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iPhone 13 Complete details

The worldwide pandemic, the unfortunate spread of the coronavirus, is nearly over. The smartphone -producer companies again are coming up with their stunning flagship smartphones. Like other ace companies, Apple is not also far behind to capture the lion’s share of the smartphone market in 2021.

The internet is almost flooded with the rumors and leaks of Apple’s new game-changer smartphone, the iPhone 13. Though a couple of months, according to the sources, are likely to go by before the release, stories regarding Apple’s new flagship handset are doing the rounds.

Apple can name its new next – Gen handset as “iPhone 13” or “iPhone 12s” to avoid the superstitions involved with the number “13”.

Hypes are speculating that the 2021-iPhone line up, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro –Max, and iPhone 13 mini, will feature with refined design, more powerful camera-features, 120Hz LTPO display on both Pro models,56 Modem, ultra-wide camera lenses on pro models and port-less design feature at least on one pro mode.

iPhone 13 specs,design,Price

The new flagship smartphone may come unpacked on the shelves of the nearest retail stores at the end of September 2021, our sources say. It may take a couple of weeks long as it is a possible date of release.

The price of the upcoming iphone13 lineup may range from $699 to $1099, expected $699 for iPhone mini, $900 for iPhone 13 pro, and $1099 for iPhone pro max.

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iPhone 13 line up (iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro –Max and iPhone 13 mini) 2021, the features:

Let’s unfold all the features one by one. Meanwhile, the internet is flooded with the news and rumors about the killer look & design and high-end features of the iPhone 13 and its line-up (iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro –Max, and iPhone 13 mini). This article will sure to unfold all reliable information from this article like display, upgraded camera, high-end processor, Massive battery and storage area, release date, and many more. So, stay tuned with us and continue reading to the last word.

iPhone 13: the rumors about design and looks: what is Apple thinking?

According to sources, Apple is expected to launch an iPhone 13 lineup in 2021 with four different sizes like the previous year. So, it is very much likely that the four devices line up will include a 6.1-inch economic iPhone, a pro model with 6.1 inches display, a costly pro max model with 6.7 inches display, and last but not least a mini iPhone with 5.4 inches display.

According to the experts, this iPhone 13 lineup is expected to be an “-S-” version of the previous year. What does this “-S-” version mean? This indicates that there will be no significant design and technological overhaul, says the “Bloomberg”, like Apple, in the past, used “S – Nomenclature” for phone model with minor updates compared with the predecessor.

iPhone 13 will be a bit “fatty” than the iPhone 12, as the thickness would be increased by 0.26 mm, says the Japanese site “Mac Otakara”. Not only that, the iPhone 13 will be a bit heavier for its new larger batteries.

iPhone 13 Specifications :

Display standard : OLED Display with LTPO Panel.
Storage capacity : 64 GB and 128 GB
Processor characteristic : Apple “Bionic”
Camera: Quadruple-camera and LiDAR.  64 MP wide-angle lens and 40 MP ultra-wide Lens with 0.25x optical reverse zoom
Battery specification: 3,825mAh battery
Face Unlock System “Yes”
CPU “3.1GHz”, Dual-core, Firestorm & 1.8GHz, Quad-core, “Icestorm”
Architecture specification: “64 bit”
Touch Screen : “Yes” – Apple offers multi-touch.
Color Reproduction System: 16M colors.
Flash : Front flash (“Retina Flash”) & dual LED Flash at the rear.
Camera Features : Face detection & Auto Focus & Touch to focus.
Image Stabilization : OIS (optical image stabilization)
Shooting Mode Specification: HDR (High Dynamic Range Mode) with continuous shooting mode
SIM Configuration details: Dual SIM ( SIM1 = Nano & SIM2 = eSIM)
Bluetooth version : Bluetooth “version 5.1
Battery Type : Li-ion
5G network : Yes
“Voice over” LTE-(VoLTE) Yes
Infrared enabled Yes
GPS Enabled Yes
Sensor : Light sensor + Proximity sensor + Accelerometer + Barometer + Compass + Gyroscope

 Colorful appearance:

Apple is said to introduce a new color scheme for its upcoming iPhone 13 lineup. The Apple lineup will be marketed in black, green, blue, white, and vibrant red, quite colorful, indeed.

Underwater photography:

Like its predecessor, the iPhone 12 lineup, Apple’s new flagship iPhone 13 lineup is said to have an IP68-rating which will allow submersion nearly 6 meters underwater for 35 minutes. Even Apple is thinking to increase the water resistance that will make the iPhone 13 lineup to be the first model capable of underwater photography.


Hypes are flooding the internet that this game-changer model, iPhone 13, will bear a quadruple-camera and LiDAR, courtesy by choco_bit, a leaker, on Twitter. Though this is not unanimously supported by other experts and leakers.

The main camera features will be like the iPhone 12 at 2020 means with a wide lens of a 64-megapixel shooter, 1X optical zoom, 6X optical zoom, a 40 “MP” telephoto lens with 3x/5x optical zoom, a 40 “MP” ultra-wide lens with 0.25x optical reverse zoom and last not but least a 40 “MP” anamorphic lens with 2.1:1 ratio. There will be no big “bump” in megapixel features, say the sources.

The minor updates will be larger sensor-size and better effective LiDAR. There will be ultra-wide lenses with 6 MP and f1.8 aperture in the upcoming iPhone 13 lineup, says Ming-Chi Kuo.

iPhone 13 camera


We are expecting Apple to market iPhone 13 line up with four distinct featured models with 6.1-inch economic iPhone, a pro model having a 6.1-inches display, a costly pro max model having a 6.7-inches display, and a mini iPhone with 5.4 inches display. Apple will introduce a 120 Hz “refresh rate” for the 6.7 inch-display iPhone – 13 pro max model and 6.1 inch-display pro model, says a report from ET news. Further, the Display will have an LTPO panel from Samsung to automatically measure its refresh rate to give a longer battery life. The iPhone 13 will offer an always-on display, courtesy goes to the LTPO panel. The iPhone 13 lineup will have a flexible “OLED” display.

Modem, Battery, storage, and processor: Apple’s offer:

Apple is going to install Qualcomm’s X60 5G modem in its flagship iPhone 13 lineup. This is a significant upgrade as this modem can join the “sub-6GHz 5G” network with “mmWave” to facilitate better 5G performance and lower battery drain. Apple has also decided to use “Wi-Fi 6E” to offer even faster wireless speeds.

In the “iPhone 13” lineup Apple is going to introduce “soft battery technology and the battery will a bit larger. Apple will use a 3,825mAh battery that supports both wired fast charging and wireless charging.

Apple will use a 3,825mAh battery that supports both wired fast charging and wireless charging.It is expected that the iPhone 13 will run on an ios 15 operating system with 3.1-GHz, Dual-core, “Firestorm + 1.8GHz”, “Quad-core”, Icestorm chipset. The architecture is 64 bit and the graphics system is based on Apple GPU (four-core graphics).

Release Date and pricing (iPhone 13 line up):

It is very much likely that we can expect the apple lineup to appear in September 2021. But, sources say that we may wait a couple of weeks more to find the iPhone 13 unpacked in the stores.

Whenever the pricing is concerned, the iPhone 13 will have an economic model along with three costly models. The economic model may have a price tag of $699.iPhone 13 pro will be available for $900. We can expect $900 for iPhone pro max.

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