Top 22 iPhone 11 Pro tips and tricks

In this article, I’m going to go ahead and share with you guys 22 awesome tips and tricks you could do on your iPhone 11 Pro or an iPhone without the home button. These are the tips and tricks I find myself doing on a day-to-day basis and I’m really surprised that not a lot of people know about them.

So, sit back relax as you’re about to learn some of these awesome tips some hidden features that you could implement on your device to easily enhance your overall experience.

Not enough talk let’s go ahead and hop on our iPhone 11 Pro and begin.

Below are the iPhone 11 Pro tips and tricks

  1. The first thing I want to show you about iPhone 11 Pro is for those that don’t have apple music I know there’s still a handful of us that don’t have Apple music and I wouldn’t blame Spotify and other music streaming services are much better or maybe you just don’t want to use extreme in-service.
iPhone 11 Pro Apple music

When you launch the music app and you see like the section where it says sign up for Apple music there’s away in the settings to remove this and if you don’t want to use Apple Music, I highly recommend doing this to disable this so quickly.

Go into your iPhone 11 Pro phone settings and go down to the music in the music application just disable show Apple music and now when you’re back on your music library it looks like your ordinary music app that it used to look like before Apple music was even a thing so eliminates bloatware by doing this now.

  1. When using the keyboard on iPhone 11 Pro if you hold down on the spacebar you can actually move your cursor anywhere you want to correct certain mistakes or at certain sentences when holding down the little globe icon you can actually move the keyboard slightly to the right or to the left to give you a better single hand typing experience.
iPhone 11 Pro keyboard

3. If you’re coming from Android to iOS the SwiftKey functionality is now available on iOS and then when it comes to quickly undo correcting mistakes you can still shake and tap undo or you can show you double-tap with three fingers or swipe with still straight fingers and it’ll quickly undo when sending an email you could actually.

If you select a sentence you can actually change the font and the size option right here like you would like a typical desktop.

In the new Apple map application if you have to only tap on this little icon right here for information you’ve actually changed it to a satellite point of view but not only that if you tap the

4.3D depending on the area some regions have3d scan buildings that look really awesome and can definitely help when it comes to locating directions. But not only that if you actually dropped pin if it’s an area that already has been skinned you actually have Street View and this Street View is a lot better than what Google offers have.

5.Somebody in your contact that doesn’t have a profile picture you can actually create their very own custom ones by using emojis. If you actually tap Edit add photo click on and emojis down here you can create a custom face that represents them or you can fool around and make them into like some kind of alien and you could take like a selfie.

Portraits as well just the way you want their profile to look like fully customizable just like yours and while we’re still at contacts.

  1. If you go down you can actually add people directly to your emergency contact list in iPhone 11 Pro like this and now new for iOS 13, they double-checking to see if you have battery optimized charging enabled. This is still very new for this iOS if you go into the battery tab go to health battery health and right down here where it says optimize battery charging what this does is it basically it will give you a longer-lasting longevity life spam you get from your battery life on your iPhone.
iPhone 11 Pro Emergency number

7. Now still in the settings let’s go into the notification tab of iPhone 11 Pro right over here on top of here where it says show previews if you tap on this I mean you tap on always any notification that you get like text messages on Facebook and stuff like that it’s going to be readable on your lock screen.

But let’s go ahead and change it when unlocked so nobody can see what I’m private messages say. What I like to do is have some of these notifications actually allow to be able to show me a preview on the lock screen like those the applications that I really could care less if somebody knows how many amounts of likes I have on Instagram for example.

So, on the Instagram tab, we cannot only customize the banner alert that we want but over here where it says show preview let’s switch it always now, we don’t have to unlock our phone to actually see what a notification Instagram is telling us.

So if you have an application that gives you notifications but you could care less if somebody else will see that message or notification this is how you enable this so you don’t have to really be required to unlock your phone to actually see the notification.

  1. If you go inside the control center section of the iPhone 11 Pro and tap customize control center here you can actually add some new devices new shortcuts to your control center. So, let’s add dark mode because this is a new feature, and let’s add the QR code and make sure you have screen recording because this can also be very useful you can rearrange them.
  2. However, you like and you can also remove them by tapping the little red and it updates right away and to bring down the control center simply swipe from the top right down and in the screen recording option.

If you actually kept it touch or three press you can actually include your microphone you could toggle that right here the flashlight taco also has a very similar shortcut, we’ve actually manually adjusted brightness as well as you could toggle.

iPhone 11 Pro control center
  1. Want to know how to enable dark mode in iPhone 11 Pro? In dark mode might have also seen that we have a QR code which honestly you really don’t need it because for example let’s lock our phone. If we launch a camera application just a native standard camera application scan it clicks on it boom it takes you to the direct link-up that QR code so there’s really no need to have this widget and there then you also got the calculator.
iPhone 11 Pro Dark mode

10. The calculator applications in the iPhone 11 Pro just a quicker shortcut by tapping on the number and seven – clear- clear off if you make a mistake you don’t have to re-enter the number, you can actually swipe like so and it will actually remove that number so, you could continue typing up.

Whatever number of calculations you were trying to get back here in the controls have if you actually 3 press on the Wi-Fi, for example, you could actually manually select the different Wi-Fi that is available same goes for airdrop Bluetooth and you can also toggle your personal hotspot and all that stuff you could do it.

  1. All right here you can do the exact same thing with the music if you have a pair of ear pods connected to them you can select it like here back in our settings application. There are new wallpapers I want to quickly cover these have like a cool feature there’s the dynamic one which is just like motion.
  2. These are standard but they added more but stills the once was little circles right here these actually have a color-shifting option so whenever let’s go ahead and select one.
  3. If we bring down the control center and disable dark mode it shifts to a white background if we enable dark mode it’s a dark background everywhere. These numerous latest iPhones 11s where you love and probe you also get these live ones which basically do the exact same thing.

However, it’s still very unfortunate that we cannot set our very own customized ones in iPhone 11 Pro like for dark mode or light mode that we could select manually but you can actually have like a schedule if we go back and go to our brightness and display her display and brightness.

I mean if you actually select the automatic this is going to automatically change from dark mode to light mode depending on the type of day it is or you actually manually create your very own custom schedule. If you don’t want it to automatically do it from sunrise to sunset depending on your location.

13.Since we’re still in the studying applications if you’re known to constantly get a bunch of spam calls from botstelemarketers. I will definitely recommend taking advantage of this new silent unknown colors go into the iPhone 11 Pro tab and go down where you see silent unknown colors when this is enabled colors from unknown numbers will be silent and sent directly to voicemail and will be displayed on your recent call list.

Incoming calls will continue to ring from people in your contacts or any outgoing calls that you made recently it uses series suggestions. So if it’s a number that’s available public like a business on Yelp or Google.

If it’s a trusted number it’ll still be able to ring your phone so, if somebody really needs to get a hold of you, they will always be able to leave a voicemail and you’ll be able to contact them now.

  1. Face ID in iPhone 11 Pro is awesome but there’s actually feature a country enabled this wave when face ID actually unlocks it actually will vibrate and give you feedback by default. This is turned off but if you want this feedback.

I personally enjoy it you just simply have to go back in your settings go to accessibility click on facing the inattention and enabled peptic on the successful authorization. Now when your phone successfully unlocks it gives you like a cool feedback alternative face ID’s.

Another thing I want to quickly cover this is great let’s take for example if you have a spouse a friend family member you trust and you also want them to have access to your device you can actually set two different face ID on one single phone but not only that let’s say for example you have these glasses or some kind of apparel that you typically wear of mine and you ‘re experiencing issues where if a city isn’t able to recognize you still in the study and application.

iPhone 11 Pro Face ID

If you go to faceID and passcode in iPhone 11 Pro enter your patch code tap on setting up an alternative appearance this could be another person or just wear D glasses or hat that you’ve been wearing. If the face of ID has been having a hard time detecting you and rescan your face this way has two different ways to unlock itself.

  1. Now moving on in the note application side of things let’s go ahead and quickly type something up yeah that will do if you tap the little arrow share button and you go down to where it says lock notes. You could actually lock this note and it uses face ID but not only that if we go back you could actually pin the note.

This way it’s going to always be on top you can also go into the app setting and go down to where it says notes on the note section you have more control to not just disable face ID but also can actually change it to an actual keyboard type password you could do this to hide images password or other.

  1. Sensitive information in iPhone 11 Pro but another thing let’s say for example let’s go on our photo library and you have a photo that you just want it to be hidden. If you actually tap on the photo you want to hide there will be little up arrow. If you go down if you look you actually have a hidden option. When you put this in the hidden it’s not passworded secure like the face ID and what it basically does it separates that image in its own separate hidden album. Which means it requires a little more step to access this photo.

So, if you pass your iPhone 11 Pro phone to a friend or somebody, they’re less likely to run into this photo because they have to manually actually go into the other album and then tap right here and that’s whatever we’re going to go ahead and find it.

  1. When sharing a photo in iPhone 11 Pro another thing you might have done known on top of here where it says options. If you tap on this is where you could disable the geo lock location of the information. Where you took that photo so if you’re sharing a picture on social media on a public platform it’s not going to include like the GPS location, where you took the photo, and as you saw it also works on videos and yes photos now hopping on to Safari a lot.

People don’t know about this but this was a new feature day in an iPhone 11 Pro video for iOS 13 whenever you take a screenshot not only do, we have access to like doodles and stuff like that. If you want to highlight certain things you can do so and then, of course, hit done and then you could hit save but we’re not.

  1. If you’re on the Safari web page you can actually switch from screen to full page and it will actually capture everything that was on that web page. So, if you want to screenshot a full entire website this is how you do so but whenever you hit done its goanna save to PDF inside the file application, not your camera roll.
  2. Now moving on let’s say for example you found yourself in one of those weird websites where they don’t let you leave to go back to the previous web site. Where you originally were you know those pesky ads or pop-ups or whatever there’s a way you could bypass that without having to close that window and retype up the website.

If you actually hold down the little back arrow in iPhone 11 Pro you can actually skip were you last, we’re on that website you want to go back into what I happen to log in or anything like that. You could just tap on it and bam you just quickly just skipped everything and back in the no application IFRIC.

  1. Next is a little church you see in iPhone 11 Pro is that little plus icon you can actually add another person to have access to the notes that you’re taking. So, they have access to adjusting the notes and stuff like that. Then you go actually invite them by either texting them emailing them or sending them a copy link. Down here where it says share options you actually have the ability to change your permission you could allow them to have actually do change this on the notes or they only can view the latest updates now. If you go back you can see a little share icon right next to the note so you have an idea which one of these notes is being shared now in the notes.
  2. This lowest camera icon you can actually scan documents on this thing by simply placing the documents in front of the camera. It will sometimes automatically scan or you just hit the little shutter button to take the photo. You can manually adjust the edges to make sure everything lines up and you can also change the colors as well as a standard black and white photo or a grayscale.
  3. In the file’s application, you can also do a very similar thing here’s not only where you see your screenshots like we took those webpages. But if you tap on the Browse tab and scroll up like a little bit hit these little dots you can actually tap on scanned documents and gives you access to this.

But the benefits of doing it like this will actually be synchronized across your Mac. Because it is using our iCloud drive so, if you ever have to scan a document on ago this is the best method to do so because this eliminates the hassle of having an email to yourself.

So those were my top 22 iPhone 11 Pro hidden features tips and tricks some awesome essentials that you can use on your iPhone.Please do comment if you have any queries or suggestions. Don’t forget to hit the share button if you like the article.

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