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Razer Keyboard

Razer Switches are there in the Market since 2014 and known for innovation and its keyboard technology. This company is famous for designing different types of switches that suit gamers’ needs by creating their own mechanical gaming switches. Razer Keyboard line-up includes Mechanical switch, Mecha membrane hybrid, and Razer ultra-low-profile switch.

Razer Keyboard is specifically crafted to meet the specific needs of the gamers. All Razor mechanical switches are optimized for swift execution and keystroke durability is 80 million.

I decided to go over basically their entire current catalog of Razer keyboard and sort of talk out the features and where they stack up in the lineup. What we’re going to do is just start at the most affordable keyboard and I figured we just work our way up at price and get all the way up to the big expensive flagship models.

Just talk about some of the features that they each have and hopefully, this will help you guys out if you’re either looking at purchasing a new Razer keyboard or you’re just curious as to what’s going on with the razor line up right now just do a quick comparison for you guys.

Comparison between different types of Razer Keyboard

Razer CYNOSA and the Razer CYNOSA Pro

So, with that let’s get started with the razer CYNOSA, the razer CYNOSA is available in two varieties the Razer CYNOSA and the Razer CYNOSA Pro. But the only real difference between the two is that the pro version has a light bar that wraps around the underside of the keyboard which gives it a little bit of an under-glow effect.

The Razer CYNOSA is razors most budget-friendly keyboard coming in at just $60 for the regular version and $80 bucks for the pro. Although you can typically catch these on sale for a little bit less on Amazon these days. The CYNOSA is a membrane keyboard but it does give a snappy enough typing experience as can be expected from a membrane keyboard.

Razer Keyboard CYNOSA

The biggest selling point of the Razer CYNOSA is that it has full perky RGB lighting which is pretty rare at this price point. Now up until this CYNOSA release if you wanted to get the flashy perky RGB that razor is known for you’d have to purchase one of the more expensive flagship keyboards. The Razer CYNOSA changed that by offering an affordable entry point into the synapse ecosystem.

This alone makes the CYNOSA a great option for those who want in-game integration with games like apex legends or overwatch but don’t want to shell out a ton of money. Objectively speaking a mechanical option would be superior but for those looking to not spend too much or people getting into PC gaming, this is a great budget keyboard.


Like CYNOSA the Razer ORNATA is available in two varieties the ORNATA expert which only has green lighting in the ORNATA Chroma which as the name would suggest does have full of perky RGB lighting much like this I know. So, you can typically find these on Amazon a little bit less than the MSRP with your Razer ORNATA Chroma usually being offered around $80 and the expert at about $60.

The ORNATA is razer’s first hybrid keyboard meaning that it’s sort of a cross between mechanical and membrane or as Fraser calls it the Mecha membrane keys. These Mecha membrane keys are essentially comprised of a slider that’s part of the keycap over the rubber domes with a clicking spring mechanism that gives offs an audible click and a tactile feel similar to a mechanical switch.

Razer Keyboard ORNATA

The typing experience on this one is pretty unique as you get the click tactile feeling. But also, the membranes squish at the end of the keystroke. The Razer ORNATA Croma has full perky RGB lighting that looks really great thanks to the mid-height keys. The membrane underneath is made of a translucent plastic that gives the whole board a really full look.

To the lighting, I actually think the Razer ORNATA has some of the best-looking lightings out of all of the Razer keyboard portfolio for this reason. in terms of extra Z, ORNATA was the first Razer keyboard to include a magnetic leatherette padded wrist rest. This actually feels really great to use and it’s a nice inclusion at this price point. The ORNATA could be a really good choice for those of you that are unsure if you like the feel of a true mechanical keyboard and want to try a nice middle ground first.

Razer Black Widow

The newest keyboard in the Razer Keyboard lineup is the 2019 edition of the Black Widow. It’s designed to fill the gap between the more entry-level boards that we just talked about and they’re more expensive flagships. The Black Widow does have its same familiar look to the chassis although the plastic top cover is made of a different material than before.

The Black Widow does come with razers newly updated green switches that are by far their best feeling switches to date thanks to their new sidewall construction. At this time the Black Widow will only be offered with green switches meaning that if you like the yellow or orange you’ll need to look at either the black widow elite or the V 2.

Keeping with the black widow spirit the 2019 black widow does have the classic white backplate behind the switches for that nice vibrant perky RGB that we’ve come to expect from the black widow line. So, nothing new has changed on that front where there are major changes is the removal of the dedicated macro keys USB pass-through an audio port and unfortunately, there’s no wrist rest either.

Razer Keyboard Black widow
Photo Credit:razer.com

Although there are no dedicated macro keys on this one you can use razors new hyper shift tech on this board to make any key a macro key.

The Razer Black Widow 2019 is a good choice for those who want a mechanical razer keyboard but don’t necessarily want all of the extras and the price point does reflect that at a $120.

Razer Black Widow X

The Black Widow X was released a few years back and was quite popular with its exposed switch design and clean aesthetic much like the new Black Widow. The Razer  Black Widow X is only offered in green switches and other than the nice perky RGB doesn’t really come with any of the tangible extras of the other black widows like wrist rest back row or media keys or pass-throughs.

The Black Widow X however does come in a few nice-looking color options. it’s available in mercury white black and a gunmetal gray. Ultimately this board’s design is a bit dated as its objectively not as good as the newer Huntsman Razer keyboard that is a step up in every way. The main selling point of the Black Widow X in my opinion at this point is the aesthetics and it’s currently the only white keyboard that Razer offers.

Razer Keyboard Black widow X
Photo credit:razer.com

The Black Widow X’s pricing is currently around $120 on Amazon and there is a 10 keyless tournament edition of this board as well.

Razer Black Widow V2

The Black Widow V2 is essentially the last generation’s flagship Black Widow in fact. If you look at the Razers website only the tournament Edition of these boards is still listed although you can still find them on Amazon.

The Black Widow  V2 is a great Razer keyboard it comes with a slew of extras like the magnetic padded leather at wrist rest that we saw introduced with the ORNATA dedicated macro keys and USB and audio pass-through. The Black Widow v2 is the last razer keyboard to actually include dedicated macro keys before they switched over completely to their hyper shift technology.

The Black Widow V2 has full perky RGB lighting and is offered in all three razer switch types. In fact, the linear razer yellow switch was actually launched with the release of this keyboard. Like I mentioned this is available in a full-sized version and 10 keyless versions.

Razer Keyboard Black Widow Choma V2
Photo credit:razer.com

The 10 keyless version also has a quartz pink option which is one of two boards that Razer offers. In this color, however, keep in mind the quartz version only comes with green switches. You can find the full-size v2 on Amazon for a variety of prices due to availability anywhere from $110 to $160 and the tournament Edition will run you about a $130.

Razer Black widow elite

The black widow elite is the current flagship in the Black Widow line and came out just after the release of the Huntsman and you can certainly see the influence in its design. It is basically the same chassis design with the exposed switches and the metal backplate.

It also has these same dedicated media keys with the multifunction digital dial. The black widow elite comes available in all three razers switch varieties from click green linear yellow and tactile orange.

The Black Widow elite has the newly updated razor switches with the sidewalls which are their best switches by far. As for other included extras, the Black Widow elite has a USB and audio pass through the nice plush magnetic padded leatherette wrapped wrist rest and of course the perky RGB lighting.

However, I think it’s worth noting that as the Black Widow X. The Black Widow elite does not have the white backplate behind the switches like all the other black widows do which does produce a little bit of the light flooding between the keys.

The keycaps themselves are brilliantly lit however it’s just a different aesthetic. The Black Widow elite much like the v2 that came before it really packs in the extras the only thing it’s really missing is the tangible row of dedicated macro keys that the older versions had. Which of course Razer has switched over in favored their hyper shift technology.

Razer Keyboard Black widow elite

The Black Widow elite has an MSRP of $150 which is pretty much where you’re going to find it anywhere on the internet.

Razer Black Widow Lite

At this time the Black Widow Lite is part of Razer’s new productivity suite that’s taking a Stabat the professional market.

The Black Widow Lite has a 10 keyless design for portability and has an exposed switch design over a nice matte finished metal backplate. The board features razers orange switches for a nice tactile typing experience – the noise that comes with the greens which could be a little bit more distracting in the workplace setting.

The Black Widow light is the only Razer keyboard so far to include a keycap puller and it does give you the asset of or rings to further dampen the sound of the switches that makes it, even more, workplace friendly. I like that it has a removable cable for easier transport and while the black widow light is one of the only Razer products these days without RGB.

I think it fits the purpose of this board nicely and the soft white backlighting of the keyboard gives it a clean aesthetic overall that looks right at home in a professional setup you can get the black widow light for around $75 on Amazon right now.


lastly, that brings us to razer’s newest line of the keyboard the HUNTSMAN. The huntsman line of keyboards introduced their new optomechanical switches which put plainly our optical switches that use light to register keystrokes rather than metal contacts. This gives a longer lifespan and faster response time.

The huntsman is a fairly minimalistic keyboard it has the same metal backplate construction of the Huntsman elite. But essentially, it’s just the board with the optomechanical switches without any of the flashy extras of the elite version. The Huntsman is available in both black and new quartz pink color options and you can find the Huntsman for around $150.

The elite on the other hand brings with it a bunch of extras including dedicated media keys and the multifunctional digital dial above the number pad.

Razer Keyboard Huntsman
Photo credit:razer.com

The Huntsman also has the hyper-shift capability to turn any key into a macro key and as I’m sure you guys have seen by now; they have that snappy light bar that wraps around the entire board and removable magnetic wrist rest.
If you’re into RGB and customizability the Huntsman elite offers a whopping 168 customizable lighting zones.

Razer Huntsman elite

The under glow itself has 38 zones and the wrist rest itself has 24 giving you a ton of options for creating your own look. Another neat feature is the potential for added accessories the wrist rest connects to the keyboard and gets its power for the light bar with a set of pogo pins which could be used in the future to connect other accessories to the Huntsman elite.

Razer Keyboard Huntsman elite
Photo credit:razer.com


Razer Huntsman elite main features are as follows.

• Razer Huntsman elite switches are faster Than Legacy Mechanical Switches: Also these Optical switches use light-based actuation with registering key presses at the speed of light (Compare to other keyboard clicky switches huntsman elite switches have 30% shorter actuation distance at 1.5 millimeters) with satisfying, clicky feedback

• There is Ultimate Personalization & Gaming Immersion with Razer Chroma which will Fully sync with popular games, Philips Hue, Razer hardware, and gear from 30 plus partners. Razer Huntsman elite also supports 16.8 million colors on individually backlit keys.

• This keyboard is constructed with Quality Aluminum. The keyboard is made of an aluminum top frame covered with matte and Regular ABS Keycaps.

• Also comes with Magnetic wrist rest which is made up of plush leather which helps to increase the comfort level for long gaming sessions with built-in underglow lighting.

• Keyboard is fully Programmable with Macro Support. To execute complex commands Razer Hypershift allows for all keys and keypress combinations to be remapped.

• Durability is excellent. There is a 2-year warranty and the keyboard supports 100 million clicks.

Although so far all of the potential extras that I’ve heard thrown around are just ideas at this point the Huntsman elite has an MSRP of $200 which I think makes it an easy recommendation over the Huntsman for 50 extra bucks for all the extras that you get.

Please let me know in those comments down below which one of these Razer keyboards is your favorite. Also, don’t forget to share this article by clicking your favorite social media icon.

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