also improved the “Video-Quality” much more than the previous models with advanced “noise-reduction” technology.

 Cooling System redesign:

Dell has also redesigned the “Cooling” system far better to prevent “Heat-Spreading” with “Dual-Fans”, “Dual-Condenser with a single Evaporator”, “exhaust-Venting” hidden carefully in the hinge, and “GORE™” Thermal-Insulation implementation first ever.

Colorful color strength:

In “XPS 13 9310”, Dell has opened a colorful world before your eyes with a “90%” DCI-P3 color range along with “100%”sRGB. Not only that, you will get “1500:1” contrast-ratio to present “Bright” and “Dark” more subtly ever. Dell has also made “XPS 13 9310″ safer for eyes with a “0.65%” anti-reflective” coating.

Power Efficient and Eco Friendly:

Dell has acquired “ENERGY-STAR®” certification for the “XPS 13 9310”. Dell has also claimed that “90%” of the “XPS 13 9310” parts can be easily reused or recycled, hence eco-friendly indeed.


Last few words:

I represent “XPS 13 9310” before you as one of the best 10 laptops released in 2022. In “XPS 13 9310”, you will find the latest cutting edge technology and of course “slim and slick look” at an affordable price, the beauty with quality indeed.

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