MetroPCS (Metro Personal Communications Services)

If you are confused about choosing the cell phone carrier with the lowest cost, then MetroPCS is the perfect choice for you. It offers flexibility with plans and bills within budget every month. MetroPCS, also called Metro, is the US-based prepaid mobile brand and is owned by T-Mobile. Earlier, it was the fifth-largest mobile network in the US using CDMA. After its merger with T-Mobile in 2013, all the previous services got merged with T-Mobile’s LTE and 4G network.

 Features of MetroPCS phones and network


MetroPCS Plans and Pricing:

There are many plans as well as add-on services provided by MetroPCS with no yearly contracts. It mainly offers four plans: two plans are with data caps and two with unlimited data. Its unlimited plans start at a minimum of $50 monthly for one line, but the rate per line reduces if you keep on adding more people to the plan. MetroPCS Amazon Prime subscription comes at more cost with an unlimited plan starting a minimum of $60 monthly for one line.

It allows its customers to add different add-on services such as international services, hotspot data, and additional robocall blocking to the plan. Presently, users get charged a small amount of service fee irrespective of the payment method, if you go to store for paying the bill.

MetroPCS Plans

Metro PCS -PlansOn the T-Mobile NetworkAdditional Line Charges
Hotspot Data 15GB
Google One 100GB
Amazon Prime Get automatic
backup expanded storage and more Get endless entertainment, free shipping and more
Get 4 lines for $120
2 LINES - $90
3 LINES - $120
4 LINES$ - 150 $120
5 LINES - $180 $150

Hotspot Data 5GB
Google One 100GB Get automatic backup expanded storage and

(Save $20 on each additional line)
2 LINES- $80
3 LINES - $110
4 LINES - $140
5 LINES - $170

Music Unlimited Included
Stream 40+ music apps
without depletion your data
Hotspot not included
Save $10 on each additional line
(Save $10 on each additional line)
2 LINES - $70
3 LINES - $100
4 LINES - $130
5 LINES - $160

Also available, our $30 plan with 2GB of high-speed data per line

If congested, the fraction of users >35GB/month may notice reduced speeds and Metro customers may notice reduced speeds vs. T-Mobile due to prioritization. Video streams at up to 480p. Unlimited on handset and network only.

MetroPCS Network:

Initially, the MetroPCS used to provide services in some parts of the US, but it expanded its services in more areas with time. In 2013, MetroPCS was owned by T-Mobile and renamed it to Metro by T-Mobile in 2018. Metro PCS uses the network and towers of T-Mobile for providing coverage to its users so that they get access to 5G coverage of T-Mobile across the country.

MetroPCS activation:

You can get MetroPCS service in just 3 easy steps:

  1. Select the device owned by Metro PCS or get any other mobile phone
  2. Purchase a SIM card
  3. You can switch to the MetroPCS network

Visit Metro PCS at, or you can go to MetroPCS store to complete these steps and get MetroPCS activation.

Note: Some Metro by T-Mobile stores is holding the old logo of MetroPCS.

Metro PCS Phone Options:

Metro by T-Mobile allows you to get any mobile phone or buy a compatible GSM mobile straight from the carrier. To check the compatibility of your phone with Metro by T-Mobile, you need to know the IMEI number of your mobile phone. There are some easy ways to know the compatibility.

Before using the Metro PCS SIM, make sure that your phone is unlocked GSM device as some functionalities are not available entirely for non-Metro mobile users. Presently, you can only purchase the selected MetroPCS phones displayed on the official website. As the phones on the website are only samples, so you need to visit their store to buy the phones listed there.

It is suggested by MetroPCS to pay the entire amount at once to avoid extra finance charges, in case you purchase the MetroPCS phone.

Call and Text performance:

I am sure you want to make sure that your area has a strong MetroPCS network before opting for this network. You can leave that stress related to mobile networks as MetroPCS offers good network coverage in almost every area of the US. The network is available everywhere you go in the US. The users who are using the MetroPCS are satisfied with the network services and have not received any complaints from the users. MetroPCS holds regular feedback sessions with its users to understand the issues they are facing with the network and have received a very minimal complaint. So, you can trust on Metro PCS for the network also.

Data Speed:

Data speed matters a lot for any customer while selecting any mobile network. Every user wants a network with good data speed, taking less time in downloading and browsing. After testing the speed of MetroPCS, the average downloading speed is found to be 18.8 Mbps and the average uploading speed as 1.13 Mbps.

This downloading speed is good enough while streaming videos on apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube that lets you enjoy the whole video without any browsing time.

MetroPCS Customer Service:

The customer service offered by MetroPCS is excellent. As per the reviews shared by customers of MetroPCS, their customer service is outstanding, whether on-call or in the store. Customers have good experience with the MetroPCS customer service. Customer support can be used by either visiting the store or calling at MetroPCS customer service phone number 888-863-8768.

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Few Facts about the MetroPCS Network


  • Network: LTE and 4G network of MetroPCS offered by T-Mobile uses bands 4 and 12, respectively. The phone’s with 2G and 3G technologies use the frequency of 800/1900 MHz, and the phones with 4G and LTE network, the frequency used is 700 MHz.
  • Availability: MetroPCS users the network provided by T-Mobile and offers reliable service with good network MetroPCS coverage. It holds the second or third position for network coverage across the US.
  • Hotspots: The unlimited plans offered by MetroPCS allow its customers to use the phones as mobile hotspots, which is an additional advantage for its customers.
  • BYOD: It lets its customers use any unlocked GSM mobile. It provides an online facility to check the compatibility of mobile with the MetroPCS network.
  • MetroPCS near me: MetroPCS does not allow buying the Metro mobile and choosing its plans online. MetroPCS corporate store is available everywhere in the US, where you can visit and select your mobile and the plan.

Also, you might be having a lot of questions about the Metro PCS. Find below the answers to your questions

What free phones do MetroPCS have?

MetroPCS will offer a brand-new smartphone to the customers of their own choice for a limited period of time which is free for all. This offer includes activation with any new line, with a new phone number or upgradation. If you want to port from other service providers you can choose from several phone options.

The following are the brands offered by Metro PCS from which customers can choose

  • Samsung Galaxy Core Prime
  • Samsung Galaxy On5
  • LG 450
  • Alcatel Tru
  • Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL
  • Coolpad Catalyst
  • HTC Desire 530

Metro PCS,MetroPCS

Can I bring my own handset to Metro PCS?

Yes, you can bring your own phone to Metro Pcs to join. Having your own phone is easy and cost-effective. The first step is to check whether your phone is compatible with the Metro network.

To check please click this link Metro PCS compatible.

There are few phones which will not work well with the Metro’s network due to its network hardware. So, you have a good experience using Metro’s network its recommended to purchase a new phone from Metro PCS.

One more thing your phone must be unlocked to change it to Metro Network. If your handset is locked, you should unlock it from your cell phone provider.

  • Once your handset is unlocked and compatible with Metro by T-Mobiles, please follow these steps to get activated
  • Purchase a Metro SIM Card online or you can visit a local store with your compatible handset to get started immediately.
  • Once purchased the Metro SIM Card you can call 1-888-863-8768 to activate.
  • Also, you can activate your unlocked phone on the Metro PCS website. Click on Activate and follow the instruction to set up online including your details like name, address, information about the handset (model number and serial number), and security information.

How much does it cost to switch to Metro?

Metro PCS will not charge an activation fee if you are a current subscriber and if you want to switch to a different handset Metro PCS will charge a $15 fee to change ESN in store. But still, you have to pay any applicable sales tax on the handset along with the activation fee.

Why is MetroPCS cheaper than T Mobile?

Because of their customer service which is better than T Mobile. Metro PCS offers a wide variety of plans and also costs less than what T-Mobile is offering. Metro PCS offers a $50 monthly plan for individuals with unlimited data which is less than $20 compared to T Mobile.

Can I keep my T mobile number if I switch to MetroPCS?

Yes, most of the phone numbers can be transferred to Metro PCS, and it checks whether your number is eligible you switch to Metro PCS network. After installing the new Metro SIM Card login to Metro Store or call 1-888-863-8768 to complete the transfer.

The following information is needed to get started.

  1. Phone Number
  2. Account number of your previous wireless provider
  3. IMEI number of your phone
  4. PIN of your previous account

Before transferring make sure that everything is backed up like text messages, voice mail, contacts cancel your previous wireless service until you get a confirmation text message from Metro PCS mentioning that the transfer is complete.

Is Amazon Prime free with MetroPCS?

Yes, Amazon prime free with MetroPCS but only for one year valued $99.Along with this Metro PCS giving a free Samsung Galaxy J7 prime worth of $209 who switch Metro and take Unlimited LTE plan.

To get this Amazon Prime offer on your phone, you have to redeem your membership Amazon code & agree to the terms and conditions. Your membership will be renewing after one year and billed unless you cancel it.

Please make note that your free amazon membership code cannot be sold or transferred. Once you enter the code in Amazon prime website your free service will start.

Click here to get MetroPCS Amazon Prime activation link.

Benefits of activation MetroPCS Amazon Prime.

  • Thousands of movies and television shows are available online.In addition, Prime Originals is available.
  • With Amazon Music Unlimited, you can listen to more than 2 million songs without ads While enjoying hands-free listening
  • Browse thousands of Kindle books, comics, and magazines As well as audio books.
  • Get free two-day shipping on orders over $35 from over 100 million products.
  • Access to exclusive deals throughout the year.Use Alexa in the Amazon app to order essentials Or reorder your favorite items
  • You’ll receive free games every month, as well as in-game content including Twitch Prime and unlimited photo storage.

Do existing MetroPCS customers get Amazon Prime?

Metro PCS has introduced a new plan for $30 & $40,$50 plans are without Amazon Prime membership,$60 plans get Amazon Prime Membership.

Overall, MetroPCS is a dependable service provider for your mobile SIM that you can trust upon. The services come in budget with flexible MetroPCS plans to suit your needs. The network is also not an issue with MetroPCS as the network provided by T-Mobile is present almost in every part of the US.

Users face no issues while connecting calls or receiving SMS. Data speed offered by MetroPCS is also decent. It works on both MetroPCS phones and mobile of any other brand. The customer support is easily reachable with MetroPCS customer service number.

So, you can easily switch to this network without changing your phone. Now, what are you waiting for? Get the best network in the US at an affordable price and enjoy calling and surfing without any hustle.

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  1. I used to be with Verizon. I spent literally $40,000 over the course of 10 years. When I realized how expensive it was I switched to Consumer Cellular. Their customer service is amazing and their prices are 1/3 of Verizon’s.
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  2. This is what I been waiting for, nice package and the internet speed is absolutely wonderful. I’ll definitely consider this.

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  5. Metro is such a popular choice in New York. I was surprised with how fast everyone was looking to join with them. The service outside of NY wasn’t that great. I think this is something they have taken care of by now.


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