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iPhone with best camera features

Are you looking for an iPhone for photography? Yes, your choice is perfect as iPhone comes first for its camera features in the smartphone world. Apple is always a step ahead with its camera configuration than other manufacturers whenever the photographic-Excellency is concerned.

What are you expecting from your phone’s camera? Do you want low-light photography? Do you want night mode shooting? Do you want video shooting @4k or more resolution? Do you want night mode video shooting? Do you want 2x or 4x optical zoom? Do you want a telephoto lens? Do you want a 12 MP or more powerful camera?

Yes, you can meet nearly all of your expectations from the iPhone. If you can afford a high-priced iPhone model, you can have all the features that you want. We cannot deny that more sophisticated iPhone 12, 12 pro, and 12 pro max will meet up all of your expectations. No doubt, iPhone12 pro models are the premium flagship models from Apple, providing futuristic photographic technology, even ready to challenge any moderate budget digital camera.

Is there any iPhone if you are on budget?

iPhone with best camera features

You do not need to get depressed either. Apple still gets few wonders hidden for you if you even chose a budgeted iPhone. Even budgeted iPhones offer the finest camera with a wide lens and advanced photographic technology.

We have listed the few finest flagship iPhones along with budgeted newly released all-rounder models for you. Our reviewer team has analyzed the camera settings and techniques of all the models vividly for you. You just read to the last word and pick your suitable iPhone.

1#> Apple’s finest Flagship: iPhone 13 Pro:

Specification Details:

Released On: September 2021

Rear Cameras Details: 12MP resolution with f/1.5 ultra-wide lens; 12MP resolution with f/1.8; 12MP resolution with f/2.8 telephoto lens.

Front Camera: One 12MP resolution

OIS: Yes, it’s given

Weight: Approx. 204gm

Dimensions-Details: (146.7 x 71.5 x 7.7) mm

Storage Details: 128GB/256GB/512GB/1TB

Apple has introduced futuristic technologies in its latest flagship model, iPhone 13 Pro. The camera upgrades are also worthwhile to take iPhone 13 into consideration. All three rear cameras are having stunning 12MP resolution. iPhone 13 Pro is armed with a telephoto lens and an ultra-wide lens. This device is worthwhile to carry along with you even when you are traveling, a perfect device to snap landscape. There is more to add to the list of camera upgrades. The next thing is “Macro Mode”, the first-ever introduced in iPhone series. Last not but least, Apple’s new addition is 4k resolution video shooting. If you are a moviemaker, then you must have iPhone 13 in your pocket. Apple has also first-ever introduced 4x optical Zoom to the telephoto lens in iPhone 13, equivalent to 78 mm (nearly).

So, you are a photographic freak and planning to buy a budgeted DSLR. Well, we strongly recommend you buy iPhone 13. You can use it to snap a selfie, make a movie at a party, shoot in the outdoor and even shoot macro mode.

Quite a wise choice buddy, even staying within budget. What do you think? Is a DSLR needed anymore?

#2> Apple’s one of the best flagship: iPhone 12 Pro

Specification Details at a glance:

Released On: October 2020

Rear Cameras Details: All total three rear cameras. 12 MP resolution-13 mm with f/2.4; 12 MP resolution – 26 mm with f/1.6; 12 MP resolution – 52 mm with f/2

Front Camera Details: 12 MP resolution with f/2.2 (True Depth Camera)

Dual OIS Compatible: yes; Total Weight: 189 g

Dimensions-Details: (146.7 x 71.5 x 7.4) mm

Storage Details: 512 GB/256 GB/128 GB

Except for “Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra”, Apple’s iPhone 12 pro is the most impressive handset available in the market. iPhone 12 pro offers a variety of shooting features.

What does iPhone 12 pro have to offer? iPhone 12 offers a rare triplet camera section, packed with a telephoto lens, a wide f/2 12 MP resolution lens, and an ultra-wide f/1.6 12 MP lens. iPhone 12 pro also offers most advanced  LIDAR scanner. LIDAR scanner gives a faster focusing in low light means a well-equipped device to shoot in the night. iPhone 12 pro offers the “Apple ProRaw format”. This facility ensures users can play with the “photography effects” in many ways, courtesy of the power of “RAW” files. Apple also introduced “sensor-shift-technology” which means the iPhone can do “5000 micro adjustmentsper second” to neutralize the “Hand-Shake”. Also, “Sensor-Shift-Technology” ensures 2-sec “handheld” exposure.

#3> Apple iPhone 12: Another great deal

Released on: mid of October 2020

Rear cameras details: 12MP resolution with 13mm f/2.4, 12MP resolution with 26mm f/1.6

Front camera details12MP resolution with f/2.2 (True Depth camera)

OIS: yes/No: Yes, it is.

Weight-details: 164 g (nearly)

Dimensions details:  fairly large – “146.7 x 71.5 x 7.4 mm

Storage Details64/128/256GB

Well, it is missing two things than “iPhone 12 Pro”, telephoto lens and LiDAR Scanner. So, one can think that iPhone 12 is missing the “x” factor. This statement is partly true. It is a step behind as “image stabilization” factor is a bit lees updated. But, other factors are strongly favor the “iPhone 12”. It has two 12MP resolution camera, one of them is ultra wide. The front camera is also a 12MP one. Though iPhone 12 is missing the telephoto lens, but Apple has arranged a 5x zoom as a compensation package. The front face camera is capable to shoot at night, capable of “Deep Fusion” too.
The “Night-Mode Time Lapse” facility is also available in iPhone 12, like all members of iPhone 12 family.

So, iPhone 12 is a bit cheaper, but carries 90 percent of the technical upgrades of the iPhone 12 family.

So, this is not at all a bad deal.

#4> Apple iPhone 11 pro

Specifications Details:

Released On: September 2019

Rear Cameras Details: offers triplet camera array – 12 MP resolution -13mm-f/2.4; 12 MP resolution – 26mm – f/1.8; 12 MP resolution – 52 mm – f/2

Front camera Details: Apple offers 12MP resolution with f/2.2.

OIS: Yes it’s given

Weight: nearly 188 gm.

Dimension-Details: (144 x 71.4 x 8.1) mm

Storage: Details:  64/256/512GB

Hardly anyone can say that iPhone 11 pro got “cutting edge ” cameras if compared with iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 13. If we judge the specs only, the statement is true. If the budget comes into consideration, then we must take the iPhone 11 seriously. Each of the three rare cameras are having 12 MP resolution, though the aperture and exposure configuration is a bit different. The ultra-wide camera (f/1.8) is perfect for landscape and travel photography. There is also a telephoto lens (52 mm) available to snap the objects in distance. Three cameras produce a perfect picture with natural color tone and consistency. SO, Apple here gives us an iPhone that has perfect cameras, always ready to snap the distortion-free and quality natural image.

If we agree to compromise a bit with the image comparison with the flagship iPhones (iPhone 12 and iPhone 13), iPhone 11 pro is the best choice, even staying within budget.

So, guys this is our recommendation after detailed reviewing. Do not forget to revisit our pages as out list going to grow with few more addition.

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