AI -The pandemic in the future job market: the rise of “Artificial Intelligence”:2021

Artificial Intelligence

AI-ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE EFFECT ON JOB MARKET. We are living in a very desperate time, with the corona-virus pandemic just not yet over, having another pandemic situation to brew up the socio-economic situation. The covid-19 pandemic has almost stopped the wheel of human civilization and put the economy on its knee, causing an apocalyptic situation as … Read more

iPhone 13 release date,Price,Specs,Design,Leaks

iPhone 13

iPhone 13 Complete details The worldwide pandemic, the unfortunate spread of the coronavirus, is nearly over. The smartphone -producer companies again are coming up with their stunning flagship smartphones. Like other ace companies, Apple is not also far behind to capture the lion’s share of the smartphone market in 2021. The internet is almost flooded … Read more