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Most popular mobile games in 2021

Do you like to have the list of the most popular mobile games in 2021? Well, buddy!! You are looking at the right place. We have prepared a list of the most popular mobile games in 2021.

But this is not the final list. Yes, this list will get bigger as soon as the new mobile games get released. We will be reviewing the newly released mobile games for you and adding the new exciting games to the list. If you are a diehard fan of new mobile games, bookmark this page and do not forget to visit periodically.

Yes, remember that our reviewers are analyzing the new games whenever it gets released. So, visit the page for popular mobile games and get updated.

# 1 >Call of duty mobile session 4- 13 gameplay trailer:

Call of duty: mobile is an automatic choice for popular mobile games in 2021. This game is highly popular among the crazy mobile games lover. Various reviewers have also given it a high ranking. Along with a normal FPS online PvPmode, this game also provides a 100 player “battle royal” mode.

It is a rare opportunity. You can play both “FPS PvP” like Critical Ops or Modern Combat and “battle royal” like PUBG mobile. “Call of Duty” is mostly “free to play”.

But, you can also buy “cosmetic Items”. So, what are you waiting for? Just go for one of the most popular mobile games in 2021.

# 2 >Hitman Sniper Assassins:

“Square Enix” is the publisher of this action-based game. The company has given tips on “Twitter” regarding this upcoming new game, the supposed prequel to “Hitman-Sniper”.

Certainly, the Hitman Sniper Assassins” will be pretty intriguing and full of surprises. There is no official release date that has not yet been announced.

The company has announced that the game is coming out on both “Android” and “ios” both. We are sharing the trailer below. Certainly, it will occupy a major stake in the market.

# 3> Apex Legends Mobile:

Both “EA” and “Respawn Entertainment” have decided to port their most popular games to mobile devices. The game will come on both Android and ios, say, company officials.

There is no certain release date has been announced yet. But we can expect this “Battle Royale” game will rock the market very soon.

Do you know about the game? Well, this is a sci-fi game with so many different characters. Let’s cross our fingers for this popular mobile game. We are attaching a trailer video for the die-hard mobile games lovers.

# 4 > Diablo Immortal, one of popular mobile games in 2021

Blizzard Entertainment is publishing this game. This is a “Role-Playing” game and will come out on both ios and Android. The probable release date is late 2021.

The company has not yet confirmed the actual date. Let’s give you few hints about this game. According to Blizzard Entertainment, this is a “multiplayer online action mobile” game, a “hack and slash” action role-playing mobile game.

The main character’s name is Diablo who is an immortal and slashes devils. You can group up with your friends to fight the evils or can play alone.
This game is going to rock the market. Let’s look into the following attached video for a glimpse.

# 5 >Project Odin

• Publisher Name: Lionheart Studios
• Genre: MMORPG
• Platform: Android &iOS
• Release Date: probably this year

Well, guys!! What do you know about “Project Odin”? This game is the brainchild of South Korean company, Lionheart Studio, which has claimed that this is the first mobile game to use “3D scan and motion capture for realistic and immersive play”. This game is based on “Norse mythology”.

We are expecting the game to come soon, maybe in late November. Though there has not yet been any confirmed date announced. We are certain that “Project Odin” will be an automatic choice in the “list of the most popular mobile games in 2021”.

# 6 >Marvel Future Revolution

• Publisher: Netmarble
• Genre: Open World, Role Playing
• Platform: Android &iOS
• Release Date: August 25, 2021 (Maybe)

This is a game that every diehard game lover is waiting for. Yes!! We are talking about the first joint venture of “Netmarble” and “Marvel”.

With a brand-new storyline and favorite superheroes and villains, players will get the chance to defend the new “Primary Earth”, formed by the numerous Earth converging across all dimensions.

You will be an agent of the freshly formed “Omega Flight Super-Hero” team to get a chance to fight side by side as the hero you are meant to be.

The rumor is doing the round that the game will launch on 25th August 2021. Though there is no official announcement on behalf of Marvel &Netmarble.

But no doubt, this new venture of Marvel andNetmarble has the potential to acquire a place in the list of the most popular mobile games in 2021.


# 7 > Star Wars Hunters

• Publisher: Zynga Inc
• Genre: Action
• Platform: Android and iOS
• Release date: later in 2021

“We created Star wars- Hunters for every fan who has ever demand about playing a high-intensity action game set in the star wars galaxy”, says the official spokesman from Zynga Inc.

Are you a fan of star wars movies? If you are, you will get the same essence here, the new release of Zynga Inc., Star Wars Hunters. This is a “competitive arena combat game”.

It will be available on both Android and ios platforms. The player will be a part of a squad that will be formed by diverse and unusual characters like bounty hunters, imperial stormtroopers, and heroes of the rebellion.

This game is free–to–play with in-App purchase. We will update more features regarding the details of the game as soon as it gets available. If you are a fan of action-based games, it would certainly be worth playing. Just watch the attached official trailer below.

So, guys!! Here are the six most popular upcoming mobile games to be launched in 2021. But this is not an end. We are still reviewing and collecting information about the new mobile games to be released in 2021. So, this is an ever-growing list. Do not forget to visit our page periodically to get updated.

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