Razer Keyboard- Complete lineup comparison

Razer keyboard

Razer Keyboard Razer Switches are there in the Market since 2014 and known for innovation and its keyboard technology. This company is famous for designing different types of switches that suit gamers’ needs by creating their own mechanical gaming switches. Razer Keyboard line-up includes Mechanical switch, Mecha membrane hybrid, and Razer ultra-low-profile switch. Razer Keyboard … Read more Razer Keyboard- Complete lineup comparison

Apple AR Glasses 2020 Design/Rumors/Leaks

Apple AR glasses

Apple AR glasses Design/Price/Release date/Features Apple’s next big product Apple AR  glasses Rumors surrounding apples AR glasses have been circulating throughout the tech world for years.AR – Augmented Reality, unlike VR(Virtual Reality) you don’t need goggles, headsets, or any other extra types of equipment. Despite such speculations spanning over a period that feels like a … Read more Apple AR Glasses 2020 Design/Rumors/Leaks

MetroPCS (Metro Personal Communications Services)

MetroPCS,Metro PCS

If you are confused about choosing the cell phone carrier with the lowest cost, then MetroPCS is the perfect choice for you. It offers flexibility with plans and bills within budget every month. MetroPCS, also called Metro, is the US-based prepaid mobile brand and is owned by T-Mobile. Earlier, it was the fifth-largest mobile network … Read more MetroPCS (Metro Personal Communications Services)