5G network Helpful or Harmful ?- 2021

What is the 5G network?

It is the fifth generation network technology in the telecommunication sector. It improves the connectivity and speed of the internet. It comes up after the 4g. 5g is capable of handling high traffic without affecting the service. In India, it is still on trial by the companies like Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio, but in other parts of the world, it starts operating. It gives the best user experience. It is also beneficial for a professional basis. The network frequency of 5g is 25-39 GHz.

Which countries have a 5G network?

Who developed 5G?

Is 5G faster than WIFI?

What are the negatives of 5G?

Which country banned 5G?

Can I get 5G in my home?

Will 5G take over the world?


Who brings 5G network for the users?

There is no particular company or person who invents the 5g technology for the users. To bring this updated technology combined effort of many organizations is there. The major contribution made by Qualcomm after this Chinese company Huawei also contributes to inventing the various technological aspects.

Huawei also claims the most declared number of patents of 5g. Some of the major patent holders beyond these two are Ericsson, LG, Nokia, and Samsung. The governing body of the telecommunication sector ITU (International Telecommunications Union) sets the standard and does the research and development of the network.

What are the core benefits of using a 5G network?

As we all know 5G is the most latest and updated technological version of the mobile network. The foremost benefits of the 5G network are given below:-

• High-Speed Transmission
• A larger number of devices are handled.
• Better connectivity.
• Improves the speed of the internet.
• Lower Latency
• The bandwidth is high concerning other networks i.e. 4g or 3g.

With these features of 5G, it becomes more popular bypassing every single day in between the users.


How 5G is better than any other network?

The connectivity of the 5G is much strong and stable in comparison with any other network. The downloading and uploading speed is also much higher. It enhances the user experience of using the internet.

Is 5G network is available in India?

The development of launching 5G network is still under process. The practical test is also completed successfully by our service providers. Most probably it will be introduced by the honorable prime minister of our country by the next independence day. The prices of the services are comparatively at a higher side still people are waiting for 5G. It is the updated version of the 4G or 4G vote. It is expected that by 2025 30% of the total population switches to the 5G network.

What is the maximum speed of a 5G network?

The bandwidth and speed of the 5G network are on the upper hand from 4G. The average speed lies between 100 Mbps to 200 Mbps. The highest speed which you can get from a 5G network is up to 20gbps. You will download the data within seconds, it is also very much beneficial for business purposes. Video calling is common to deal with clients and customers, for this better connectivity is required with no lag. 5G fulfills all the criteria for personal and professional purposes.

Do I need to purchase a new phone to avail 5G service?

Yes, if you want to enjoy the 5G network then you have to buy a new phone that is 5G enabled services. 4G phones are not compatible with this technology. Many mobile manufacturer companies like Samsung, Realme, OnePlus, Apple, and many more offering 5G mobiles. The starting price of a 5G mobile is approximately Rs.17,000 by Realme. But buying a new 5 G-enabled phone is useless because the prices may also decrease until the time of launching the network.

How does 5G transform the lives of people?

Everybody needs high-speed internet with seamless connectivity; it is given by 5G network. Mostly all big brands and startups moving towards the online platform and for this, they need secure connectivity for operating business.

What are the drawbacks of using a 5G network?

5G is having lots of plus points from the user’s point of view despite this some drawbacks are also come up with it. Everything contains two faces one is positive and another is negative. Some major shortcomings of the 5G network are as follows:-

• It can operate from the entire smartphone, you need to buy 5G enabled to use this service.
• It is a bit expensive from other networks.
• The coverage is not proper, because it is not cover all of the regions.
• It requires more battery consumption of your phone.
• It is harmful to health.

These are the core disadvantages of using a 5G network.


Does the 5G network harmful for health?

The answer to this question contradicts every person’s opinion. Many studies and reports say it is very harmful to health and cause many diseases which are shared below:-

• Loss of white blood cells.
• Reduction in platelets.
• Carcinogenicity
• Sperm Morphology
• Neurotoxicity

This entire problem happens because of electromagnetic radiation. On the other hand, WHO (World Health Organization) says 5G is not all harmful to human health.


After covering all of the aspects regarding the 5G network, you can decide by yourself it is safe and secure for use or not. But, if I talk about my personal opinion 5G network transforms the lives of everyone in the coming years. In the world of digitalization, we need a high-speed and stable network that is offered by 5G.

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