ios 16: Apple ios 16 features and release date 

ios 16: Apple ios

Apple has announced its new updated version of ios, ios 16, on June 6 2022. Apple has announced the beta version of “ios 16” and made it available on the same day of the announcement, June 6 2022. Like last year, we can expect a series of developer and public beta series one after another … Read more

Apple ios 16 vs Android 13: In detail comparison

Apple ios 16 vs Android 13

Apple ios 16 vs Android 13: in detail comparison between ios 16 features & Android 13 features This is a choice between two titans, Apple ios 16 vs Android 13. Both operating systems are undoubtedly the best and have their advantages. In this article, we are trying to present a comparative analysis of the ios … Read more

Apple Watch: Pride bands and watch face, 2022

Apple Watch

Apple Watch   Pic credit:GadgetBond Apple has unveiled two brand new “unique” Apple-Watch “pride edition” bands and matching watch-face to celebrate the pride month of “June”. Apple has expressed its concern for the “LGBTQ+” community and the global equality movement with this announcement. Apple calls its two new brands “Pride Edition Sport Loop” and “Pride … Read more

10 best free VPN services in 2022

10 best free VPNs

A free VPN can be hard to find, and sifting through hundreds of dubious apps to find a good one can be time-consuming. And once you’ve found it, you’ll need to know the differences between a free VPN and a paid VPN. Be familiar with how it works before entrusting your online behaviour to a … Read more

Google Maps Street View: offers historical browsing on iOS& Android

Google Maps Street View:

Google Maps Street View: offers historical browsing oniOS& Android, compact camera, and “Street-View” studio tool To celebrate the 15thanniversary of its remarkable “Street View” feature, Google has decided to offer us a bucket of exciting features, such as an option to “view historical data” on both Android and ios, a studio tool, and a brand … Read more

Android 12 : The most rumoured features 2022

Android 12

Pic credit – Android 12 Google has released Android 12 on Google Pixel 6 linage. After years of hard work, Google offered us Android 12, a stable release with a few fundamental redesigns along with lots of new features. We are expecting minimum bugs as it is a full release. Users can download and … Read more

iOS 15.5-Check out all the new features for your iPhone

iOS 15.5

After a few weeks of testing, Apple has released iOS 15.5 and iPadOS 15.5 to the public. With iOS 15.4, developers can expect small changes to some apps that pave the way for larger improvements in the future (possibly with iOS 16). These updates are less feature-rich than previous versions, but there are still a … Read more

Apple’s macOS13: Rumors/Features/ Release Date

Apple's macOS13

Everyone is waiting with their finger crossed for Apple’s upcoming macOS, version 13. It can be a significant update after 2021’s macOS 12, widely known as macOS 12 Monterey. We are pretty much sure about the version number of the upcoming macOS, and it is sure to be 13, an educated guess as the current version … Read more

“Best list of PS5” (PlayStation 5) games in 2022:

PS5” (PlayStation 5) games in 2022:

Pic credits: Reddit The technically advanced PS5 with its “dual-sense” controller offers real-time feelings to the players, like a “cinematic” experience. That is why it has become a new challenging platform for the “Game” makers and publishers to try advanced graphics and sound quality in their new titles. Few new games and remakes of old … Read more