Fortnite epic games – most popular game in 2021

Fortnite epic games: Few lines form history & Overall idea:

We can say that “Fortnite” is a “Free-To-Play” online video game. “5374845” likes and “70155” talking about, as per Facebook page, Fortnite is getting more and more popular among the game lovers over the globe, having near about 250 million fan-base and growing. In the year 2017, Epic Games Inc., an American video game & software developer and publisher, developed and marketed “Fortnite”.

How many game modes are available in Fortnite?

Well, there are three distinct “Game Mode” versions, sharing the same “general gameplay” and “game-engine”. The first mode is called “Fortnite: Save the world” which is a cooperative “Hybrid-Tower-Defense-Shooter-Survival” game for a maximum of four players to drive away “Zombie-Like creatures” and protect things with the help of traps and ramparts.

The second mode is known as “Fortnite: Battle-Royale”, a “Free-To-Play” game”, for up to 100 players, which was released in 2017. The third mode is called “Fortnite: Creative” where players are independent to create “Battle-Arenas” and “Worlds”, released in 2018 by Epic Games.

The “Fortnite: Battle-Royale” is the most successful “Game-Mode” amongst the three modes, making more than $9 billion in just two years. We can say that “The Fortnite: Battle-Royale” has been a “Phenomenon” among video-games lovers after the release, attracting more than 125 million players in less than a year.

We will discuss game modes in detail for you.


The company has distributed the “Fortnite” in three different “Game-Modes”, using the “same engine”, as we discussed earlier. Each “Game-Mode” has the same type of “Graphics”, “Art-design”, and “Game- Assets”.
Fortnite –Save the world:

Fortnite tracker

Pic credits – ALPHR

According to the company description, this mode is a “Player-Versus-Environment” cooperative game. Four players, the maximum number of players allowed to play, will work together with a common objective on different types of operations. The game starts when an accidental storm has divested the earth to cause 90 percent of its population to disappear from the face of the earth.

Suddenly, the rest of the population is getting attacked by the “Zombie” like creatures. The role of the players is to act like “commanders” in the “Home-Based-Shelters” to save the survivors, salvage resources, and also collecting information to push the storm back.

There are “rewards” for the players like “Hero-Characters”, “Trap schematics”, and “Weapons”.

Fortnite: Battle Royale:

Fortnite Battle Royale

Pic credits – VOXATL
This “Game-Mode” is different than the other two, a “Player-Versus-Player” game for up to “100” players. Players can play alone, in a “duo” or a team of three or four members. “Battle-Bus” airdrops the players without weapons from the sky with a map. After landing, Players must scavenge for food, weapons, water, resources, vehicles, and everything that they need.

Sometimes, toxic storms shrink the safe area and kill players who fail to get themselves out of the storm. The game goes on and the last person, “duo” or team stands is the winner.

Fortnite Creative:

Fortnite Creative:

Pic credits –

This was released on 6th December 2018, called “Sandbox” game according to “video-game world” terms.
Players are given a great deal of freedom. Here, players are placed on a private island where they can create structures, Buildings, “Battle-Arenas” and many more.

To construct new structures, players can bring down existing structures to collect building materials like “Brick”, “Wood” and “Metal” to erect new structures. Even players can even add “windows” and “Doors” to the new structures. Different building materials have different strengths and durability and players can even modify the durability of the materials.

Players can build “tunnels” and “ramparts” for defense against the “Zombies”, very useful defensive tactics in the case of “Fortnite: Save the world”.

According to “Game-World” terms, “Save the world” game mode is known as the “Play-To-Play”. But both “Creative” and “Battle Royale” game modes are classified as “Free-To-Play” games. Players can use “V-Bucks”, to purchase resources. Players can buy “V-Bucks” with “real world money” or can earn through finishing missions or other achievements.

In “Fortnite: Save the world”, players may use “V-bucks” to acquire various types of “in-Game” items. In “Fortnite: Battle Royale”, players use “v-bucks” to purchase “likes” or “Battle-Pass”.

The “Fortnite: Battle Royale” and “Fortnite: Creative” were available for “Windows”, “macOS”, “Nintendo Switch”, iOS,“PlayStation 4”, “Xbox One”, and “Android devices, while “Fortnite: Save the World” were released targeting “Windows platform”, “macOS platform”, “PlayStation-4” and “Xbox-One platform”.

Fortnite Download: Can I download “Fortnite” for free? How do I play “Fortnite” on PC?

This section is for those Game-lovers who have fallen in love with “Fortnite” and want to play “Fortnite” first time. The main reason behind the popularity of “Fortnite” is that you can install and play it on almost any system available. But, you will get the most juice out of it, if you play it on your PC.

We assume you are one of those “fans” and want to know the answers. Do not worry buddy!! You are at the right place. Just read every word of this section to know the answer.

Through the “Epic Games Launcher”, anybody can download “Fortnite” on his/her PC. Everyone will find “Epic Games Launcher” on the company’s (Epic Games) website.

You can install and download every “title” released by “Epic Games” with all three “Game modes” of “Fortnite.
The good news for you is that “Fortnite” app is free to “download”. “Save the World”, is not free. But, “Battle-Royale-mode and “Creative” are free.

Step By Step Guide:

• First, everybody needs to create an “account” on the “Epic Games” website. There are many “Registration” processes listed on the page. Follow one of those to get yourself registered. Here is the link.

• Have you created the account? If yes, let’s advance to download the game through the “Epic Games Launcher”. Now, type the following address in any browser or just click on it.

• Here, you will find the “Game’s Launcher”. You will find the downloading started automatically. If it does not, just click on the “windows”.

• Save the installer anywhere on your PC, No hard and fast rules are there. After that open the installer and click on it. Just click on “Yes”, if a message appears asking for “Permission” to make changes.

• Now, click install. The “Epic Games Launcher” will install. After that, it will get itself updated. Now, the player needs to log into the account.

Fortnite download

• After the “Epic Games Launcher” opens, you need to find the page for “Fortnite”. It is on the “Home” tab. If you do not find it, search it in the “Store” tab.

Fortnite download

• Now the “Fortnite” page will open, there click the yellow “Get” button in the bottom-right corner.

Fortnite download

• Find “Library” in the left sidebar, Find the “Grayed-Out” “Fortnite” pic and then click on it.

Fortnite download

Well, you are nearly done. The installer will ask you where to install the “Fortnite” and whether you want to get the “Fortnite” updated automatically. Choose at your wish.

Fortnite download

If you have enough space available on your PC, the “Downloading” will begin immediately. After “Downloading”, lunch the game from the “Library” tab.

After the installation, you can choose which “Game-Mode” to play.

The PC Requirements List: Recommended By “Fortnite”

This game is very “competitive” in nature. So, we need a bit higher configuration. According to “Epic Games”, higher FPS is very much needed to experience the game smoothly. All you need is a system having “GTX-661” configuration or a bit higher configuration with more than 2GB “VRAM”, 8 GB RAM. You must have an i5 2.8 GHz or higher processor. Let’s list down the recommended system settings.

• GPU Architecture: must-have”Nvidia”-GeForce-GTX-660” OR “AMD Radeon HD 7870” OR equivalent video card with 2GB RAM or 8 GB higher VRAM.
• CPU Architecture: Core i5 2.8GHz or higher configuration
• RAM Details: minimum 8GB RAM
• HDD Information: minimum 16GB Free Space
• Operating System: Windows 10 with 64-bit
• DirectX: “Version 11” or better

How do I download “Fortnite” on Android?

Well, “Fortnite” was previously available on “Google Play Store”. Recently, Google has removed it from “Google Play Store”. Google has taken this step because “Epic Games” has started its individual “in-Game-Payment-Gateways”. According to Google, this is against its policy.

Those who have “Samsung Device”, can have “Fortnite” installed from “Galaxy Store Application”. For other users, please, follow the following steps.

• Open your smartphone’s web browser
• Now, Click on it
• Please, click “OK”, when you are told to download it.
• Now, install the “APK”.
• Now you have “Epic Games App” installed. Please, search for “Fortnite” and install it.
• After having it installed on your phone, you need to sign up. After signing up, let’s play the game.

How many GB is “Fortnite” on PC and mobile?

Everyone may think that “Fortnite” will be heavier on PC. But, it is not just like that. The Epic Games says that the “download” size is near about 26 GB.

According to “The Epic Games”, the download size will vary between 1.56 GB to 2.98 GB.

What is Fortnite Tracker?

We can say that “Fortnite-Tracker” is nothing but an “IN-GAME REAL TIME” tracking solution for player’s “Fortnite-Stats”.
Do you understand the meaning? If you are a “pro” in the gaming world, it is quite clear to you. But, if you are a newcomer, let us explain in a bit of detail. “Tracking Solution” is a “program” or “App” where we can test or tally our performance (in-Game stats) with others.

Since its release, many players have been playing, but “Epic Games” have yet to come with any “tracking Solution” for us. But, there are many third-party “tracking” solutions are there. Few of those solutions are good. Top players use them regularly. What can we track? We can track our stats like the “DEATH/KILL” ratio, highest “KILL” totals, and many more.
One of the websites is “” and the other is “”.

You have to link the websites with your “Epic account” profile. Every game you play will be recorded. There will be a “TRN” rating, given by “”. You can track each game that you have played with the help of these “Tracking” solutions.

You can check and compare your performance, whether you are improving with the time or not. Even you can compare your performance with other players around the globe.

There are graphs and stats to show your performance very clearly. See the below pics for an example.


So, buddy, there are two “Fortnite” trackers that you can use to track your performance over time and judge your level. There are two more trackers. Let’s note down the name. FORTNITE SCOUT and FORTNITE STATS. You can try these trackers if you wish.


Fortnite won many awards. In the year 2017, Fortnite was selected for “Best Co-op Game” by “PC Gamer”. In the very next year, in 2018, Fortnite secured the title of “Best Ongoing Game” by PC Gamer. But, there were more awards that “The Fortnite” has won in the coming years.

All these Awards proofs the exponentially growing popularity of “Fortnite” over the globe. Every day, hundreds of thousands of new players are starting their first debut with “Fortnite”.

Let’s look into the following table to get an idea of the immense popularity of this game.



Year Award Category
2018 “2018” Webby Awards ceremony People’s “Voice-Award” for “Best Multiplayer Game”
2018 “Game Critics Award” “Best Ongoing Game”
2018 “Teen Choice Awards” “Choice Videogame”
2018 BBC Radio’s 1’s Teen Award “Best Game (Fortnite Battle Royale)”
2018 “Golden-Joystick Award”  

“Best Competitive Game”


2018 Do In the category of “the best Game of the Year”
2018 “The Game-Awards 2018” ceremony “Best Multiplayer Game” category
2018 “Gamer’s-Choice-Awards” ceremony The “Fan-Favorite-Game” category
2018  -Same- “Favorite Sports Game” category
2018 –         Same- “Favorite Battle-Royale Game”
2018  same “Fan Favorite e-Sports League Format
2019 D.I.C.E Awards ceremony(22nd ) “Online Games of the Year” category
2019 “15th British Academy Games-Awards” “Evolving Game”
Do “2019 Webby Awards” “Best Multiplayer/Competitive Game”
Do “The Golden-Joystick- Awards” ceremony Category name = The “E-Sports game of the year”
Do “The Game’s-Awards ceremony held in  2019” In the category of “Best Ongoing Game”


We have listed a few of the “Awards” categories that “Fortnite” has won. But, there are many more yet to be listed as the triumph continues.

So, here we present before the “Fortnite Saga”, one of the most popular games nowadays. We will be back with more info and news regarding “Fortnite”. So, please, bookmark our page to get the update.

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