Best Android Games 2021 to play in !! Want to know?

Best Android Games 2021: The ultimate list

Do you have the list of best “Android” games in 2021? Are you getting tired of searching “Play-store” and the internet? But still, you want to have something more attractive and exciting!!! That is why the search is on and you are here!!!
Android Operating System has been reached new heights as gaming platforms.

Gaming industries have been releasing new titles every year targeting android based smartphones. Mobile games will offer you a quality way to pass your leisure time with fun. Many more games you will find in the play store. Tons of information you will find over the internet. But it’s a time-consuming job to find appealing games within thousands of new releases.

We are here to ease your labor a bit!!!

Here you will find a list of best android games in 2021 that covers every genre like “puzzle”, “strategic games”, “battle royal”, “first person-shooters” and many more. We have reviewed the games and made the list for you.
The best android games in 2021 are as follows:

1>Genshin Impact: one of the best android games 2021

Genshin Impact: one of the best android games 2021

Pic Credits – Epic Games

Developer: miHoYo
Publisher: miHoYo
Genre: Action Role-Playing

The “Genshin impact” is a “Free-To-Play” game. Just after the release, the Genshin Impact did not take long to hit new heights among the game-lovers over the globe. It may remind us of the “Gacha” games. Someone may sniff out a smell of “Zelda: Breath of the Wild” within it. But, fans do not seem to care. Players can control one of the four “interchangeable characters” at a time in the game. Players can also switch between the “characters” during the action.

This is a story of “Teyvat”, a fantasy world that is home to seven different nations and a “twin” who got separated. In search of them, Players face different challenges. “Unique-Character design”, “terrific Eastern style graphics”, “solid Gameplay” and “frequent updates” are the main reasons behind its quick popularity gain.

2>Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra

Pic credits – DC games

Developer: RIOT GAMES
Engine: Unity
Mode: Multiplayer Video Game
Publishers: Riot Games, VNG
Genre: Online battle arena, Action role-playing game

This game is gaining popularity. “Legends of Runeterra” is a “Free-To-Play” game, as per technical terms. This is classified as “Digital-Collectible-Card-Game”. Few may find a resemblance with “Magic: The Gathering”, but it has more exciting new features.

What is in the “Legends of Runeterra”? There is “a bunch of cards” and twenty-four champions including the player. Unlike other “Collectible-card-games”, here you will experience a new feature in its “combat pacing” called the “attack token”, the determining factor to decide which player to attack and which one to defend.

“Game Spot”, IGN, and “PC Gamer (US)” have scored “Legends of Runeterra” 9 out of 10. Metacritic, The review aggregator, has given a weighted average of 87 out of 100. “Legends of Runeterra” is a worthy candidate to be one of the best android games of 2021.

3>GRID Autosport

GRID Autosport

Pic credits – YouTube

Genre: Racing video game
Mode: it’s a multiplayer video game
Developers: Feral Interactive, Code Masters Racing

GRID Autosport is one of the most downloaded racing games. Here, you will be acting as a “racing driver” with plenty of opportunities to build your “racing career”. Players will feel a “real racing-world” excitement in this game. The “GRID Autospot” offers Varieties of cars, different racing turfs, diverse racing circuits, and many more to experience a real “racing world” in graphics.

If you are racing fanatics, we bet that it’s your game. “Games Radar”, “Touch Arcade” and “PC Advisor” has rated it “Five Star” racing games. We refer to “GRID Autosport” as our nominee for one of the best android games in 2021.

4>Marvel future revolution

Marvel future revolution

Pic credits – VG247

Publisher: Netmarble
Developer: Netmarble Monster
Genre: Open-world Action RPG

Marvel and Netmarble have jointly published their first android game, The Marvel Future revolution. Here players will work together with “superheroes” to defend the “Marvel Universe” from a notorious gang of “villains”. The player can pick up any characters that he/she fantasizes to be in dreams.

The player may choose “characters” like “Spiderman”, “Captain America”, “Star-Lord”, “Doctor Strange”, “Iron Man” and many more. Unique Story and gorgeous graphics will bring almost real-world fillings. The Game is “Free-To-Play”. What are you waiting for? Join in the revolution first ever created in the “world of Android Games” by the “Marvel” and “NetMarble”.

We can say that excitement and enjoyment both are granted in this game. We vote for “Marvel future revolution” as a worthy candidate in the race of “Best Android Game in 2021”.

5> GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto)

GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto)

Pic credits – YouTube

Developer: Rock star Games
Modes: Both Multiplayer & Single Player Video Game
Genre: Action Adventure Game

This game, Grand Theft Auto v, San Andreas, has earned $800 million at the very first of the release and $1 billion in the next three days. GTA 5 has been the “Second Bestselling Video Game of All Time” having more than 200 million copies sold over the globe. Grand Theft Auto v, San Andreasis considered being the most dynamic and successful “Open World” game ever created.

Players will act either as a “psychopath” or a “retired bank robber” or a“cruel street hustler”, one of the three main characters of the game, and find themselves together in the underworld of the sin city of San Andreas.

Now they have to survive in a ruthless city where they cannot trust anyone and pull themselves off there.GTA 5 will offer perfect blends of “Storyline”, “Graphics”, “Action”, and “Strategy” in a single package. The statistic will support that GTA 5 is still on the run to be the best android game in 2021, even after its release a couple of years ago.





Publisher: Square Enix
Genre: Action Game, Battle Royale
Mode: Multiplayer

This is due to release very soon. But, it seems to reach high even after the beta release. Tons of quarries are overflowing the internet. It is classified as a “Competitive Action Shooter” game with RPG elements. At a time, 75 players can take part in the battlefield. Players can fight alone or in a team of three.

Players must find the armors and firearms scattered by consulting the map. During the search, Players may face different challenges. Accordingly, Players must think of new strategies to survive. The blending of impressive graphics with a new storyline is the main USP of this game that is quite sure to take the fans to the edge of their sit.

Here, we have discussed six “Android Games” that are quite sure to be worthy participants for the race of the “best android games in 2021”. We are reviewing few more games to have our list more updated. Mark our page and do not forget to get back soon!! Do not hesitate to comment. We value your comments most.

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