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PlayStation 5

 PlayStation 5  cross-gen games with its next title launch

 This is great news for the game lovers that PlayStation 5 is available in the market soon, maybe in the mid of 2020. The console producer and lead architect of Sony-PlayStation, Mr. Mike Carney not only has confirmed the news but also revealed a lot of scoop regarding the new product.

Certainly, the product has a lot to offer the game lovers, but, rumor says PlayStation 5 is discarding the cross-gen games with its next title lunch.

Now, all the old boys, addicted to PlayStation since its birth, are quite aware of what it does mean by “discarding the cross-gen games”. But, for the newcomer’s sake, let’s explain the term “Cross gen games”. The rising cost of game development has changed the tendency to produce platform-specific games.

Nowadays we are having less platform-specific titles to curtail the cost and hazards.

Moreover, any new console does not guaranty to have the installed base to make the platform worthwhile for third party publishers. What is the solution then? The solution is to develop the cross-generational titles-game that will be able to take advantage of the new hardware and simultaneously available on the current-gen system.

Now get back to the main scoop that tells us regarding the non-supportability of cross-gen games on new PlayStation 5. Our main source of this scoop is the latest podcast of Kotaku Splitscreen.

At this latest podcast, Jason Schreier has explained about the upcoming next-generation consoles and their proposed lunch titles. We are not quite certain whether there are first and second party titles only as there is no such clear declaration given. Jason also included that he has got no idea what is Microsoft planning right now. But, he has given us a few clues.

He thinks Scarlett launch titles certainly will aim the new console, as well as PC and the Xbox One like it, will be with Halo Infinite. From Schreier, we also have got some intriguing information regarding accessibility for the next-gen console. Based on these clues, we can assume, just a lucky guess, that there will be options of playing for very short amounts of time and quitting with fewer issues, likewise Netflix and other video streaming services.

Now, according to Jason Schreier, the first games that will be released will not be available at PS4 as well as PS5. If Jason Schreier is right, then certainly this will have its impact on the game industry.

Many games are being developed with backward compatibility for those players who cannot afford a new system or have not made up their minds to change their old console with a new one.

Now, developing cross-gen games are quite profitable and smart choice for the companies engaged in the game –developing business.

But this has a bad impact in the console industry at large, declining the revenue to a great extent. Now, we have to watch what Sony is planning.

If the rumor is true, then we have to believe that Sony is planning to ax the tendency of developing the Cross-gen games by discarding the cross-gen games at their upcoming launch of PlayStaion5.

To get the answer, we all have to wait another couple of months.


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