Blockchain technology 2020 – Everything you want to know !!

Blockchain technology

What is blockchain technology? The concept behind blockchain technology is that data is recorded in a way that prevents it from being changed, hacked, or cheated. Blockchains comprise digital ledgers of transactions that are duplicated and distributed over a network of connected computers. Blockchains contain a chain of transactions, and all participants’ ledgers are updated … Read more

Top future technologies in 2022

Top future technologies in 2022

Top future technologies The technology industry is ever-evolving. The world is facing many problems due to new technologies that tackle these issues with ground-breaking innovations regardless of current market conditions. Considering the uncertain state of technology today, it’s somewhat strange that we are making predictions about the future, and artificial intelligence plays a vital part … Read more

Apple MacBook Pro 14-inch & 16-inch – Gamechanger

Apple MacBook Pro 14-inch & 16--inch

Apple’s Game changer: 14-inch & 16-inch Apple MacBook Pro A brand-new Apple MacBook Pro 2021 was introduced by Apple in October 2021, featuring an entirely new design, new chips, and new features. Apple says its new MacBook Pros feature the best notebook display in the world and extraordinary performance. MacBook Pro 2021 models will be … Read more