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ASUS ROG Phone 3 -Complete details

Asus made a new Asus ROG phone 3 that pretty much becomes the fastest android at that given point in time. Asus is a pretty massive computer company they make pretty much everything related to computers like mouse and keyboards and peripherals and motherboards.

But over the last couple of years, they’ve probably been best known for their ROG gaming brand and a couple of years ago gaming phones started blowing up in the landscape. We saw stuff like the razor phone the red new BM magic and Asus.

Asus didn’t want to be beaten, so they went to Qualcomm, and they asked them if they could make an overclocked version of the flagship snapdragon 845 processors for their brand-new Asus ROG phone.


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Last year ASUS refined the ROG phone, and they went to Qualcomm again and Qualcomm made a new version of the processor now called the Snapdragon 855 Plus which was available to more consumers now.

Asus refines the design of their ROG phone they made it a little less game II in your face, and they tried to appeal to a wider audience. They actually brought over a big part of the UI interface from these n phones 6 which had a much broader appeal and this year Asus is trying to do it again.

They’ve once again refined their ROG phone to create the ASUS ROG phone 3. So the design of the ROG phone 3 hasn’t really changed a ton from the ROG phone. They tried to make it a little more subtle, they removed some orange accent colors that you saw on the vents and on the speakers of the phone.

It’s still a pretty thick phone but that’s to account for the 6000 mAH of our battery that’s in this thing now.Just like last year, there are multiple USB-C ports on the ROG phone 3 and you will get the standard USB-C port on the bottom of the phone which is actually shifted to the left for the weird shape of the motherboard.

Then you’ve got another USB-C port on the left side of the phone and this is made for a number of reasons.

One if you’re playing a game in landscape mode it’s a lot more comfortable to have the USB cable plugged into the side of the device so that doesn’t get in the way of your hands and – it was made to attach this brand-new cooler called the arrow active cooler 3.

Now, this is a literal fan that you strap to the back of your phone to cool it because it does get pretty toasty in everyday use but especially while gaming. Now, this arrow active cooler has more uses than just cooling the phone that is obviously very useful.

It’s got a headphone jack in the bottom so you can listen to music or listen to your game while you’re playing it. Unfortunately, they removed it from the body of the phone, so they put it in here. Instead, you’ve got another USB-C port so again you can play in landscape mode without it being uncomfortable.

This year they’ve added a kickstand to it so if you have a separate controller you can set your phone up and it can be cooled while you’re playing a game now.

That aerodynamic vapor chamber on the side of the phone is definitely where most of the heat build-up but there is a little vent above it to actually spew heat out of the phone. But still, the phone gets pretty toasty so if you’re gaming or doing anything intensive it’s pretty useful to use that cooler now.

The fan is especially useful when you’re using a mode called X mode and that is basically a profile on the phone that will keep sustained performance on the phone for as long as you have the mode on.

Now, normally when you’re not in this mode the phone will kind of boost and drop the clock speeds to match what you’re doing but this will maintain a very high clock speed for a long period of time to make sure that you don’t drop frames during a gaming session.

The X mode helps sustain performance over time they are active cooler definitely obviously helped but putting the phone into X mode will keep it at a pretty consistent clock speed so that you’re not like dropping frames while you’re playing games.

Excellent software also lets you tweak things like the clock speed of individual cores on Qualcomm Snapdragon a 65 Plus which is just an insane level of control that you’re not going to get on very many other smartphones.

Now, most people probably won’t care, and they’ll probably just use different profiles the Asus gives you. But if you’re super hardcore and you want to set that prime core to as high as you can but set those other cores to a little lower clock speed.

Now speaking of frames Asus made the ROG phone 3 to have a 120 Hertz display and last year that was pretty unheard of that was a brand-new feature.

But now a lot of flagship phones actually have 120-hertz displays and again ASUS didn’t want to beat. So in the ROG phone 3, you’ve got a 144-hertz display and I can’t say that I can notice a huge difference between 120 Hertz and 144 Hertz.

But either way, it’s pretty insane that phones can actually support that frame rate now so far.

There aren’t a ton of games that support full 144 Hertz frame rates games as dead cells do and ASUS says that they’re adding a lot more overtime but since last year there have been a ton of games that have moved up to support a hundred and twenty Hertz of refresh rate so that’s pretty good anyway.

Now x-mode isn’t the only thing that makes this a gaming phone last year Asus added these capacitive air triggers on the side of the phone which can basically be used as buttons and games like shooters or any other kind of game that you want.

This year they’ve done a lot more to make those air traders even better. So there are two air triggers on the side of the phone. But Asus has set different zones for them so now you’ve actually got four different zones that you can click.

They’ve also added swiping and sliding actions so you can set up to eight different functions for these buttons and it’s really intuitive how it works.

Asus works really hard to make sure that this is still an overall good smartphone not just a gaming device and that’s pretty evident in the UI too.

In the orange we’ve thrown three they’ve got four different profiles embedded in the phone there are three different gamer e profiles but then there’s the classic profile which makes it look like a regular very close to the stock smartphone.

So for people that don’t want those really gamer e UI elements, you can switch it to be a lot more simple and that choice carries over to an experience that’s matched.

ASUS ROG Phone 3 Specification

In Asus ROG 3 phone you’ve got up to 16 gigabytes – 512 gigabytes of ddr4 ram of u FS 3.1 storage.

I mean this phone just flies. I definitely didn’t have any UI or stuttering issues and when running speed test G this phone performed better than pretty much any other phone. We’ve tested it’s super fast now.


ASUS ROG Phone 3 Battery

In the last couple of ROG phones, the 6000 mAh power battery made this phone stay alive forever. I mean that’s a huge sell so it lasts a couple of days and in some

The max amount of battery life was over 9 hours of screen on time closer to 10 hours of screen on time and that’s just insane. That’s pretty much two full days of battery life.

Asus does chip this one with a 30-watt charger and it does charge the phone pretty quickly. Especially considering that this is a six thousand mAh battery. So that’s really nice to see as well.

ASUS ROG Phone 3 Camera

Finally, we get to the camera system. The main sensor is a 64 megapixel Sony imx6 86 and overall it has a really good dynamic range super good color and superb sharpness now.

There is a 13-megapixel wide-angle sensor that has a pretty similar color profile to the main sensor and a lot of dynamic range too. I mean you can literally point this at the Sun and still get sky detail.

Then on the back you’ve got a 5-megapixel macro camera the macro camera on the ROG phone 3 was pretty solid and it’s definitely better than the 2-megapixel macro camera on the OnePlus 8.

In the front, you’ve got a 24-megapixel selfie camera and images looked really quite good, and they had good sharpness good dynamic range, and really good color. I wasn’t expecting a selfie camera on a gaming phone to be that good.

But the ROG 3 phone doesn’t have ip68 water in dust resistance because of the vent on the back.

It doesn’t have a built-in headphone jack anymore and it doesn’t have wireless charging which is quite unexpected.

ASUS ROG Phone 3 Price

There are three main models that are being announced

1.ASUS ROG  phone 3 – 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage that is being sold for 999 euros.

2.ASUS ROG  phone 3 – 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage that’s being sold for 1099 euros.

3. Then there going to be a Strix model which is actually a lower-end model. Which is kind of weird because usually Strix is there like super high-end gaming brand but that’s going to be sold for 799 euros and it has a regular Snapdragon a 65 it has less storage and less RAM.

Now obviously a thousand dollars is a lot of money no matter what phone you’re buying but for what this phone offers I actually think that’s worth it.

I think the ASUS ROG phone 3 is a super good phone it’s kind of an amazing UI really good camera insane performance and some really cool features that gamers are really going to appreciate.

Obviously, if you need some other features like wireless charging or a headphone jack you’re going to have to look elsewhere but for what ASUS is asking for this phone I think it’s pretty solid.

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