Do you want to know the most demanded technologies to learn in 2021? looking for a career in the tech industry? Do you want to change your career in a different field in the tech industry?

Yes, this article will let you know the most demanded technologies in 2021 to boost up your career. Technology has been evolving at a rapid pace for the last couple of years, showing a nearly exponential rate of change from 2020. Too many new technologies have been introduced in the industry within a year.

Everybody must be updated with this new trend to stay safe. This article will discuss the new trends of technologies that the industry will rely on in 2021. To secure a career in the tech industry this year, 2021, a person must know in detail all the most demanding technological fields, quite certain to rule the market for a couple of years.

Even a person who is just starting his/her career in 2021, must be very calculative before pursuing a particular tech field, not only considering its demand and prospects properly, if, and only if the chosen technology is labeled as one of the top technologies to learn in 2021.

It has been recorded that at least one million jobs in various technical fields went unfulfilled last year, in 2020, showing an increasing “talent deficit” graph in the USA market. Even a survey done by Udemy says that top tech companies are prioritizing to train their workforces in most in-demand tech fields this year, in 2021.

So, guys, without further ado, let’s look into the following list of most in-demand technologies in 2021. Also, you will get the answers to the below questions.

Which technology is in demand in IT jobs 2021?

Which technologies will dominate in 2022?

Which technology should I learn in 2021?

Which tech skills are most in-demand?

Which IT jobs pay the most?

Which IT field is best for the future?

What is the best technology to learn in 2021?


Top tech Course to learn in 2021 #1: Machine Learning:


Machine learning is one of the top and best technologies to learn in 2021. New-comers or existing tech professionals can consider “machine learning” one of the most profitable technologies to boost up their careers. From self-driving cars to predictive analysis to “chatbots” to “Siri and Alexa”, there are so many fields where this technology is in high demand in near future.

The Demand-graph of “Machine Learning” is increasing day by day. 49% of global companies are planning to implement machine learning, says a report from McKinsey. According to McKinsey’s report, Management of the many global companies are planning to either recruit in the field of Machine learning or train the existing workforce, foreseeing the possible business opportunity.

Proper Implementation of Machine learning can maximize profit-graph in almost every industry including Banking& Finance, Insurance, and Healthcare, Heavy-engineering& Automation, Transport, and many more.

Reasons to pursue “Machine Learning” as a successful tech-career:

  • The average salary starts from $1, 50000 per year and above.
  • According to “Crunchbase”, the number of companies working on “Machine Learning” has increased 14.6% since 2019 and 8.2% since 2020.
  • LinkedIn is showing nearly 50,000 open positions

So, opportunities seem to be endless and quite logical to pursue “Machine Learning” as a career.

Top tech Course to learn #2: Artificial Intelligence:



Artificial intelligence has become a phenomenon in almost every industry segment. Top companies across the globe have been prioritizing adopting AI since 2019, a futuristic technology to ensure steady growth and increasing profit-graph. The hiring rate has already increased nearly 32% in just one year, between 2019 and 2020. C++, Python, and Amazon Web Service (AWS) are the top skills that come under Artificial intelligence.

Almost all industries are looking forward to adopting AI for atomization and perfecting processes and operations. Companies are not only looking for recruits but also trying to reskill their existing workforces. So opportunities are quite endless for both the students and experienced techies of different skill sets.

Quick facts regarding AI career:

  • Average salary starts from $1, 20,000 per year
  • Nearly 43% of companies across the globe trying to leverage opportunities from AI


Top tech course to learn in 2021#3: Data Science &Analytics:



Top companies have been keen on recruiting tech professionals with expertise in “Big Data”, quite high demand tech-skill over a long time. Since 2019, companies prioritize picking up professionals with experience in data science and data analytics, the two most in-demand branches in “Big Data”. It is estimated that industries like Banking, Financial-advisors, Health care, Accounting firms, and Federal-government itself will invest nearly 120 billion in the year 2022, indeed a billion-dollar market. Opportunities are endless here for the existing professional and fresher as well. Nearly 53% of the companies across the globe are ready to adopt “Data Science & Analytics” to increase the profit-graph and accurate their services.

Quick facts regarding Data-Science & Analytics career:

  • Average salary starts from $60,000 per year for Data-Analysts and $85,500 for Data-Scientists
  • Data Scientist and Analyst job emerge nowadays as a third-best job in the USA.


Top tech course to learn in 2021#4: Data Engineering:



Data Engineering may appear to be a bit different than Data Science, but both are branches of the same tree i.e. “Big Data Analysis”.  Recruiting has been increased nearly 30% in the USA since 2016. No need to say, a wide segment of industries including Banking, Finance, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Heavy Engineering, Automobile and many more are ready to adopt this futuristic tech to accurate their services and increase business opportunities and profit.

Quick facts regarding Data Engineering career:

  • The average salary starts from $93,500 per year
  • Data engineering job emerges nowadays as a third-best job in the USA.


Top tech course to learn in 2021#4: Data Visualization:



Data visualization is a way to present data in an easily understandable visual context. As an example, we can say turning a complex report or spreadsheet into graphs and charts, conversion of complex data report into an easily understandable visual format. This skill set is very much useful in “Digital Marketing”. This technology bridges up between technical and non-technical roles. Organizations are looking for fresher and experienced candidates to bridge up to their “Big Data” research-wing and “Digital Marketing” team.

Quick facts regarding Data Visualization career:

  • Average salary starts from $90,500 per year
  • This skill set is in high demand because “Data Visualization” can help in predicting “Sales-Volume”, predicting trends, improving business areas and patterns, and many more in appealing and understandable visual formats.

Top tech course to learn in 2021 #5: Cybersecurity


Cybersecurity deals with network and information security. We are living in 21first century, an era of electronics and digitization of data i.e. information. Information is the most costly thing in this ear, even costly than gold and precious jewels. Yes, this is the reality. Every sort of business depends upon data. Every single industry has business-related data and information that is secret and priceless for the sake of the business. So, no need to say, data security and network security are the prime concerns in this ear. Every business sector wants its sensitive data secured. Data breaches have been common incidents today. Hacking has been increased nearly by 50% since 2019. One of the reasons is the increasing trend of “Work from Home” and remote work. Remote work and Work-from-Home trend jointly contribute nearly 24% of the total hacking incidents worldwide, says, cybersecurity specialists.

No need to say, companies are recruiting experts to secure their network and sensitive data, not only experienced candidates but also fresh candidates too. Companies are even expending a lot to reskill their existing workforce regarding cybersecurity. It is a challenge that companies need to face to maintain cybersecurity up to par.

So, Cybersecurity is one of the best technology to learn in 2021 to build a secure and successful career. The demand for cybersecurity engineers has amplified by 130% since 2020, an in-demand job indeed.

Quick facts regarding Cybersecurity career:

  • Average salary starts from $1,00,000 per year
  • There are 3.5 million unfilled jobs in the USA so far. The high demand for “Cybersecurity engineers” is outpacing the supply.


Top tech course to learn in 2021#6: Cloud Computing/AWS




The global market for public cloud services will increase 35% in 2021, resulting in a 120$ billion worth market worldwide, says Forrester Researcher. The main reason is companies are shifting from old “classical server infrastructure” to cloud solutions.

Companies nowadays building their products and services targeting the cloud system.

So, Cloud-Architecture-Servicing skills are in high demand this year.

Now, what is AWS? AWS stands for amazon web service. What does AWS offer? It offers more than 175 services including database storage, networking, featuring content delivery, and many more. AWS is the most in-demand cloud computing system nowadays. So, AWS certified engineers (cloud architect) system administrators have the opportunity to earn an average of $130,868 per annum. Companies are looking for professionals and certified fresh candidates in cloud computing like AWS (Amazon Web Service), Java, Linux, Docker, Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas), and DevOps.

So, Cloud Computing is one of the best technologies to learn in 2021.

Top tech Course to learn in 2021 #7: Extended Reality (Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality)



The extended reality, known as XR, branched as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, is making its place in few industries like HealthCare, Advertising, Marketing, and Manufacturing as useful technology, more than just entertainment.

The AR job market seems to outpace the VR job market, whenever profitability is concerned.

AR market is showing a possibility to make a stunning market worth nearly $122 billion by 2022, while the VR market will not cross $50 billion by 2025.

Quick facts about career opportunity:

Average salary per annum:For VR $70,900 and $82,000 For AR.

Top companies hiring:  Facebook, Google, HTC, Snap Chat, NVIDIA, and many more.

Top tech Course to learn in 2021 #8: BlockChain



Blockchain technology has developed for digital currency. But, with time, Blockchain has proved its potentiality for other technologies like digital voting, file storage, identity management, crowdfunding, peer-to-peer payments, and many more. The Blockchain will make a market worth nearly $3.1 trillion by 2030, enough big market to open billion of jobs, says a report by Gartner.

Career Opportunity:

Average salary: $154,550 per annum

Recruiter: top companies like Facebook, IBM, Amazon, and Microsoft.

So, in this article, we have discussed few brand new futuristic technologies that are sure to rule the market coming ten years or more. Any fresher or experience tech-professional can pick up any of the above courses, best suited for him/her, to build a profitable career.

The forthcoming article will cover a few more “Best technology to learn in 2021”. So, stay tuned with us, and do not forget to comment. We are always ready to assist you if you have any further more questions.





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