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Everyone curious about when is the iPhone 12 coming out. By looking at the pricing of the iPhone 12 it looks like we are going to be getting the most diverse and honestly the best iPhone lineup ever in 2020 with so many options for different types of consumers. We’re going to cover that new iPhone 12 specifications, design, pricing strategy as well as the entire iPhone lineup going into the end of 2020.

iPhone 12 specifications

Below you will find the complete iPhone 12 Specs/ iPhone 12 release date/ iPhone 12 rumors

The iPhone 12 pro at a 6 .7-inch display which is the iPhone 12 pro max, unlike last year. All the models of iPhone 12 are reportedly going to be using an OLED display but the resolution will differ across the range

The 6.1 inches phone will likely have a lower resolution than the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 pro and while there are rumors of Apple removing the notch. But we’re still expecting a notch top center with a full-screen display. Apple going for a punch hole and it’s too early for in-display camera sensors.

We also expect the iPhone 12 2020 to have 14 chip 6 gigabytes of RAM and like I said an OLED display on all models also due to the recent release of the iPad pros they now start at 128 gigabytes of base storage. I would also expect that to carry through to these iPhone 12 models especially on the pro model so while maybe the regular version still might start at 64 gigabytes.

I expect the pro model to start at 128 gigabytes now reading this pricing strategy I am really looking forward to this iPhone lineup for 2020 into 2021. Because especially after the recent release of the iPhone SE we are getting a really big and broad iPhone lineup.

They also need a time-of-flight sensor on the front for their 3D face to unlock and while Apple did a digital fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 10.

iPhone 12 Display

While all models of iPhone 12 2020 will have the OLED display what differences the displays will have remain to be seen yet. If you’re asking me and again this is just a complete opinion, I have no insight on this I think that the pro models will probably get higher refresh rates so these phones will have the pro motion display, Where it refreshes at 120 Hertz and then the regular iPhone 12 models will just refresh at 60 Hertz.

 iphone 12 release date
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We are expecting a redesign for the iPhone 12 but right now some of the reporting is saying that maybe the new redesign might be exclusive to the pro models. According to the sources the two high-end devices the pro models will have a flat stainless-steel edge instead of the current curved design as well as more shapely rounded corners like the iPad Pro which was introduced in 2018.

Also, the iPhone 12 pro will have flat screens rather than sloping edges on the current models.

iPhone 12 notch

The iPhone 12 notch is smaller notch thanks to a new design that moves the earpiece higher. I should note that the face ID sensors are not shrinking but by moving the earpiece higher into the phone’s top border they can make the cut out for the notch smaller.

This image again from John Prosser shows how this potential iPhone 12 pro design should look.

iPhone 12 Camera

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iPhone 12 2020 models are still just going to have two cameras. It’s going to be the same wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle setup that we see on the current iPhone 11 model. You’ll notice that the iPhone 12 Pro models include three cameras much like the iPhone 11 pros do so a wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle and a telephoto.

But they will also be including a brand new lidar scanner the same one that we see on the current iPad pro. So, this is pretty much confirmation that new lidar tech is only going to be available in the pro models and the pro models are going to have a better-augmented reality experience.

I really think that’s going to be a benefit more for developers who are planning on releasing augmented reality apps for Apple’s future AR glasses.

For those unaware times-of-flight cameras are 3D depth cameras and then what Apple uses on the front for the 3d face unlock the time-of-flight sensors on the rear.

However, this time using slightly different techniques that allow it to map 3d objects from further away from this significantly improves augmented reality applications and allows for more improved portrait style photo and video effects.

We’re likely going to see slight upgrades on the other cameras of the iPhone 12 2020. But given the great performance in its predecessor, they won’t be changing things too many. According to the reports, the two more models are going to have a dual-camera setup. But The iPhone 12 pro and the iPhone 12 pro max are going to come with a quad-camera setup with the 3D depth.

According to the reports we’re expecting a similar camera set up in the rear of the device to last year but the more premium model will have more cameras. Ming-Chi Kuo has again advised that both the iPhone 12 pro and the iPhone 12 pro max is going to be adding time-of-flight cameras to the rear.

The iPhone 12 2020 is, of course, going to be powered by the new 14 Bionic processors. This is manufactured using five-nanometer lithography which will be the first five-nanometer chipset to hit the market. Standard iPhone 12 will have four gigs of RAM and the iPhone 12 pro max is six gigs of RAM according to the sources.

When it comes to storage or expecting a choice of 64,256 or 512 gigs of internal storage for the first time ever consumers feel Apple did a great job in prioritizing the battery life on the predecessor. So hopefully iPhone 12. going to continue with this.

While graphite batteries are still out of the question that we can expect a 5.4-inch iPhone 12 to be around 2,800 milliamp hours the 6.1 inches is probably going to be around 3150 and the 6.7 inches contain around a 4300 milliamp-hour battery.

iPhone 12 5g

One thing that is a little unknown at the moment is, of course, iPhone 12 5g connectivity. Apple is very bad when it comes to 5g thanks to earlier issues with Qualcomm so we’re on – at this stage. If that’s something we will see in the iPhone 12 but there aren’t actually any leaks or reports iPhone 12 is going to have 5g connectivity.

This device is going to be IP 68 water-resistant and it’s, of course, going to ship with iOS 14 now. People always wanted lower-priced iPhones and that’s what this time we’re getting.


iPhone 12 price is going to start at 649$ (six hundred and forty-nine dollars) for the 5.4-inch model and for the 6.1-inch model of the iPhone 12 price will start at 749$ (seven hundred and forty-nine dollars). The 6.1-inch version of the iPhone 12 pro will start at 999$(nine hundred and ninety-nine dollars) and the 6.1-inch version of the iPhone 12 pro max price will start at 1099$ (one thousand and ninety-nine dollars).

Some very reasonable prices from Apple who has clearly been focusing on keeping the cost down, of course.

iPhone 12 2020 will not only appeal to more people because it’s coming in at a lower cost of 649$(six hundred and forty-nine dollars) which is returning to the normal iPhone pricing. But because this is also going to be a smaller phone form factor that a certain audience segment has been craving based on current rumors right now.

The size of the phone should actually be a little smaller body wise than the current iPhone SE and it’s not requiring people to spend $1000 to get the smaller modern iPhone like it is right now with the current iPhone 11 Pro and it’s also a smart move by Apple because they can raise the price of that 6.1-inch model back to 749 dollars.

That’s the price point that the iPhone 10 came in at so even if people come in looking for that smaller 5.4-inch iPhone because it has a lower price Apple will be easily able to upsell them by one hundred dollars to go for the bigger 6.1-inch model.

Furthermore, the pro models will both move up in display size now it will start at six point one inches and then the biggest size of the pro max will be six point seven inches this is a better target for the people who are going to purchase the pro model.

iPhone 12 release date

We also have to note that it’s still pretty early we are expecting the iPhone 12 release date sometime in fall and it might even get delayed to October or November. According to rumors, it may get delayed for 1or 2 months. There is a high possibility that Apple could change its pricing or just their overall release strategy.

But overall, right now I do think that these are the prices that Apple is planning to launch with now. I do say the iPhone 12 release date because most sources and again John Prosser was one of the first I know who said this is that we should expect that these iPhone 12 release date will be delayed by a month or two and this delay could take place in a couple of different ways.

Anyway, people who want the bigger size displays and phones and people who want bigger form factors for a myriad of reasons like better displays better cameras and bigger batteries Apple started to shift things over with the iPhone 11 lineup this year.

Where things started to finally make a little more sense now with rumors for this year’s lineup. It looks like everything is about to fall into place with the best iPhone lineup in history. There will be some new software features or improvements we are going to see in the current features in iOS 14.

Please let me know in the comment section which iPhone are you looking forward to purchasing this year. Whether it is iPhone 12 pro the regular iPhone 12 or are you going all the way down to the new iPhone SE.If you want to know about the tricks and tips of the iPhone 11 click here.


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